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Christmas 2010 - Final Release (Sept)

Confused what to buy your Friends and Family this Christmas..? Why not take Russell Grant's advice with his Astrological Gift Guide for each of the 12 Star Signs. Perhaps you have to buy a Gift for a very choosey Taurean or a Leo where size matters! With Russell's Gift guide you will ensure you find the perfect gift for your friends and family - If not, just blame Russell!

What do you get for someone who acts without thinking, buys stuff they can’t afford and takes impulsiveness to the extreme? Arians expect to get gifts they want but you won’t always receive what you want from them. They leave Christmas shopping until the last minute and will splash out without thinking about whether or not the recipients will like their gifts! Also, since Aries loses interest very quickly you might give them what they ask for only to discover they don’t want it any more! Think unique, rare and distinctive when shopping for your Aries friends.

Quality not quantity counts for Taurus who can easily distinguish the real thing against cheap knock-offs and imitations. Don’t expect them to be impressed with fakes or cut-price substitute gifts instead of the genuine article and don’t think they won’t know the difference because they will! Go for designer labels and practical, elegant gifts. Taureans love to be pampered and they appreciate their little luxuries so go for quality perfumes, wines and chocolates and posh packaging!

Geminis are quick to buy friends gifts with no excuse needed other than because they love giving. Christmas is a great time to return the favour by giving Gemini something to suit their personality. The good news too is that this is one zodiac sign who will appreciate cheap gadgets and gizmos that don’t cost a lot. Low cost joke and fun gifts are ideal. While if your fun loving Gemini gets their kicks out of high adrenaline experiences, why not give them a voucher for flying lessons?

Cancerians often retreat into their own little world of fantasies and anything that appeals to their imagination will keep them happy for hours. What they call ‘collections’ or ‘treasures’ others might see as Cancer’s inability to get rid of junk! So what do you give a compulsive hoarder? Take them to a fancy restaurant, give a theatre ticket or pay for them to take a one-day flower arranging workshop. Go for gifts that give Cancer a good time with no additional clutter such as a Balloon Trip, lunch cruise or helicopter tour!

Leos spend extravagantly in order to impress others and they will keep up their grandiose pretences even when they can’t afford it. They’ll also expect to receive what they want because they want it and not because it is something you really want to give. Whatever you do, don’t ask Leo for ideas, unless you want to bankrupt yourself this Christmas! Surprise them instead, with something you think they might like that you can actually afford! Make it a gift that’s big and beautiful!

No matter how much effort, expense and care you put into choosing a gift for Virgo, it will never be perfect enough to satisfy them. Either it will be the wrong colour, too big, too small, too expensive or too shoddy. They don’t mean to complain or criticise but if they’re disappointed they will get the message across! For that reason ask them exactly what it is they want and go for it. That way there may be no surprises but at least they can’t find fault with something they chose for themselves!

Gifts must be in good taste for the gracious and refined Libran. They hate to be stuck with themselves so go for games that can be shared. Fun items don’t go down well as Librans just don’t get jokes. Even simple riddles in crackers won’t seem to amuse them. Librans hate to upset people and feel they must keep gifts and display them even if they aren’t to their taste. For that reason try to choose something they really want and remind Libran too that the amount they care for someone isn’t measured by how long they hold onto their presents!

If you hint you’re going to buy something for Scorpio, do it! Scorpio hates it when other people stir up their expectations and leave them disappointed. It is no joke to them to be teased into thinking they might receive an exclusive or restricted item only to receive a pathetic replica. Whether you’re buying Scorpio pendants, perfume porcelain boxes or paperweights, go for unique and exclusive items to make your Scorpio feel special.

Spontaneous Sagittarians love taking risks, love adventure and love to feed their curiosity. Once they get started on anything it’s hard to stop them. Always busy they rarely have time to pamper themselves so think about a spa day, a facial, a manicure or pedicure: something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. Sagittarius loves to be outdoors in the natural environment and a White Water Rafting Day or a Bungee Jump Experience Gift will be something they will never forget.

Capricorns aren’t selfish or ungiving, they just like to be careful with their cash! That’s why they will check stuff that’s lying around their house like unused gifts from last year to wrap them up for someone else, this Christmas. They’ll appreciate gifts they want and have asked for, especially if this helps save them money. Buy something they can do on their own. Gifts like games mean sharing and this will wreck their festive fun!

Funky gifts will appeal to this gadget lover. Random, humorous, novelty and fun items will give this sign a lot of pleasure. For the Aquarian who rarely stays in the same place for very long, go for a set of personalised luggage to help them identify their bags when travelling. Anything quirky that adds a touch of fun to their festive celebrations will bring a smile to the Aquarian’s face. With a little imagination it won’t be hard to make their day without blowing your budget!

Be sure your touchy Piscean friends get what they ask for. Gift cards won’t do it for the Piscean ‘though thoughtful gift certificates such as for a monthly bouquet of flowers might make a refreshing change. They will feel secretly hurt and ostracised if it seems like people haven’t put thought into the gifts they receive. Also, whatever you get from them, let them think you love it whether you do or not. Pisces probably spent hours deliberating over what to get you and they’re extremely sensitive to personal criticism.


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