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"Left to its own devices the human mind can be likened to an Enigma machine. Properly programmed it can then be likened to a Colossus computer! We just need to crack the code to colossal thinking and tap into our full mind power potential!"

"My total research over a period of 30 years has been geared around how to use our minds fully to accomplish success, make money, achieve happiness and reach our goals in the shortest possible time. Now, with The Eureka! Enigma I believe I have found the code!"
Ron G Holland

July 2009/London - Why is that some people seem to always come up with better ideas than others? Why do some people generate ideas that actually earn them fabulous wealth and abundance of opportunities, when others don't? What is it that successful people actually 'do' to realise their dreams? How do others turn failure to their advantage? How can you create Eureka! Thinking? Self-help guru and author, Ron G Holland believes he has cracked the code of the human brain and reveals all in his latest book releasing in September 2009 - The Eureka! Enigma - 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams, (Morgan James Publishing). Holland, a wealth generation, self-help expert reveals the keys to generating creative ideas and solutions to all kinds of problems with infallible regularity using our cerebal computer - our unique bio computer – with advanced visualization techniques.
More than ever, people around the world are seeking ways to tap into their full potential to create financial success, independence, find work they love, achieve happiness, health and fulfillment. The Eureka! Enigma is the biggest buzz in self-help since The Secret!

The Eureka! Enigma code breaker will teach you how to create big ideas which can be applied to literally anything! Ideas that can be life-changing and wealth-creating - turning luxurious thinking into reality using MIND POWER through cracking the code of the human brain. The mission of this extraordinary codebook is to equip you with the skills, knowledge, methods, inspiration and courage to increase exponentially the capacity and output of your mind - to become a regular performing colossal bio-computer!

Whether you want to climb Mt.Everest, patent an invention, achieve success in the arts, write a best seller, create a global charity, lose excess weight for good, secure a dream job, start a new business or achieve great wealth - The Eureka! Enigma will show you how!

"The human brain is an extremely powerful biological computer if we allow it to do its work and encourage it to support us," comments Holland. "Our mind power has the potential to create Eureka! moments and situations to flood into our daily lives! Applying an extension of visualisation methods, known as BasicVisual InAdvance, where mental pictures and words join up in our brain, allows you to tap into billions of possible permutations of great ideas and solutions. People don't spend nearly enough time having downtime. The brain needs to process so much information daily. Allowing the mind to quieten as a regular practice, in conjunction with BasicVisual InAdvance will flush out your Eurekas!"

Holland is a man on a mission. His is enjoying his own latest Eureka! with his applied mind power. Using BasicVisual InAdvance techniques he is aiming to raise a billion dollars every year through mind power! His own Eureka! is known as the Billion Dollar Biker initiative. Ron wants to raise a billion dollars every year for charity! The world is buzzing about The Billion Dollar Biker!

Chapters include: The First Key - Cracking the Code, The Second Key - Software for The Brain, The Third Key - Bespoke Input, The Fourth Key - Gestation & Computation, The Fifth Key - Colossus Output, The Sixth Key - ACTION - The Master key and The Seventh Key - BasicVisual InAdvance - the Advanced Manual.


All UK publicity enquiries to Sue Blake Media on 0208 979 5220,
The Eureka! Enigma - 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams, (Morgan James Publishing),
ISBN 978-1600375279 September 2009

Definitions: Eureka! comes from the Greek word heureka, meaning I have found it! It is an expression of delight at an unexpected discovery or the answer to a seemingly unsolvable problem! Enigma also originates from a Greek word ainigma, meaning riddle or obscure statement. We use it today to describe a thing, person or situation that is mysterious, puzzling or ambigious.

Ron G Holland aims to attract philanthropists, donors, sponsors and benefactors to help create a Foundation for the study of positive thinking, whole-brain thinking and goal accomplishments that will ultimately lead all human beings, no matter what race or creed, or where they are on the planet, to be able to access AND harness the secrets of successful living. Ron G Holland is also author of Talk & Grow Rich and Turbo Success. He is currently based in the UK and is an internet entrepreneur with multiple enterprises running around the world - all enjoying their own Eurekas!

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