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Where’s your Father? - Survey reveals Xmas & holidays are key times for Dads & kids to reconnect

Four in ten fathers don’t get home until after their children have gone to bed, it emerged yesterday.

Hectic lifestyles, long office hours and lengthy daily commutes means millions of dads are missing out on valuable time with their kids.

In fact, over half (55 per cent) see the Christmas break and family holidays as the only real opportunity to catch up and re-connect with their family.

More than half of dads (52 per cent) feel like they’re missing out on their children growing up because they’re so busy working.

A third miss out on dinner time, bath time and school plays and eating dinner round the table as a family happens just three times a week.

Four in 10 have failed to ever take or pick up their youngsters from school and a third can’t schedule in time to help with their homework.

One in 10 have even missed a birthday, a quarter have failed to show up at parent’s evening and three in 10 have never read their child a bedtime story.

A spokesperson for which carried out the study of 2,000 fathers said:

“Its sad that Dads get so little time with their kids during the week and that many return home from work to find them fast asleep in bed.”

‘’With today’s hectic lifestyles, it is no surprise holidays have become a key time for Dads to re-establish bonds with their children.”

“Consequently holidays provide a welcome opportunity for Dads to enjoy the simple things they often miss, like bath-time, dinner time and bed-time stories.”

“They cram just a quarter of an hour in with their children before they head off to the office and are too tired to do anything with them in the evening.”

“For this reason, holiday home rentals have become extremely popular with families as they provide the space needed to simply relax and spend time together.”

The study found 47 per cent of Dads come home from work and their kids are already fast asleep, which happens at least three times a week.

The average Dad spends just quarter of an hour with their children before they head off to work and a measly one hour and 19 minutes in the evening.

Half of the Dads questioned regularly come through the front door, dump their briefcase but feel too shattered to properly play with their son or daughter.

Work commitments (48 per cent), daily commutes (35 per cent) and feeling too tired were cited as the main barriers to dads getting to be with their children.

If they have missed bed-time, four in 10 decide to head upstairs to wake their child and kiss them goodnight.

Four in 10 know their lack of involvement means their kids are turning to computer games for entertainment instead.

And work pressures, overtime and trying to impress employers leave 36 per cent feeling distanced from their family.

Three in 10 even went as far to say they felt closer to their work colleagues than their wife and child.

But it emerged dads are missing out on more significant events in their child’s life.

A quarter weren’t present for their child’s first steps, or uttering their first word and dropping them off for their first day at school.

Half reckon they are busier than ever before, with 43 per cent deeming life is too stressful to allow sufficient quality time day-to-day with their kids.

And 46 per cent feel like they just see their family at the weekend – a total of nine hours spread out over the Saturday and Sunday.

Four in 10 would even consider changing jobs so they’d get to see their family more and a third realise their child would head for mum if they needed someone to talk to.

And 55 per cent know their absence from the home has placed unfair pressure on their wives to keep the house running smoothly.


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