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Press Release

For immediate Release: Book Launch date 15th September 2010

If Irvine Welsh wrote life affirming self-help books then they would probably smell, feel and taste like this.

Choose Life. Choose a destiny. Choose a purpose. Choose its family. Chose a fucking big dream. Choose to aim high, inspire, make a difference and be happy. Choose good health, happiness and inner desires. Choose to know the real you. Choose a path choose to follow it. Choose to be a rare creature. Choose to be allowed and know that it’s ok to fuck up. Choose to know you can be a good person and still be wild. Choose to leave the couch, take action and make it happen. Choose to start with the end in mind and know you made a difference. Choose the possibility to be remembered as part of a generation that was more than facebook, binge drinking, gang culture and shit soul-destroying chat shows.

With her life escalating into a scene from the movie ‘Trainspotting’ it was her rewriting of the above poem from the film that inspired debut book ‘Sort out you’re your crap life’.

In the book MTV voice and Virgin presenter Claire Anstey candidly tells the story of her own journey back from self destruct, enlisting an amalgamation of the wisdom she learnt for experts across the globe to sneaky peeks of the her own private diary, all interspersed with pitch perfect quotes from a spectrum of 21st century gurus spanning Mahatma Gandhi to P Diddy.

This modern day bible with its fresh word-on-the-street-kick-in-the-butt-approach makes sure the reader sits up, takes hold and is guaranteed not to let go until he or she (yes, a book that speaks to men too!) goes careering headlong into the back cover. If you want clip art adorned psychobabble, look elsewhere. This book is graphically designed interactive biography with reader exercises that have titles that include Bang Bang Your Dead, Shit Magnets And Dream Thieves, Iconic Applause starts from within and Bog Role Baggage.

What readers are saying:

“Up to page 40 and I’m loving it. Even without doing any exercises yet I feel fully inspired and supported by your words! This is going to be a huge success” Keeley aged 30

‘So motivated, I am looking up a Thai massage course for a new challenge and string to my bow. Wow this book makes you feels so good” Andy aged 31

‘I need to buy this for all my friends” Lindsey aged 27

The emphasis is on the reader taking control from the off but the irony is, it's if Anstey herself has rocked-up, plonked her “size-xx arse” down on your bed, grabbed your hand and decided to take you through the stages herself. The genius lies in the delivery, namely - digestible lumps coupled with accessible language, sans patronisation.

With talk of her desperation to be famous, the suicide of her childhood sweet heart and intimate diary entries her character shines through. She lost her TV job, she got fat, she got thin and she drunk quite a bit to try and find her answers. It is Anstey’s honesty that can make even those whom think their life is doing ok engage and relate. Suddenly Sorting Your Crap Life Out, which flummoxes us all from time to time, is like shooting fish in a barrel. A credible, incredible and inspiring read.

"With over 30 exercises, and its Benchmark Chronicle 21 day plan this book is made to make you feel better. It holds all the details of how I sorted out my crap life, the exercises I used to discover myself and real diary entries from when I felt messed up. Today I feel amazing; I have absolutely no crap in my life. This new strength enabled me to be open and honest with my experiences and these principles are now shared with you in this book so that if you are willing you can sort out your life too." - Claire Anstey

Claire Anstey now knows that being her will always be good enough. She wishes to share her triumphs and is happy to speak about her personal experiences to help others within various media formats

Suggested topics Anstey is available to speak about include:

How Kerry Katona and Z list celebrity’s can sort her life out
why do we all want to be famous and why I know it doesn’t make you happy.
We are a Chemical Generation. How did we become so lost, and where do our answers lie when we can’t find them in booze and drugs
With a lack of jobs for our graduates, how can they fill this void and deal with the fact that the most exciting thing in their day is a episode of Jeremy Kyle.

The way you think will change your life, not your waist measurements. Success equals thinness or does it?
You can fu*k it all up and still be a good person. Don’t believe the hype or your mother.
Anstey talks frankly about sex, love, life and other stuff that can mess with our heads.

Editor notes:

Books available for review.

Transformation photos of Claire before and after are available.

More information can be found at, A dedicated book website will launch on 15th August.

Sort Out Your Crap Life by Claire Anstey is available to buy from and all good book shops

For more information and to receive a copy contact Claire Anstey direct via

Agent: Seamus lyte Management

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