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The UK’s fastest growing independent online travel agent can reveal the Top 5 European swimwear faux pas, with the French in Speedos, Spanish women in thongs, Germans in the nude and Brits in mankini’s all reaching the top spots of most disliked swimwear of all time!

There have been hundreds of fashion trends over the years; some which were awful, some which will never be spoken of again, some which are coming back and some that just won’t go away! It seems Speedos fall under the latter and have just been voted as the worst item of swimwear of all time!

A European study of 1,490 holiday-goers from the UK’s fastest growing independent online travel agent has found the list of the Top 5 European Beachwear Blunders and the country that’s responsible for the most eye sores on the beach; the French get the award for the most awful swimwear in Europe.

The research from revealed that Frenchmen were the biggest Speedo bandits, with 1 in 3 admitting they owned a pair. 31% of European respondents thought that Speedos were the worst form of swimwear; making the French the worst fashion victims on the beach!

In second place came the Germans, with 1 in 5 admitting they have gone nude on the beach and more than 20% of European respondents claiming that a middle-aged man playing tennis in his birthday suit is not what they want to see whilst relaxing on holiday.

The list of the Top 5 biggest swimwear blunders were as follows:

1) French in Speedos – 31%
2) Germans in the nud – 21%
3) Brits in Mankini’s –20%
4) Spanish senorita’s in thongs – 11%
5) Italians in animal print – 8%
6) Other – 9%

Brits, in true Brit style, have tried to copy the look of a celeb well known for their swimwear fashion sense; only instead of Pamela in her Baywatch one-piece or Daniel Craig in that infamous Bond scene, Borat is the preferred choice for Brits.

However, his one-piece mankini look is not a style worth copying and has been voted the Third Worst Beachwear Blunder of all time!

Chris Brown, Managing Director of said;

“It seems Brits have been watching too much Borat and are trying to copy the one-piece look, we have now however been officially warned that this is really not a good look so in future, leave your mankini at home!! It’s a bit of a shock that Speedos are considered worse than sunbathing naked or prancing around in mankini’s!”

Jill Tovey, Head Fashionista from, the UK’s leading celeb style-stealing website talks about the list of Top 5 fashion blunders;

“Worryingly, we predicted this a while back as there has been a dramatic increase in searches on the site for mankini’s! Fortunately though, we Brits must be doing something right as Speedos, the Number 1 beachwear faux pas, come in at the very bottom, excuse the pun, of our popular swimwear searches! Maybe there’s hope for us on our beaches yet...!”


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Editors Notes:

• is the UK’s largest independent online travel agent
• The management team behind the company created and managed Holiday Watchdog which was bought by TripAdvisor in February 2008 for an undisclosed amount of money.

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