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Russell Grant

Valentines Day - Love in the Stars

The UK's favourite astrologer;Russell Grant reveals your love stars for Valentines Day:

For some signs sustaining the sexual side of a relationship is what’s most important while others long for a more emotional and spiritual understanding. The romantic water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces for instance believe a relationship should be about true love. Commitment and security is a big requirement in romance for the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn while common interests and varied experiences are important to the relationships of the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius want a little challenge and a lot of fun in their love life. Each sign therefore craves a relationship to suit their personality and are looking for a compatible mate. Here’s an indication of what romance means to each sign and what they are looking for in a lover.


Passion burns brightly within the Aries, first sign of the zodiac; these people know exactly who and what they fancy and they like to get what they want. Aries will be as adventurous in love as they are in any other area of their life. Playful bantering can be a big turn-on for this ardent sign and Aries will bring fun and curiosity into the bedroom. Their ideal mate will be active, fun and sexy as well as imaginative. Spontaneity too is important in the Arian’s love life and they love to be on the receiving end of romantic surprises! Someone self-assured like a Leo or Sagittarius is ideal for the Arian.


Although Taureans greatly prize their creature comforts, romance is most comforting of all so love will always be the vital ingredient in their life. Within a relationship, loyalty and security are as important as the passion and romance. Treating Taurus casually or cheating on them is the quickest way to drive them into the arms of someone more appreciative. Love with a Taurus will be a mix of passion, sensuality and realism! A considerate and hard-working mate like a Capricorn or Virgo is perfect for the Taurean.


The lively and witty Gemini is attracted to people who are communicative and fun. They need variety in romance and will quickly grow bored with someone who is predictable. Witty repartee never fails to stimulate the romantic Gemini and they will show their love in an attentive and verbal way. Sharing an active social life with their partner is a must. Someone who dazzles them sexually and intellectually will get their immediate interest. Gemini will be instantly attracted to the Aquarius or Libran as they’re the ones most likely to stimulate their imagination.


The Cancerian’s Dream Lover will be someone who will hug them for no reason other than to show how much they care. Although it takes time for Cancer to relax into a relationship and they can sometimes be aloof with strangers, when they do make an intimate connection, their beguiling warmth will shine through. Sharing dreams and aspirations with a lover is how trusting bonds are formed. Warmth and compassion are important in romance. Cancer longs for someone who understands their sensitivity and offers more than physical gratification like a Piscean or Scorpio.


Leo is a naturally assertive sign and they will take the lead in romance. They can be incredibly theatrical and will use drama and passion to seduce the person who takes their fancy. Leos love to be admired and this is a sure-fire way to attract their attention. A sparkling smile and loving glances and can also turn them on. Leos need a mate who is outgoing, fun-loving and sexy. They’re also looking to make a long-term love commitment. Arians and Sagittarians are likely to appeal to the Leo’s need to share sensual pleasures and their spirit of adventure.


For the Virgo, the central theme to their romantic relationships is loyalty and commitment. Ruled by Mercury, they value intelligence, common sense and competence. Although quite reserved, Virgo will open up within a close and loving relationship and romance can provide them with an idyllic and dreamy escape. They may find a romantic relationship within the work-place. This discerning and attentive lover can be surprisingly passionate and adoring once love comes their way. Signs of integrity such as Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn are ideal for Virgo.


Seduction is a skill Librans seem to be born with. They are sensitive, perceptive and will enjoy mixing with fun-loving people who know how to make them laugh. Relationships are the driving force of the Libran’s life. They are romantic and expect their love story to be sprinkled with touching moments they will cherish forever. Librans are drawn to intellectual, gentle yet sociable types. Sharing their life with a soul-mate is their ultimate dream. Libra will find a great friend and lover in Gemini and Aquarius and could feel a magnetic attraction towards Aries.


For the Scorpio, lovemaking should be an adventure in erotic discovery. Passionate and spiritual, romance is intense and love must be a merger of intellect, heart and soul. A mysterious lover who holds a part of themselves back for the Scorpio to slowly discover can provide the intensity and romantic buzz the Scorpio finds so thrilling. The Scorpio lover is sensual, fervent, imaginative and demanding. They take their love life very seriously. Scorpios will gravitate towards the sensitive and spiritual signs Cancer and Pisces.


Sagittarius can be a richly provocative and exciting lover. They have a passion for life and will enjoy sharing their life with someone who is compatible. The Sagittarian’s ideal mate will exude confidence and intelligence and will know how to make life exciting. Sagittarius will be experimental in the bedroom and trying new techniques can take their sex life into a new dimension. Leos and Arians are likely to win the Sagittarian’s admiration.


Nothing turns the Capricorn on like someone who has a distinctive style and who knows what they want in life. Power and prosperity excite the Capricorn, sexually. This makes them discriminating in romance; only A-list relationships will be suitable for them! Mutual attraction and a similar outlook are also important; Capricorn needs to feel they can trust their lover completely. Be patient with the Capricorn, give them space when they need it and they will respect and adore you in return. Polite Virgos, practical Taureans and gentle Pisceans are likely to make a great match for Capricorn.


Delight the Aquarius by sending them funny text messages and emails. Aquarius might enjoy getting to know potential partners on-line in a chat room. Their ideal mate will be someone who is independent, upbeat and modern in outlook with a great sense of humour. Their lover should also enjoy going out in big groups and must accept there will be times when Aquarius is so popular, they will rarely get their lover to themselves! Hold on loosely and romance with the Aquarian could last forever! Happiness for Aquarius will be found with the versatile Gemini and adventurous Arian.


Scented candles, soft lighting and classical music will soothe the Piscean’s soul and sets the scene for a romantic evening. In romance they are sensitive, passionate, caring and loving and they will expect their partner to be the same. It is important that their lover is willing to support and protect them. In return, Pisces will offer their lover their heart and soul and a lifetime of romance of the captivating romantic novel kind! Pisces is ideally suited to the passionate Scorpio, caring Cancerian and considerate Capricorn.

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