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6 October 1997 IBM today announced the industry s most comprehensive 64-bit
technology in UNIX computing. The solution comprises IBM's
RS/6000 Model S70 server, AIX Version 4.3 and a range of
64-bit applications and middleware.

AIX Version 4.3 offers customers the ability to run both
64-bit and 32-bit applications concurrently, preserving
customers' application investment and offering immediate
performance gains, while also preparing them for the future
of 64-bit computing. According to IBM, version 4.3 is the
most web-ready operating environment in the UNIX industry.

"In less than one year, we have more than tripled the
performance capability of our RS/6000 enterprise servers
while still giving customers fantastic price/performance,"
said Mark Bregman, general manager, IBM RS/6000 Division.
"Our 64-bit systems will offer our customers investment
protection, immediate performance gains, and position them
to take advantage of 64-bit applications in the e-business
arena. No other UNIX vendor can match RS/6000's capabilities
for mission critical applications - from hardware, to
systems management and high availability clustering, to
support and service."

As e-business, and the move of mission critical applications
to distributed computing environments begin to play a larger
role in business, many companies are experiencing phenomenal
information growth. IBM's 64-bit UNIX solution will enable
customers to leverage the benefit of new applications. These
include data mining and data warehousing, which require
larger systems with larger databases and operating systems
that can handle increased amounts of data.

Product Information More information on these products and
the specific solutions that are available can be found on
the IBM RS/6000 home page at

The IBM home page can be found on the Internet at

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Ref: 97/280


RS/6000 Model S70 Enterprise Server The Model S70 further
expands RS/6000 scalability in the high-end enterprise
server market. The S70 is available as a 4-, 8- or 12-way
Symmetric Multi Processor (SMP). Four PowerPC RS64
microprocessors are mounted on a single circuit board, which
is housed in a protective "book." The S70 can be purchased
with up to 16 gigabytes of memory to support the growing
demand for 64-bit applications. All processor and memory
books slide into slots in a single tower system for
convenient future performance upgrades.

I/O features are contained in separate racks from the
processing tower. Each rack contains either one or two I/O
drawers with PCI slots for attaching disk files,
communications adapters, or terminals. The 14 slots include
five 64-bit slots and nine 32-bit slots. Each drawer also
has 12 hot swappable disks for up to 54 GB (4.5 GB per disk)
of storage, and both SSA and SCSI disks are supported for
additional storage capability.

The S70 comes with the reliability, availability and
serviceability features customers expect in RS/6000
products, including online AIX diagnostics and a service
processor that can detect system trouble and report it to
the customer or to service professionals.

Most industry-leading software vendors have tested their
applications and database products on the S70 and have
reported to IBM that their applications will run on AIX 4.3.
Baan reported to IBM that it was able to run its existing
32-bit applications on AIX 4.3 without any program

Ralph Treitz, vice president, International SAP/IBM
Competence Centre, SAP said; "AIX was one of the first
platforms available for SAP R/3, and today more than 2000
customers are running R/3 on IBM RS/6000. We very much
appreciate that IBM's new S70 systems are capable of
handling the increasing transaction requirements of our

Database vendors testing their current 32-bit offerings on
the S70 include IBM DB2, Informix, Lotus, Oracle and Sybase.
Work is already underway to test 64-bit databases on the S70
as well.

AIX Version 4.3 At the heart of the RS/6000 64-bit computing
solution is the new version of the award-winning AIX
operating system. AIX Version 4.3 maintains binary
compatibility with previous versions of AIX, and will
support 32-bit and 64-bit applications concurrently, helping
customers move to the next generation of computing while
still utilising their existing unmodified 32-bit
applications on the same server.

Included with AIX V4.3 is the latest browser technology -
Netscape Navigator 4.0, IBM's Domino Go Webserver and
Netscape's FastTrack entry web server. The updated release
of the Java Just In Time (JIT) compiler converts Java code
to native machine code at runtime, boosting java performance
up to 25 times. Internet Protocol Version 6 in AIX V4.3
significantly enhances the industry standard security and
filtering features important for applications in a web-ready

Combined with a robust set of e-business POWERsolutions on
the RS/6000 to address content serving and management,
security, collaboration and commerce, AIX and the RS/6000
delivers end-to-end solutions that solve customers business

Simply stated, e-business is where information technology
meets the Internet. The RS/6000 has the technology
leadership and the network business experience to help
customers gain Net access, extend existing business
applications to be accessible to Web-users, or create new
Java-based applications.

AIX Version 4.3 has additional network computing tools and
improved ease-of-use features including Ultimedia Services
Adobe Acrobat Reader, DCE Clients and Network Station

For mission critical environments, AIX Version 4.3 supports
HACMP 4.2.2, IBM's industry leading High Availability
Cluster Multi-Processing software for realtime backup and
recovery of critical data.

AIX Version 4.3 is designed to comply with the Single UNIX
Specification, Version 2 (UNIX98) covering both 32-bit and
64-bit computing.

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