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There are many interesting and exciting examples of the food and drink industry storming ahead including augmented reality

Annual FOOD&DRINK TOWERS Report Reveals Ten Top Trends For 2011


food&drink towers publishes its widely anticipated annual ‘ten top trends’ report today (6 January 2011) free of charge. This fifth edition ‘Ten Top Trends’ report comes at a time of hope and optimism within the global food and drink industry after a turbulent two years.

The report was written by food journalist and brand consultant, Helen Lewis, who founded food&drink towers in October 2006. Available to download for free at, the trends report is designed to help food and drink brand owners, PRs and journalists focus their attentions on the opportunities for 2011.

Helen Lewis, author of the report and managing editor at food&drink towers, said: “food&drink towers has had the privilege of working closely with many food and drink producers, retailers and suppliers, who have successfully managed to weather the global financial storm. The current climate sees the food and drink industry beginning to re-invest in new product development and take stock of market opportunities (export, new products, line extensions, marketing, branding and PR initiatives). However, those who have continued to invest in such activity – against the odds – are the companies that remain the most optimistic about the future ahead. The hard work of the resilient food and drink industry in 2010 did not go unnoticed at food&drink towers and we commend your ambition and motivation”.

The Ten Top Trends for 2011 report is an invaluable resource to food and drink companies, from small producers considering their first product launch to multinationals with hundreds of lines. This report easily rivals those published by other companies...and it's free!

The Ten Top Trends For 2011

1. Mini treating
2. Dispelling the myths
3. Sustainability
4. Sleep – or our lack of it
5. Mums and tums
6. Pop-ups
7. Reducing food waste starts at home
8. Too busy to peel a spud?
9. Rising cost of raw materials – who will take the brunt?
10. Social networking & interactivity

Pre-publication extracts of the food&drink towers report:

TREND 1: Mini treating

‘Mini treating’ doesn’t necessarily equate to small products, instead it relates to small in value. Rather than splashing out on holidays, cars, expensive jewellery, designer make-up and other traditionally premium treats to reward ourselves for our hard work, we’re downsizing to smaller tokens. These are indulgences purchased for friends, families and ourselves. Mini treats include cakes, chocolate, alcohol and other goodies that can brighten our day, even if just for a short time, but won’t break the bank. Brands will tap into this feel-good factor that is achievable by creating a mini-indulgence experience during the continuing doom and gloom of the Con-Dem cuts.

“Two of our ranges have become increasingly important in recent times. Smaller gift offerings, both in terms of size and price, are becoming ever more popular as take home or gesture gifts, as well as hamper and stocking fillers. We are responding to this with our three new gift packs, based on smaller packs of our innovative Flower Petal Seasonings and our new High Fruit Extra Special Condiments,” says Uncle Roy, partner at Uncle Roy’s Comestible Concoctions based in Scotland.

TREND 2: Dispelling the myths

Consumers are becoming much wiser than ever before, but there are still mixed messages throughout the food and drink industry and 2011 is the year to address these. Additives, for example, are continually questioned by consumers: what do they do and why are they used in food production? The good versus bad fats issue continues unabated. Sales of skimmed milk rise at the detriment of sales of whole – despite the latter being proven to contain more nutrients including vitamins A and B. Why? We want to save a few calories – yet we’re prepared to eat our body weight in chocolate cake to cheer us up. Savvy companies will explore innovative ways of communicating the truths behind the food and drink industry and television programmes such as Channel 4’s FOOD will help immensely.

Christine Nicolay, Global Communications Manager, Cargill says: “One way in which Cargill is able to aid consumer understanding about the ingredients in their products is around labelling. Additives and preservatives provide significant benefits to our foods; they make foods tasty, pleasant to eat, safe and affordable. They bring texture, taste, mouthfeel and all other sensory aspects of foods and drinks. Pectin is an example of this. Long-used in the home as a gelling agent for jam-making but when referred to on a food label through its numerical code of E440 it is confusing and difficult to understand what the use and nature is of this additive. Although all additives are highly regulated in the EU, some people prefer foods produced with nature-derived ingredients. Working with Cargill’s wide portfolio of nature-based ingredients, we can offer ‘clean label’ ingredient solutions for all type of foods and drinks, for example a sunflower lecithin to get the smooth texture of chocolate rather than a synthetically produced emulsifier. However, depending on the requirements requested by the consumer (convenient, long life, not too expensive) may mean that a different additive is more appropriate”.

TREND 4: Sleep – or our lack of it

As a nation we’re becoming obsessed with how many hours sleep we’ve had, whether our partner snores, what time we went to bed, what time we got up, whether the kids woke up in the night…it goes on and on. Sleep spas are popping up across the country and sales of light-therapy lamps (also known as dawn simulators) are on the up. We’re doing our best to get a good night’s sleep! Products high in melatonin are proving popular, as they’ve been scientifically proven to aid sleep…what else is out there to help support people’s sleep patterns and cure our insomnia?

AOk Drinks’ creator of the antioxidant drink, MD and naturopathic nutritionist, Stuart Roberts, says: “Sleep, or lack of it, is one of the most common health complaints today. Research shows that only one in 10 say we always sleep well; one in five suffer from problems sleeping and two thirds say we get less sleep now than we used to – by around 90 minutes”.

TREND 10: Social networking & interactivity

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: they are all free tools which, when used correctly, can be incredibly powerful for food and drink brands. Interacting with the brand, building a consumer–brand relationship, creating a real identity and engaging in direct communication are all-essential in today’s market. If you don’t have a social networking plan yet then it is strongly recommended that one is built into your 2011 plan. There are many interesting and exciting examples of the food and drink industry storming ahead including augmented reality, which enables customers to scan packs to get recipes, an image of the ‘finished product’ or even see bands playing their latest single. iPhone Apps are also big business and are being introduced by most major brands.

Notes to editors:

About the report…
This report is freely available to the global food and drink industry – at a time when market research and trends analysis is more important than ever before – to prepare you for a stronger and more successful 2011.

Written by Helen Lewis, managing editor and founder of, the report includes insight and comment from our four sponsor companies: AOk Drinks, Cargill, Rich’s Products and Uncle Roy’s Comestible Concoctions. Helen has written about, researched and investigated food and drink trends for more than a decade, starting as head of publishing at leading consumer goods intelligence company, Reuters Business Insight (now known as Global Business Insights (BI)). Helen has written more than 60 management reports for BI, Aroq Publishing ( and, Business Monitor International, food&drink towers and the Australian Trade Commission. Helen is also a freelance food journalist, having written for trade magazines such as The Grocer, Caterer & Hotelkeeper, Pira’s packaging magazines, The Juice Market and many more.

Helen also works as a PR and brand consultant with numerous small and start-up food and drink companies. Her combined expertise enables her to make informed, educated and unique trend insights, which make this report a must-read for PRs, journalists, producers, retailers and consultancies in 2011.

About food&drink towers…
Helen Lewis established in October 2006 in an aim to increase communication between journalists, PRs and the food/drink industry. Having written ample stories about the major multinationals, Helen was desperate to hear from the smaller players but many did not have the PR resources available to build relationships with journalists, however much it would have helped them.

food&drink towers attracted hundreds of registered members (it is free to join) when it first opened its doors and has since attracted a loyal database of 5,000+ including more than 1,500 journalists. Whatever your budget or know-how, you can upload a food/drink press release for free publication in our press pages (it will appear on the homepage for a limited amount of time too). We can send relevant and interesting press releases to our journalists for a very small (in comparison to the other ‘resources’) flat-fee of just £20. We’re always open to competition, feature, news and other editorial ideas too. You can email Helen Lewis at with your suggestions.

About our report sponsors…
AOk Drinks (
AOk is a deliciously fruity combination of red grapes, cherries, aloe vera and ginger. AOk has been created by nutritionist and MD Stuart Roberts to provide a convenient way of getting your optimal daily antioxidant requirements from just one bottle; no matter how busy your life is.

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to ensure that there is a synergistic mix of multiple antioxidants. This makes AOk an extremely potent antioxidant drink, which can be enjoyed as part of a healthy active lifestyle. Laboratory industry standard tests have shown AOk to be an exceptional antioxidant drink.

Just one 250ml bottle of AOk provides:

• Your daily recommended requirement of antioxidants.
• One of your ‘five a day’.
• Only 145 calories.

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Cargill (

Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. Our ingredients business serves food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with food and beverage ingredients, meat and poultry products and new food applications.

Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers to:

- Help drive sales and growth by creating new and exciting food and beverage products.
- Identify ways in which we can help improve the taste, flavour, texture, bite or other sensory aspect of a food or drink product.
- Through our rigorous supply chain control, provide ingredients as well as expert advice to ensure that a customer’s product is not only tasty but is of high quality and, most importantly, safe to eat.

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Uncle Roy’s (

New on the scene is Single Estate, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, which has been recently sourced and brought to the UK and EU by Uncle Roy’s from the only farm in the world producing it. It is available in two varieties (Light & Nutty and Spicy). It has the lowest saturated fat content and the highest omega 3 content of all the culinary oils. Both varieties of these oils have won Great Taste awards and have a high smoke point, are GMO-free and erucic acid-free. Interestingly, mustard seed oil as sold in some Asian stores has to be marked ‘for external use only’ because of its high erucic acid content, but the new Australia-sourced oils have none. Mustard seed oil is rich in vitamin E, D and A and has a shelf life of four years.

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Rich’s Products (

For over 60 years Rich’s Products has been supplying delicious, premium bakery products to the international retail and food services industry. It is now the leading supplier of wholesale bakery products in the UK. It all started in Buffalo, US, back in 1945, when Robert E. Rich Sr. developed ‘Rich’s Whip Topping®’ – the world’s first non-dairy topping that revolutionised food processing and opened up a new world of non-dairy products to the rapidly growing frozen food industry. With innovation at our core, Rich’s Products then developed a series of new culinary products from frozen éclairs, crème puffs, pies and cakes, to Italian pasta, the finest barbeque and meat products, our renowned seafood specialities and of course, its range of premium bakery products.

Serving the UK since 1985, Rich’s now supplies a wide base of retail and food service customers throughout the food industry, with over 2,300 products, in more than 85 countries. The company employs some 6,500 people in 18 different countries and, in addition to acquisitions; its dedicated research and development team continues its fine heritage of food innovation by regularly introducing award winning frozen and ambient bakery products.

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