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Malki Dead Sea Products

Save 25% on the Malki Dead Sea bath range at Boots and stay looking naturally gorgeous for less

Detox the Dead Sea way

VAT may have risen to 20% but that’s no reason to cut corners on your beauty routine.

Save 25% on the Malki Dead Sea bath range at Boots and stay looking naturally gorgeous for less. Stock up on all your favorite Dead Sea products, this special offer only last till January 25th!

Pollution, caffeine, smoking and even the food we eat can all cause toxins to build up in the skin. There are two ways to ditch those tiresome toxins and banish impurities. The hard way, by sweating them out of your system down at the gym. Or maybe you’d prefer the easier and definitely more enjoyable option. Indulging in some serious beauty therapy straight from the shores of the Dead Sea.

Ever since biblical times people have bathed there, for both cosmetic and therapeutic reasons. Over thousands of years, its miraculous waters have worked wonders on stressed out skin. Revitalising dull dry complexions and restoring bodies back to peak condition, even helping with a host of skin ailments like eczema and acne.

This is due to the rich concentration of minerals, unique to the Dead Sea, that work in combination to purify, strengthen and enrich overworked skin cells, stimulating, regeneration and renewal. The good news is that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to reap the benefits. The Malki family have fused this knowledge, gained over centuries, with cutting edge science to create a new line of Dead Sea treatments. Harnessing the power of these amazing minerals in order to deliver a complete detox system direct to your door.

The key minerals work together to seek and destroy dirt and grime, whilst still giving skin a big blast of energising nutrients, returning it back to its natural equilibrium. The Malki natural mineral range is made with special recipe of coconut, palm and olive oil, and has a soothing detergent free formula that’s extra kind to sensitive skin.

Dead Sea body scrub with Frankincense oil

Simply swirl the pot to blend the ingredients and scoop up a handful. Then, beginning at the tips of your toes, start to massage. The Dead Sea scrub has a dual purpose. Firstly, the grains gently give dead skin cells the brush-off and the massaging action helps smooth the surface and flush away toxin build-up. Secondly, the miraculous minerals, like purifying sulphur and nourishing calcium, are pumped deep into your skin’s pores to bring your body back into balance.

Natural mineral shower cream

An invigorating body wash with a mineral rich lather that simply washes toxins and impurities straight down the drain. The sulphur and sodium act as natural cleansers getting to work deep in the skin whilst calcium’s energising qualities regenerate the epidermis and bring it gently back into balance.

Natural mineral body lotion

Thirsty skin literally drink up this nourishing moisturizer, resulting in a smooth, rehydrated body that radiates good health. This is an easily absorbed, non-oily cream that leaves you feeling soft and beautifully refreshed without leaving a greasy residue. Key minerals like Potassium actively replenish lost nutrients whilst Chloride provides better tone and improves elasticity.

Natural mineral facial wash

By using a combination of skin-boosting minerals and healing herbs, this foaming wash is mild enough for delicate facial skin but also tough enough to shift stubborn dirt. The astringent properties of Sage, Camomile and Nettle clear out blocked pores. Whilst a dose of nature’s own antiseptic, frankincense, calms down spotty breakouts and rejuvenates lackluster complexions.

Natural bath salts with aromatherapy oils and rose petals

Just a handful, scattered into the water will transform your bath into a temple of aromatherapy and relaxation. Detoxifying has never been so much fun. These bath salts come in two delicious varieties so there’s something to suit every mood. The three wise men knew what they were doing when they brought spicy frankincense as a gift for Jesus. It calms both your breathing and your mind whilst unwinding tense muscles and revitalising your skin. Or maybe opt for exotic jasmine. It moisturizes and tones the body outside whilst the calming fragrance soothes weary souls on the inside. Lie back and feel your troubles and tension just float away.

The Malki Dead Sea bath care range is now available in Boots stores nation-wide.

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts:

With Frankincense oil & Rose petals - £6.08 per 500ml
Dead Sea Natural Mineral Shower Cream - £7.14 per 250ml
Dead Sea Natural Mineral Facial Wash - £8.16 per 250ml
Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Lotion - £7.66 per 250ml
Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense oil - £7.14 per 300ml
Black mud mask soap - £3.36 a bar
Dead Sea mineral soap - £3.36 a bar
Dead Sea sulphur soap - £3.36 a bar
Dead Sea bath salts - £7.14 per 1kg box

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