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“The big decision for 2011 when it comes to food” say the creative team at My Secret Kitchen “is whether people feel they have enough financial security to make the ethical decisions. People want to buy the morally right foods from the smaller companies; but will they pay the little extra to do so? The year will also be about twisting traditional favourite flavours, becoming more knowledgeable about the foods around us and thinking even more about what we are putting in our mouths. The top ten for 2011 are:-

1 – It’s all about reduction – sodium, sugar and the “undesirables” ie the ingredients that are not understood by the masses. If it’s not in the pantry it’s going to be kicked out.

2 – Citrus Twists – Not just orange and lemon but Yuzu, Pomelo, Tangerine, Bergamot (the flavour that gives Earl Grey tea that unique taste) will be seen more often as people want familiarity but with a little twist.

3 – Hedgerows – As people continue to look inside the UK and around them, so the local produce will continue to flourish. More flavours to come in 2011 for Rose, Blackberry, Elderflower, Rosehip, Elderberry and Sloe.

4 – Smoking toasting and roasting - The trend for increased authenticity in the food that people eat along with an increased willingness to experiment will mean people looking at roasted and toasted spices and smoked oils to add the extra flavour to the occasion.

5 – Good tasting functional foods – It’s all well and good adding the likes of Acaii to a beverage because it’s good for you but it’s got to taste good too. Look out for ingredients that are healthy and good for you in 2011 that also taste great.

6 – Eat in and entertain – More cooking shows, especially when they are focussed on entertaining at home will mean a rise in the dinner party experience. This will also mean more “one-upmanship”; more complicated recipes, more extreme foods, as Mrs Smith becomes even more determined to outdo Mr Jones’s last dinner party efforts.

7 – Extreme BBQs – People are no longer interested in putting the Chinese glazed spare ribs onto the Barbie. Other countries will come through to put more authenticity into the event – Brazilian, Korean, Mongolian as well as the extreme opposite where people will focus solely on traditional local produce from the butcher round the corner with locally produced sauces and marinades from the farmers markets and local delis.

8 –Respect – Continued research in what people are eating along with education in the food chain will mean a surge in fair-trade and free range, although not necessarily organic

9 – Where else can we discover? – What will be the new country that will explode into our everyday cooking lives? Mexican and Thai will continue to rise and are here to stay, North African continues it’s path upwards, but what’s the next big country? Difficult to predict as this trend tends to follow people’s holiday destinations and we all know this has reduced over the last couple of years. If we were to stick our necks out we’d go South American – Brazilian, Argentinean and Peruvian.

10 – Chocolate and … - Chocolate has had quite a lot of good publicity recently with regards to its health properties and it’s becoming quite trendy to know a lot about it. It’s all about provenance, cocoa solids levels, natural processing and the like. Chilli and chocolate combination has become almost the norm with the Walkers launch last year. More flavours will be combining with chocolate next year – lime, raspberry, cherry and for the more daring will bacon and chocolate become seen as it is the States? Somehow we think we have a few years ahead of us before that happens in the UK….

My Secret Kitchen is the UK’s first food and drink tasting company. The team has spent many years travelling the world and presenting food trends to major food manufactures. They now spend their time launching unusual and trend setting foods through home tasting events throughout the UK. Think the Tupperware party concept… but with food.
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Phil or Clare Moran

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