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Ten years of development and clinical research have led to an effective treatment for stress incontinence, an extremely embarrassing and inconvenient condition that affects a third of new mums and half of all women when they pass menopause.

But nobody is benefitting from the new treatment because the media will not report the facts.

It is estimated that 4 million women in the UK suffer urine leaks when they laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise. It is not funny, it is not nice, and it is embarrassing. And it seems to be one of the last remaining taboo subjects as far as the media is concerned. What’s my evidence?

In January of this year the results of a two year clinical trial were published by the British Journal of Urology and the article, written by Professor Marcus Drake, confirmed that the PelvicToner offers significant advantages over the current NHS Gold Standard treatment, as recommended by NICE, which consists of a lengthy (3 month) regime of pelvic floor training (PFMT) supervised by a trained physiotherapist or continence advisor.

Despite considerable effort on our part, including numerous press releases and phone calls to newspaper and magazine editors, not one area of the media has reported the trial. As a consequence there is a very real risk that millions of women will continue to suffer unnecessarily because our company just does not have the resources to keeping fighting against the inertia and indifference of those who are too embarrassed to discuss and promote a very real health issue.

To make matters worse, it is a fact that most women are actually let down by what the NHS does offer. Most women are not even offered supervised PFMT but are despatched by their GP with just an instruction sheet, a much cheaper, albeit less effective, course of action. Clinical observations over many years have recognised that this is quite ineffective not least because more than a third of women are unable to identify and correctly exercise their pelvic floor muscle. Even with supervision, many women fail to comply with the regime of PFMT because improvements are only achieved slowly, if at all. A low expectation over a three month period does not encourage compliance.

The PelvicToner was designed to address all the weaknesses in the current treatment regime.

The PelvicToner helps identify the correct muscles and then provides a way to exercise them effectively by squeezing against a mild resistance - which is the only way to correctly exercise and strengthen any muscle.

Most women particularly appreciate the added benefit of a speedy improvement in symptoms – over 87% of PelvicToner users report that their stress incontinence is brought under control within a couple of weeks. This gives women a great morale boost and encourages them to continue exercising.

The leader of the research published in the British Journal of Urology, Professor Marcus Drake of the Bristol Urology Institute, actually says

"continence service provision is patchy and this sort of product empowers women, gives them better privacy and the prospect of not wasting their time. In our study the PelvicToner aided women to identify their pelvic floor confidently. It increases patient choice and may promote subsequent compliance and sustained efficacy.''

The clinical trials confirm that the PelvicToner, costing just £29.99, is also much more effective than expensive electrical stimulation devices and weighted vaginal cones. It may surprise many women that these alternatives are not recommended by NICE and are not universally advocated by clinicians as they have yet to produce sufficient evidence of efficacy.

Here’s another quote: Barry Fowler, managing director of SPM Ltd, the device's Bristol-based manufacturer, said: ''Millions of women are still too embarrassed to even consult with their doctor because of the taboo that surrounds stress incontinence. For these women especially, the PelvicToner is a medical device that is accessible, cheap, simple to use and of proven effectiveness.''

The PelvicToner costs just £29.99 and can be purchased from or from 0117 968 1414


For further information contact Barry Fowler at, 0117 968 0171 or 07768 233 670.

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