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With the winter fast-approaching and the new academic year well underway, thoughts will be turning to the colder weather and school children will start wearing their boots to school in a bid to keep warm and dry in the cold and invariably wet weather we will get. But will they be wearing their Uggs to school? Will they be allows to wear fashionable footwear through the school gates this season?

School uniforms have always been notoriously devoid of fashion for as long as there have been schools! They were invented to ensure that all children looked the same at school and that class distinction could not be made and hopefully that kids would not be subject to bullying about what their families could or could not afford.

It has always been this way. It’s a good way to be. But as long as there are school uniforms for children, there will be those who try to break the rules and those who try to ‘trendify’ their uniforms in some way to make them cool (this has surely got to be the most restrictive set of clothes with which to make a fashion statement that was ever invented).

Kids will come to school with ‘fat’ ties, ‘skinny’ ties, slouchy socks, short skirts, massive ‘handbags’ masquerading as school bags and any other change they can possibly get away with. Some manage it better than others and some just look plain scruffy like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards before they even get to school in the mornings. This is all part of life’s rich tapestry and is our future generations trying to carve out their own bit of individuality in an institution that orders them to look like clones of each other (all in the name of equality).

But school footwear has always been a bit of a grey area, and kids are challenging this more than ever before. The Ugg boot has been at the centre of quite a few rows about whether it is acceptable to be worn as part of a child’s ‘school uniform’ and it has been argued that it should be acceptable because the plainer styles like the Ugg classic tall and short styles are extremely simple and being flat they are not breaking any rules of fashion (apart from the fact that they are perhaps the most popular item of footwear that we have seen for a very long time and Uggs are one of the most coveted brands of boots we’ve seen in the past 10 years).

UGG Boots have dominated the world of fashionable designer footwear for a long time and still stands strong as one of the top selling and fastest selling items we have ever seen. Its appeal being its sexy-but-versatile-goes-with-anything kind of image and the vast range of different styles and textures and designs and colours on offer these days is testament to its continuing popularity with the paying public.

Uggs kids range of boots has also seen rocketing sales over the past few years with many of its styles emulating the women’s styles very closely, like the Ugg classic tall’s and short versions, the Ugg ‘Cardy’ and the latest ones like the Kensington and the Retro Cargo’s – all super cool and super trendy and super popular with the younger generations. Who wouldn’t want to wear them with every outfit, including a school uniform? Where’s the harm in that?

So as fashion meets school for another stand-off, we predict that Uggs may yet become part of the staple winter uniform to keep kids’ feet warm and dry when they walk to schools all over the country this winter, and by walking they are surely being better to the environment and shouldn’t that be encouraged as much as possible in our younger generation? is an official retalier of UGG Australia Boots, stocking a full range of styles for both children and adults.


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