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The BB house this year has been decorated in shades of firey reds; obviously a deliberate attempt to encourage maximum stress and disharmony amongst the contestants.
Jules Standish Celebrity Colour Consultant says
“Red can cause aggressive behaviour as it raises the adrenaline levels in our bodies increasing blood pressure. Spending too much time in red spaces will cause irritation and anxiety”.
So what colours can the contestants wear to counteract the “red” effect, keep calm and ultimately win the competition – Jules gives us her top tips

Whilst black is a melancholic colour and suits cool skin tones with introverted natures, there are few people that can wear black up against their faces and not be aged by it. Black is protective and non-challenging and will diffuse the huge amount of red in the BB house. However, the older women; Stephanie and Ivana, should beware black tops and scarves as it will damage their skin tone and make them look much older and drained.

Who wears it well:-
Vinnie is using his powerful personality to great advantage – he is wearing a lot of black, which ultimately masks who he really is.

Blue produces a hormone that relaxes and calms the central nervous system so it’s perfect to be worn in stressful situations provided the shade suits the individuals skin tone. As blue is the colour of communication its great to put on in times of disagreements. Green is the natural balancer and harmoniser, and as the complementary colour to red is great to wear to counteract its effects. There are many shades of green to choose from from lime to olive and emerald.

Who suits it best:-
Stephanie – what a composed lady she is! Her blue scarf is perfect to wear to keep the communication going between housemates in a diplomatic and cool way.

This is the colour that encourages harmonious relationships and dissipates arguments – it really helps to keep the peace in difficult and confrontational situations. Purple is at the cooler end of the colour spectrum and will therefore suit all cool skin tones, but the warmer shades of lilac can be worn by those with spring/autumn colouring.

Who needs it:-
Lady Sovereign as she has managed to not get evicted and wearing dark, deep purple will give her the strength to get through the next round and to avoid difficult situations that may arise.

This is the colour of “love”, which will encourage feelings of love and affection between the housemates. The only skin tones that don’t suit pink are the bronze based autumn ones. They tend to look better in the more orange, salmon shades. This is because pink is predominantly a cool colour with the peachy, coral shades suiting warm spring complexions.

Who should wear pink:-
Alex as he is a big softy at heart and showing himself to be the true romantic in the house, so pink will suit his personality and with his colouring the warm pinks will suit his tanned complexion.

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