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Traxeyes visible in day & glow at night.

The TraxEyes™ are installed and performing well with positive feedback from local users. I’ve checked on them a few times recently and they are glowing through an inch of snow

UK company, TraxEyes, has successfully participated in a trial of the unique energy-saving TraxEyesTM glow in the dark road studs, which have been installed along a 4km section of the Clyne Valley cycleway on behalf of Swansea City Council.

Part of the Celtic Trail and the National Cycle Network, Swansea Bay provides a range of traffic-free cycle routes suitable for families, and currently has around 50km of cycle and walking paths.

Developed by Grant Taylor, TraxEyes™ is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to mark the contours of any unlit public access areas. Easily and quickly installed on most surfaces, TraxEyes™ requires no batteries or external power. The devices are unobtrusive in daylight, and use proprietary GLF2000 light-emitting crystals, which glow brightly in the dark for up to 12 hours after being exposed to only 8 minutes of natural daylight.

Rob Wachowski, Swansea Council's Cycling and Walking Officer, hopes the trial will lead to the new technology being used along other parts of the cycle network in Swansea. He says, “The TraxEyes™ are installed and performing well with positive feedback from local users. I’ve checked on them a few times recently and they are glowing through an inch of snow.”

Comments Grant Taylor, "Cycling is becoming increasingly popular, and TraxEyes™ provides a totally green way of marking cycle and pedestrian routes. The units are virtually maintenance free, inexpensive to buy and, once installed, cost nothing to run.”

He continues, “TraxEyes™ has already been installed by a number of UK Local Authorities, and more will follow as people realise the amount of power and money that can be saved by reducing the number of streetlights in use.”

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For more information, please contact Grant Taylor telephone 0208 311 6931, e-mail, or Mary Sands, e-mail

Note for editors:

TraxEyes™ was invented and developed by Grant Taylor, after reading about 3 young men tragically dying in Birmingham after driving a tractor into a canal on a moonless night and not seeing the edge of the canal.

Although British Waterways declined to trial the device, Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership quickly saw their potential and installed Mark I trial units. In September 2007 English Heritage also installed TraxEyes™ at their Bessie’s Seat site on the Berwick Ramparts.

TraxEyes™ is now installed in several areas of the UK, Holland, and as far afield as Guam in the Pacific.

As the UK’s power consumption surges ever higher and the ability to create power diminishes, with coal fired power stations being attacked for their CO2 emissions, and nuclear power stations the only, if reviled, alternative, electricity will have to be used more effectively.

Designed and manufactured entirely in the UK, TraxEyes™ provides a safe, cost-effective alternative to path marking in a wide range of applications, without the need for costly battery changes or creating toxic waste which Solar LED create, Traxeyes cost 10% of the Solar LED equivalent .

Several large corporate companies are looking to increase their green credentials by sponsoring Traxeyes by applying their names or logos to the base of the Traxeyes. Petroleum, mobile phone service provider’s, and power companies just some of the prospective sponsors.

Thanks to the offer of help from University of East London Grant moved the company near Abbey Wood from Lincolnshire over December 2009. Thanks to the findings of the RCEP claiming that a reduction in street lights would have a large impact on Carbon emissions and environmental light pollution the future looks brighter for Traxeyes.

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