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More than 170,000 students face being rejected from University this summer, 40,000 more than in 2009. A new student results-day survival pack produced by the UK’s leading post A-Level careers specialists, in conjunction with ‘Dragon’ Peter Jones, aims to show teens just what is out there for them, especially if they fail to get the grades they were expecting.

A comprehensive ‘Results Day Survival Guide’ has been created by to assist young people faced with decisions about their future when they receive their A-Level results. The free to download publication contains details on vocational training including apprenticeships, employer funded study, distance learning, entrepreneurship and gap year options plus handy hints on getting through Results Day itself. The guide was created to help school or college leavers make informed choices about a future with or without university, and has been released to coincide with Results Day on Thursday 19th August.

The guide, which is free for download, use and reproduction, can be seen here

More than 170,000 students face being rejected from university this summer amid unprecedented demand for higher education. However Sarah Clover, Communications Director for, is keen to stress to those that have not got a place at university that there are many excellent alternatives open to them which they may not even be aware of.

“Not going to uni is definitely not the end of the world and many people later find that it is the best thing that ever happened to them. When I left school I was told that I should go to university purely because I was academically bright but instead of the academic route I joined the British Gas Apprenticeship scheme and went on to become a Service Engineer. During my apprenticeship I met a wide variety of people, I had a great social life and I could afford to live on my own because I was being paid a decent wage while I was training. I thoroughly recommend that young people explore all options before making any decisions as there are many ways to achieve your career goals.”

The ‘Results Day Survival Guide’ contains a number of case studies aimed at showing school and college leavers some of the wide range of alternatives to university, and clearly explains the post-A-Level routes available, with particular emphasis on work-based ‘vocational’ learning and how to find a job.

Recent statistics show that university leavers can expect to earn £100k more in their lifetime than people that leave education with their A-Levels. However, a recent report carried out by Steven McIntosh, University of Sheffield, revealed that the Net Present Value of benefits over costs for those who complete an Apprenticeship is estimated to be around £105,000 at a Level 3 and around £73,000 at Level 2 showing that there are substantial increases in earning for those who take the vocational route too.’s top ten survival tips for A-Level results day are as follows:

Discuss with your parents, teacher, or someone you trust what your options are depending on your grades. Planning your response for a best and worst case scenario enables you to respond more quickly and with much less stress.

Get a contact number for your university department for both your firm offer and your insurance university choice. If you narrowly miss out on grades you might need to call them.

There’s an awful lot of dramatics on results day with peaks of highs and lows going on all around you. Make sure that you focus on your own results and don’t get dragged into the dramas.

See if you can arrange to have someone next to a computer in case you need to check clearing websites or the UCAS site in a rush.

Whether you get the results you wanted or not you’ll either be spending a long time celebrating or commiserating and that means credit.

Regardless of whether you get the grades you wanted or fall short, understand that there is plenty of time for you to consider what you actually want to do.

When lots of people are doing one thing it can take a lot of bravery to say you want to do something different, just remember you have to live your life, not someone else’s – if uni doesn’t sound right for you, don’t do it!

If you’re panicking for any reason, find somewhere calmer to get things together. Focus on your breathing and clearing your mind. Taking five minutes to get yourself together can stop you making a rushed decision.

Whatever your results you’ve just completed nearly two decades of constant education, you’ve grown, learnt and developed so much that you’re almost an entirely different person. That learning process continues throughout your life though, so enjoy what you’ve achieved but never stop trying to develop yourself.

For optimum results champagne should be served between 8 and 10ºC. Communications Director Sarah Clover had the following to say;

“Our guide aims to inform worried students, and parents, that there are many great alternatives to higher education. With the huge rise in university applications, rejection is unfortunately a possibility for many. The key message we want to convey is ‘don’t panic’, as there are many avenues open to young people.”

Sarah Clover concluded,

“Many successful business people never went to university including Sir Alan Sugar, Bill Gates, Sir Philip Green and Sir Richard Branson, although we're led to believe that university is the only route to success. Not going to university doesn't mean your life is over, nor does it mean you can't be successful. hopes to inspire, advise, give young people opportunities and help them to succeed in their chosen path.”


For further information or to speak to Sarah Clover, please contact Rich Leigh, 10 Yetis PR Agency on 01452 348 211, or

Editor’s Notes is dedicated to helping young people make informed decisions about their future by showing the opportunities that exist outside of university. University is great for many people & UCAS has long existed to show students the courses available. shows the other side and can be described as the ‘non-graduate UCAS’.

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