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Go with the Flow on a Volcanic, Walking, Life Changing Retreat, with Winter Sun


What is EcoLifeWalks?

It’s a holiday with multiple features and lasting powerful benefits to the outcome of your life.
Most importantly, it is an uplifting and rejuvenating retreat on a desert island with guided tours to inspirational places. It’s an insight into making your life become the way you want it to be, based on previously secret information. In the panoramic lounge and on scenic outings, the talks and workshop will update your understanding of an important science. You will learn the art of using this science to alter the outcome of your life.

This offering will appeal to anyone who

- Is ready for a holiday / escape in the sun
- Needs to make major changes
- Is stuck and feels there is more to life
- Needs time to themselves
- Enjoys being in unspoilt environment
- Is open minded
- Enjoys a sense of fun and adventure
- Likes the idea of yoga, surfing, cycling , swimming etc
- Particularly enjoys walking and has reasonable mobility
- For whom is the Course designed?

Who is behind EcoLifeWalks?

Stuart Forster is a leading light in life change studies, has 4 decades of experience in this sector and has spent the last 12 years perfecting what is now Eco Life Walks.

What does EcoLifeWalks do?

The Life Change Course offers insights and techniques into how to design and manifest the outcome of your life. (Yes, really!) It also helps you to stretch your desire beyond sub conscious limitations. The process is supported by time spent in powerful and unspoiled natural places of great beauty. More subtly, it provides opportunity for change, while still having the benefit of an enjoyable relaxing, empowering holiday. See Course Information.

Where is EcoLifeWalks?

On the sun-all-year biosphere volcanic island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands at a private sumptuous panoramic Villa Isis. Ensuite live-in or, if on a budget, we arrange local accommodation, close to amenities

What’s the Background?

Stuart Forster and partner Lynne Oliver, (a renowned International Yoga Teacher), have operated Holistic Holidays for 12 years in their Lanzarote Retreat, having opted away from their prior “high achievement” lives. They realised that their yoga and therapy retreats helped people recover from city living practices, but without addressing the fundamentals of greater well-being and fulfilment. Furthermore Stuart & Lynne’s own lives became a fast-track for personal transformation, since working in this sector involves on-going life science research and discovery. Subject to the vagaries of the travel business in an alien language and culture, they experienced a stream of challenges, some of which were only solvable by fundamental change from within the person! Hence they have learned to consciously walk their talk in the discovery of life’s secrets. All this is set at a time where evolving global circumstances are proving that many of our present practices and beliefs are unsustainable.

Is this About Science or Religion?

EcoLifeWalks is mostly about having an enjoyable time on holiday, while finding out more about the natural energies that affect the outcome of our lives. However, recent breakthroughs in scientific understanding place this subject matter squarely alongside what Ancient Wisdom and indigenous people, around the world, have been sharing for thousands of years. The course is concerned with truth; that is, laws of nature.

Stuart says “We only teach that which we can prove to ourselves by personal experience rather than cow-towing to any imposed creed”.
There are many instances of this philosophy, which is supplied with a reading list. For example, the content overlaps tightly with the “Ancient Secrets” mentioned in Dan Brown’s latest book; The Lost Symbol. Of special interest is also the Mayan Calendar. Which describes a kind of human evolution which is accelerating rapidly to a transformation in our time!

Anything to do with the 2012 mystery?

Definitely, although we don’t go into detail on this big and fascinating subject. If you’re interested, our website offers some authoritative insight into the The 2012 Mystery.

How come I have not heard of this?

The content of this workshop is mainstream as mentioned in hundreds of Books and DVDs yet it is still to be covered, in depth, by leading media networks. We explain in the workshop how the course of history has deliberately obscured this information.

What’s The Deal?

We’re an easy 3-4 hour flight from the UK or Ireland and it’s a constant summer climate. We offer 20+ hours of Life Change Workshop material, much of it spent in situ on beaches, in volcanoes, botanic gardens and other dramatic and eco-inspirational locations. We provide the option for Yoga, Surfing, Personal Training, Massage. Shiatsu, Cycling etc, so you can make your week the way you want. Accommodationis in the villa or stay elsewhere. We take you to sensational eating places Video and help you realise you can make your life outcome the way you want it to be!

Winter Sun

Lanzarote is a unique and beautiful island beyond the 3 tourist resorts. It enjoys year-round sunshine, so this is a great way to punctuate the English Winter and to lift the greyness from your life!

What sort of Places do you go to? Video Links

- Exploring the Desert Island of La Graciosa
- Beaches Video
- Cesar Manrique Foundation Viedo Video
- Restaurants Video
- Wave Watching Video
- Floral Beauty Video
- The Cactus Garden
- And more..

Resident Rescue Animal

Stuart and Lynne have taken in many homeless animals, mainly cats who live in and around Villa Isis, adding to the eco experience. They provide great comfort and entertainment for our guests and have converted many non-believers into cat fanciers. Allergies are rarely a problem as the villa is very airy. Animals have a way of helping us to focus in the present, like they do. Meet a few of the in-mates!.

What does it cost?

The Course, plus all breakfasts, plus trips to all the locations and eating venues has an introductory price of £595 (pounds). See Prices. You add your flights and accommodation. An ensuite with solo occupancy in the main villa would be €495 (Euros, €295 for a single room, self catering in the central village townhouse, 10 mins away. Further reductions for room sharing) Flights vary from £200 return depending on holiday times. You can arrive before the week to settle in, and stay longer to practice your new awareness, at extra daily rates.

What’s the Value?

Priceless. What value do you place on having the life you want?

Journalist Visit

We think that to report the benefits of Eco Life Walks Web Site
accurately, it must be experienced. Not just experiencing the beauty of the places but most importantly how the inner technologies effect the outcome of our lives. (If you immediately realise that you do not believe this, try to be open minded. You could be missing out on something really major!) For agreed major features we offer a journalist a gratis course at EcoLifeWalks, including B&B accommodation in our Villa. Flights and other expenses are payable by the journalist.

Contact for Information and Press Trips
Stuart Forster, Director
Eco Life Walks
Tel: from the UK, 020 8123 9250
Mobile: 0034 636 849 474
Download a Brochure

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