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....Cambridge company ATML destroys the ATM versus IP
argument with new PPP driver software...

Cambridge based ATM Limited, a central player in the
emerging broadband-over-copper market, has become the first
company to deliver software that enables users of standard
applications such as Microsoft Word and Netscape Navigator
to connect to the Internet and corporate LANs at high speed
using ordinary telephone lines. The new software, a PPP
(point-to-point protocol) driver, is used in a PC NIC
(network interface card) and is already being evaluated by
industry leaders such as Cisco and Alcatel.

The PPP driver software enables end users to connect to the
Internet at speeds of 6.144 Mbps using standard
applications. Stefan Knight, ATM Limited's director of
product marketing, said: "With technology that takes minutes
to install, remote workers can now use a single phone line
to have a telephone conversation whilst simultaneously
surfing the Web, downloading files, viewing video, or
interacting with their company's networks. The combination
of ATM, ADSL and the new PPP driver software enables
businesses to access graphic-intensive Web sites so quickly
that the service can be compared with actually flipping
through a CD-ROM on a local drive."

Dennis Hayes, founder of Hayes Microcomputer said, "Ease of
installation and use are the basics that need to be
addressed for ADSL to be successful. ATML's PPP work brings
both of these together and will improve customer

ATM Limited specialises in creating systems that bridge the
gap between PCS, enterprise networks, and the public
network; PPP supports user login and authentication as well
as multiple LAN protocols. "Point-to-point protocol is the
defacto standard for all dialup connections to the
Internet," said Tom Cooper, vice president of marketing for
ATM Limited. "This new PPP driver provides the final link
for broadband-over-copper networks. It's an end-to-end
solution for companies creating customer and carrier
equipment that can run ADSL and IP over ATM-based carrier

ATM Limited's implementation of the PPP driver uses
Microsoft's standard PPP stack and binds it to the ATM
interface card inside the PC. This interface card connects
directly to an ATM ADSL modem, and sends a signal that is
compatible with all ATM routers and servers. The driver runs
on ATM Limited's VIRATAlink ATM25 and ATM25+Ethernet
auto-sensing PC adapters.

ATM verses IP argument becomes invalid IP has often been
mistakenly positioned as the alternative technology to ATM
for WANs. However ATM and IP are not incompatible

"As far as we are concerned, the current ‘ATM vs. IP'
argument is irrelevant and misleading," says Cooper. "ATM is
the backbone technology used in most PTT and Telco networks
and is often the backbone technology of choice for ISPs as
well. As IP networks proliferate, ATM will continue to
support them. What was lacking was a high-bandwidth
technology that could connect a Windows 95™ or Windows NT™
computer to an ISP, via the normal PPP protocol, using
standard copper lines. Our new PPP driver coupled with our
Viratalink NIC solves this problem."

Cooper went on to explain: "ATM transports at speeds of 25
to 622 megabits per second. It should be noted that billions
of IP (Internet Protocol) bits are already transported over
carrier ATM networks every day with a large proportion of
all Internet traffic handled by ATM switches. Because an ATM
solution for simple IP connectivity in xDSL networks was
lacking, a number of service providers questioned whether
their basic xDSL service should be ATM or IP."

Similarly, the issue of "ATM versus Ethernet" is solved by
ATM Limited because ATM Limited's NIC can automatically
sense, which type of signal it is required to transport (ATM
or Ethernet). So no matter which technology ends up
dominating the desktop, the ATM Limited NIC card will serve
either one.

The NIC containing the PPP driver connects directly to an
ATM ADSL modem, and sends a signal that can be deployed in
networks based on ADSL, ATM, IP, and Ethernet.

Cisco, Ameritech and Alcatel are testing the new PPP driver
The PPP driver is being tested at Cisco labs for
interoperability, in Ameritech labs for inclusion in their
ADSL trial deployments, and in Alcatel labs for Interop
demonstrations. ATML will also make the driver code
available to licensees currently developing the next
generation combination ADSL modems and NIC cards. Current
licensees include: SMC, Next Level (GI), BBT, Hayes, Sphere,
and Westell.

Martin DePrycker, vice president and general manager of
Alcatel's Internet Access Division said, "ISPs and carriers
have been waiting for PPP over ATM for their ADSL
deployments, this work provides added leverage for Alcatel's
ATM over ADSL product positioning."

Tom Starr of Ameritech Network Services said, "PPP over ATM
is vital to make ADSL happen and for ISPs to participate in
ADSL deployment." ATM Limited will also make the driver code
available to its ATOM Accelerator™ licensees who are
currently developing the next generation of combination ADSL
modems and NIC cards. Current licensees using the ATOM
Accelerator™ software and hardware suite, include: Broadband
Technologies, CopperCom, Hayes Microcomputer, Next Level
(GI), Sphere Communications, and Westell. Additional
licensees and partners will be announced shortly. The ATOM
Accelerator™, launched in March 1997 is the world's first
integrated software-on-silicon ATM solution for xDSL
equipment vendors.

About ATM Limited

Advanced Telecommunications Modules, Limited is a leader in
the development of high performance affordable networking
products. ATML provides complete, software-on-silicon
solutions to companies wishing to enter the market quickly
with low-cost xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line) products for
ATM networks. xDSL technology makes it possible to offer
homes and businesses high-bandwidth services, using existing
copper telephone wire.

Founded in 1993, ATM Limited was spun off from Olivetti
Research Labs with the exclusive rights to commercialize its
ATM technology. The company's principal operations are
located in Cambridge, England and Santa Clara, California.
For more information, visit ATM Limited at

The driver will be demonstrated at Network+Interop in the
booth of ATML licensees Alcatel (booth 8227) and Ameritech
(booth 7137).

ATMOS and ATOM Accelerator™ are trademarks of Advanced
Telecommunications Modules, Limited (ATM Limited).

Additional Contact Information: Stefan Knight Director of
product marketing ATM Limited (408) 566-1017

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