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This coming winter, the average UK household will lose 20% of all heat through draughts and poor ventilation. Typically, draughts will occur down chimneys, around window and door frames, through letterboxes and at skirting boards and between floorboards. To combat this, draught proofing is one of the simplest jobs homeowners can do to increase efficiency and ensure warm air stays were it’s needed – in the room.

This Autumn, online eco shop ECOutlet have come up with a range of products all for under £20 which will combat draughts, helping to make homes more energy efficient throughout the winter months.

Floorboard Draughts:

Gapseal floor filler (£19.95) is used to fill the gaps between floorboards, preventing draughts and making rooms more heat efficient. Once inserted it is invisible and will retain the natural look of wooden flooring. Gapseal is superior to putty-type floor fillers, papier mache or PVA glue/sawdust mix as it will not fall out when floorboards expand and contract. This floorboard gap filler saves money on heating bills and also helps keep smells, noise and insects from entering rooms through floorboard gaps.

Door Draughts:

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ones and the retro Snake Draught Excluders (£19.99) are a stylish and effective way to combat warm air escaping under doors. Made from vintage fabric, the snakes come in various limited editions with each one filled with buckwheat husks, a natural and biodegradable grain. Each snake draught excluder measures approximately 92cm long and is flexible enough to fit into most door frames.

Letterbox Draughts:

The new Ecoflap (£19.99) acts as a draught barrier for letterboxes. Positioned behind the letterbox on the interior of the front door, the Ecoflap design is finely balanced so that the opening force is counteracted by a greater closing force. The result means, when the wind blows, it will actually blow the Ecoflap shut and it will then never blow open making it completely draught proof.
This retro fitting inside flap will work with any existing outside letter plate from the tiny Victorian sizes up to and just over the modern day standard sizes. Ecoflap also has no components to break and therefore even if the outside letter plate becomes faulty, Ecoflap will still protect from the draught.

Chimney Draughts:

Chimney Balloons (From £18.99) are a simple, cost effective way to stop chimney draughts and reduce heat loss, so saving energy and making your home warmer.
Easy to install and remove, a chimney balloon is an inflatable bag made from a special laminate that makes them airtight, tear resistant and long-lasting.
The chimney balloon is effective mainly because of one single principle, warm air rises and cold air sinks. With the chimney balloon we can stop both at once, keeping cold air from entering the room, and warm air from escaping the chimney.

Gapseal Floorboard Filler - £19.99
Snake Draught Excluders - £19.99
Ecoflap - £19.99
Chimney Balloons – From £18.99

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