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A new study of Caphosol® shows that it diminishes oral mucositis in three key ways: by decreasing severity, lowering peak pain and shortening its duration. These are the results reported in a prospective randomised controlled study in 40 allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (allo-HSCT) patients entitled “Caphosol® Mouth Rinse Diminishes Oral Mucositis in Allo-HSCT Recipients” conducted by Miroslaw Markiewicz, at Medical University of Silesia, Department of Hematology and BMT, Katowice, Poland*1.

Oral mucositis (OM) is a side effect of cancer therapy and is characterised by a red, swollen and ulcerated mouth and tongue. This painful condition, associated with both chemo- and radiotherapy can prevent sufferers from talking and even from eating. In a survey of nurses, it was identified as the most debilitating problem associated with cancer therapy*2.

Miroslaw Markiewicz presented the highlights of this study at the American Society of Haematology (ASH) Conference in Orlando, USA on December 6th 2010. In total, 40 patients were included in the study. 20 were randomised to the Caphosol® group (rinsed 4 times daily from the first day of conditioning) and 20 patients to the control group (standard topical mouth care with saliva, antibacterial and antifungal solutions).

The key findings include:

* Caphosol® reduced the severity of oral mucositis (0.9 vs 1.8 points on the WHO scale) (p=0.02)
* Caphosol® reduced the duration of oral mucositis (3.2 days vs 7.1 days p=0.02)
* No patients in the Caphosol® group required total parenteral nutrition (TPN) in comparison to 30% in the control group, and the duration of TPN was 0 vs 1.9 days (p=0.009)
* Analgesics were required by 15% of patients in the Caphosol® group vs 45% of patients in the control group. The duration of analgesic usage was reduced in the Caphosol® group to 1.1 days vs 3.4 days in the control group (p=0.047)
* The average subjective peak pain in the mouth score was 0.85 for Caphosol® vs 1.75 for control using a 0-10 scale (p=0.005)

The authors concluded: “Caphosol® mouth rinse in the allo-HSCT recipients is associated with decrease of oral toxicity, lower peak pain due to mucositis and its shorter duration. In consequence, comfort of life is improved ... and the requirement of TPN and analgesics is reduced.”

In January 2010, EUSA Pharma, a pharmaceutical company focused on oncology, oncology supportive care and critical care, launched a new resource,, to help suffers of oral mucositis and their carers. The site provides detailed information about the condition itself, the types of people at risk, the consequences of oral mucositis and management strategies. The site also enables people to share their experience via a video blog and four patient videos have recently been uploaded which give a personal view of dealing with oral mucositis.

Caphosol® is a supersaturated calcium and phosphate mouth rinse, indicated for dryness of the mouth and oropharynx (hyposalivation, xerostomia), regardless of the cause and regardless of whether the condition is temporary or permanent. Caphosol® is also indicated as an adjunct to standard oral care in the treatment of the mucositis that may be caused by radiation or high dose chemotherapy.
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Notes to editors:


1 Miroslaw Markiewicz et al. 52nd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition 2010, abstract 3498
2 Bruce SD and Quinn A. US Oncological Disease 2007;1:86-90.


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