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• How do I know that I will be happy with the end result?
o Everybody who is considering an injectable treatment or a non-surgical procedure should be seen by a qualified doctor for a full consultation to discuss the problem areas, desired results and treatment options before any injectables are administered. The key to optimal results is good communication between the doctor and the client.
• Will the person administering the injectable be a doctor?
o Injectables should always administered by an appropriately qualified and experienced doctor for the initial consultation and treatment. Future treatments should always be carried out by a qualified medical professional.
• How do I know that the clinic is a safe place to have an injectable treatment?
o The Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS) has introduced a Quality Assurance Scheme to allow consumers to choose a safe place to have injectable treatments and non-surgical procedures. Some of the large cosmetic chains have been actively involved in setting up the IHAS scheme to protect the consumer from ‘rogue’ practitioners. The IHAS Certification & Registration Scheme will include the registration of organisations where practitioners are providing treatment, as well as sole practitioners working in organisations where cosmetic injectable treatments are provided.
• Can I check that my chosen clinic has an IHAS certificate?
o The IHAS Quality Assurance scheme includes a dedicated website which will display all practitioners and organisations that have been registered and accepted onto the scheme, as well as those that have had their registration removed or denied. The scheme goes live in March, however some of the large chains which provide these types of non surgical treatments have already committed to registering all of their clinics and many already comply with the regulations.
• How do I know that these standards are being maintained once a clinic is registered?
o The IHAS Certification & Registration scheme will require practitioners and organisations to re-apply every year to ensure standards are maintained.
• How do I know that my doctor is qualified to carry out the treatment?
o During your initial consultation with your doctor you can ask how many times they have performed this procedure or one of a similar kind, and also how many times they have performed it in the last year. This will give you an idea of how experienced they are in the field of injectable treatments.
• How do I know that they won’t inject too much?
o Ask your practitioner if they offer a free follow up appointment with Botox and injectable treatments for a check up and a free top-up on the original area if required. This way you can ask them to put a small amount in to start with and you can see if you are happy with the results.
• How do I know that my chosen clinic follows an ethical code of practice?
o Injectables should always be administered responsibly and ethically. Ask your practitioner what their organisation’s policy is on age restrictions and psychological examinations if you are unsure. A doctor consultation should aim to identify clients who are physically and/or psychologically unfit for treatment.
• What kind of anaesthesia will be used, if any?
o Some brands of fillers contain an anaesthetic, however anaesthetic is rarely required during the administration of Botox. If you have any questions about anaesthetics that are used during non-surgical procedures ask your doctor during consultation.
• How will I know if previous patients of the clinic have had bad experiences with the treatment?

It is always worth searching online on the name of your chosen clinic and treatment. The internet makes it very hard to cover up disgruntled customers these days and if people have had bad experiences, they are most likely to have voiced them in an online review or forum. It is always worth bearing in mind that the new IHAS Quality Assurance Scheme should help to allay any worries, so always look for the Quality Assurance Mark from the IHAS. Further concerns should be discussed with your doctor during consultation where they are legally obliged to disclose information about complications experienced by previous patients.


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