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A new Liverpool comedy written by and starring one of the writers of Phoenix Nights is to be premiered on 18th January at the Showcase Cinemas Liverpool and will go nationwide this month.

A host of celebrities are expected to attend the VIP launch of Charlie Noades RIP, which has been shot entirely on location on Merseyside. The film stars the two times British Comedy Award winning actor and writer Neil Fitzmaurice also famed for his roles in Peep Show and The Office.

Neil says of the premiere: “I’m just so proud of the work that everybody put in to get this film made, it was a true labour of love and we had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get here! It’s independent cinema at its purest and a lesson of just what can be achieved with dedication, inspiration and a lot of perspiration! We want to keep on making homegrown movies that feature this wonderful city and all its talents!”

The all British cast boasts an impressive line up of respected names including John Thomson (Cold Feet), Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights), John McArdle (Prime Suspect, Cracker, The Bill), John Henshaw (Nice Guy Eddie, GBH), Ewen Macintosh (The Office, Little Britain), Suzanne Collins (Brookside, Doctors, The Bill) and Liverpool’s own Micky Finn, Ozzie Yue and Pauline Daniels. A debut performance from Ian McCulloch legendary front man of Echo and the Bunnymen is also featured.

Charlie Noades RIP is the latest offering from North Star Productions - makers of the cult gangster classic, Going Off Big Time, also written by Neil Fitzmaurice. Directed by Jim Doyle and produced by Tony Fitzmaurice, Charlie Noads RIP made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival where it received rave reviews.

Tony Fitzmaurice said: “It was fantastic to be able to shoot the entire film on Merseyside. The cast includes several renowned local faces who really have done a fantastic job in doing the script justice. Its superb family entertainment and we want everyone on Merseyside to go and see it, get behind it and help us showcase the huge amount of artistic talent we have in our region.”

The absorbing plot fuelled by intrigue and secrecy centres around a struggling family scrapyard business. When the lead character Steve Parr (played by Neil Fitzmaurice) discovers he has been bequeathed a mystery legacy he embarks on a nail-biting treasure hunt in a bid to change his family’s fortunes forever. An action-packed script punctuated with hilarious one-liners features outstanding performances with romantic and sometimes moving moments throughout.

Billed as highly entertaining, warm, funny and uplifting, Charlie Noades RIP is a family film and will run from January 21 in Showcase Cinemas Liverpool, The Plaza in Crosby and The Scala in Prestatyn with more local cinemas to follow before being rolled out across the UK at the end of the month. The DVD will be on general release later in the year.

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Written by
Neil Fitzmaurice

Directed by
Jim Doyle

Tony Fitzmaurice
Neil Fitzmaurice

Neil Fitzmaurice
John Thomson
John McArdle
John Henshaw
Justin Moorhouse

Running time - 104 minutes

Cinema Release Date - 21st January 2011

Distribution - Guerilla Films


North Star Productions new film Charlie Noades R.I.P is an honest, heartfelt British family comedy about a family and their friends trying to make a living in a debt filled, financially troubled world. “Parrs Scrap and Salvage” is the family business run by Les Parr (John McArdle) Les gave up his education to run the business due to the untimely death of his father and has struggled to make a living for over forty years.

The last few years have been especially hard financially and he has been forced into taking out a loan from local businessman and property developer Vinny McCoy (John Henshaw) only to find that any default on repayment could result in the loss of the business and all he holds dear. This is all part of McCoy’s master plan as he needs the scrap yard for his new development.

Enter Steve Parr (Neil Fitzmaurice) son of Les Steve has big plans for the yard but has no idea of the financial state of the business and the loan taken out by his father. Suddenly out of the blue Steve is left a small chest in a will from a total stranger. The chest contains diaries telling a story from the old days of the yard and Steve’s Grandfather’s gang, about a shipment of gold buried in the 50’s and the desperate attempts to find it, now the diaries have been passed on and mystery has a new keeper. Could the story be true, can he retrace his Grandfather’s steps and find the gold and save the day.

The film boasts a great comedic cast: Neil Fitzmaurice (Phoenix Nights, Peepshow, The Office), John Thomson (The Fast Show, Cold Feet), John Henshaw (Early Doors, the Visit, Looking For Eric), Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights, Dead Man Weds, 8 out of 10 cats), Euan Mackintosh (The Office) as well as John McArdle, Mickey Finn, Pauline Daniels.

Made on a small budget through private finance gathered by producers Tony and Neil Fitzmaurice and shot entirely on location in Liverpool. It epitomises what indigenous filmmaking is all about and Tony and Neil are both extremely proud of the film and everyone who contributed to making it.


Steve Parr - Neil Fitzmaurice
Sonny - John Thomson
Les Parr - John McArdle
Vinny McCoy - John Henshaw
Mick - Dominic Carter
Kitty Parr - Lynn Francis
Elvis - Justin Moorhouse
Sarah - Suzanne Collins
Julian - Ewen Macintosh
Ernie Parr - Connor Mcintyre
Carl - Paul McGrattan
Priest - Dave Spikey
Patricia Parr - Pauline Daniels
Uncle Dennis - Ian McCulloch
Ronald Tilbrooke - Micky Finn

Key Personnel

Producer - Tony Fitzmaurice
Producer & Writer - Neil Fitzmaurice
Director - Jim Doyle
Editor - Charlene Lilburn
Production Manager - Suzzy Mottram
Director of Photography - Rupert Whiteman

Charlie Noades R.I.P


“Charlie Noades R.I.P.” is based around its central character Steve Parr. Steve has everything he wants in life, a loving fiancée and beautiful baby boy. He works in the family business ‘Scrap and Salvage’ in a yard owned by his father Les. Surrounded by a loyal - if a little strange band of workmates who consist of Mick – his best friend and a self appointed gigolo, Sonny – a middle aged divorcee with an addiction to the Discovery Channel, Kitty – Steve’s auntie, a middle aged spinster with a razor sharp sarcastic wit and Elvis who is…well he’s just Elvis, oh and there’s Frank the junk yard dog – he’s got a sexual appetite matched only by Hugh Heffner!

Together they spend their days trying to make a living in a business that belongs to a different time but Steve is determined to turn things around and make the yard into a success even if it means causing friction between him and his father Les.

Les doesn’t share his son’s spirit for enterprise, forced to take over the yard at an early age due to his father’s tragic death, the business has made him weary and cynical and his spirit is at breaking point. Les also has a secret known only to him and a local business man called Vinny McCoy, a vain, megalomaniac, this nasty piece of work has plans for the yard and will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

On returning from a routine job, Steve is handed a business card left by a mystery caller, he meets the man, a solicitor, who informs him that he has been left a wooden chest in the will of a complete stranger, a man called Arthur Wicks.

Fuelled by intrigue and excitement he returns to the yard with the chest but when it is opened it reveals a collection of books! Steve and the others quietly return to their duties a little disappointed but that night Steve decides to read a book at random and is amazed by what’s inside, the books are diaries, written by Wicks they reveal a long, forgotten secret involving Steve’s Grandfather, Ernie Parr, and a large quantity of hidden gold taken from a floundered boat in the mid 50’s.

The location of the gold was known only to Ernie and his sudden death took the secret with him, a secret that Arthur Wicks spent his entire life trying to discover.

Armed with this information Steve embarks on a modern day treasure hunt in an attempt to find the gold and change the lives of him and his friends forever – if only it were that simple – first he has to decide whether the diaries tell the truth or are just a work of fiction, then he has to convince his family and friends and risk losing them by being consumed by the legend.

Can he unlock the secrets and find the missing gold? He’d better do something quickly because what he doesn’t know is that the clock is ticking for everyone at ‘Parr’s Scrap and Salvage’…….

Directors Statment

Jimmy Doyle. Director

“Some years back, the fantastic Fitzmaurice brothers asked me whether I'd get involved in a film they were keen to get off the ground - a crime drama based on an original story by Neil Fitzmaurice - 'Going Off Big Time' was shot, edited and released within a year of starting the first script draft. Some time later they approached me again to helm their latest project 'Charlie Noades R.I.P'. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse? The offer involved long hours, little
money, great stress but - like their earlier film - a huge amount of fun.

“Charlie Noades R.I.P is a comedy drama set in scrap yard. It sounds bleak but isn't. Similar to the characters in the film a disparate group of vagabonds and scoundrels managed to get something achieved with the odds stacked against them. It was written, cast and shot in the North West with some of the best acting talent that this corner of England has to offer. Charlie Noades has no exotic locations, sumptuous costumes or graphic computer generated imagery. What it does have is honesty, humour and fun (and a randy Alsatian). It was as much a pleasure to be involved in as hopefully it is to watch. Welcome to The North.”

Neil Fitzmaurice Writer

“I’m just so proud of the work that everybody put in to get this film made, it was a true labour of love and we had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get here! It’s independent cinema at its purest and a lesson of just what can be achieved with dedication, inspiration and a lot of perspiration! We want to keep on making homegrown movies that feature this wonderful city of Liverpool and all its talents!”

Tony Fitzmaurice Producer

“It was fantastic to be able to shoot the entire film on Merseyside. The cast includes several renowned local faces who really have done a fantastic job in doing the script justice. It’s superb family entertainment and we want everyone on Merseyside to go and see it, get behind it and help us showcase the huge amount of artistic talent we have in our region.”


Neil Fitzmaurice (Steve Parr) Is both an accomplished writer and actor whose first feature film script, Going Off Big Time, (nominated for 4 British Independent Film Awards) was released and distributed in 2000. In the same year, he received a coveted British Comedy Award for his work on “That Peter Kay Thing”. His other work includes the critically acclaimed Phoenix Nights (Series 1 and 2) for Channel 4, the second of which won a British Comedy Award in December 2002 and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2003. As an actor, Neil has also starred alongside Peter Kay in Phoenix Nights CH4 as well as The Office BBC2, Peep Show (CH4) and Eyes Down for BBC1 and most recently in ITV drama Mobile. Neil is also set to star in a new comedy drama for Sky in 2011.

John Thomson (Sonny) Is best known for his role as Pete Gifford in Cold Feet, ITV's critically acclaimed and highly popular comedy. Another important television role for John Thomson was his writing and acting on the comedy sketch show, The Fast Show. His characters included the archetypal jazz presenter (Louis Balfour) who was fond of saying 'cool'. John Thomson started as a comedian where his stand up act included a character called Bernard Right-On. He became friends with Steve Coogan with whom he would later collaborate on various shows and most notably as Fat Bob in Paul Calf sketches.

John Henshaw (Vinny McCoy) Is famed for his roles as Ken the landlord in Early Doors, Wilf Bradshaw in Born and Bred and PC Roy Bramwell in The Cops. He is sometimes associated with playing "hard men". He played John Prescott in ITV drama Confessions Of A Diary Secretary. John's other credits include Nice Guy Eddie, When Saturday Comes and appearances in The Royle Family and Life On Mars. In September 2007 at The Lowry in Salford he starred in the in the world premier of King Cotton. His last film role was in Looking For Eric.

John McArdle (Les Parr) Probably best known in Britain for his portrayal of family man Billy Corkhill in Channel 4’s flagship soap series Brookside In fact John is one of the hardest working actors in the country, appearing in most of our favourite series eg. Heartbeat, Cracker, The Cazelets, Merseybeat, Foyle’s War, Blue Murder the list goes on! John is currently a regular in the BBC series Waterloo Road.

Dominic Carter (Mick) Liverpool born Dom Carter has appeared TV ‘s the Bill, My family, Coronation Street and the BBC’s Drop Dead Gorgeous were he played the role of Tiggsy. He also appeared alongside Neil Fitzmaurice in Going Off Big time.

Lynn Francis (Kitty) since leaving college she has worked continually in theatre, television and film. Her theatre credits have included touring appearances in My Fair Lady and Midsummer Nights Dream as well as appearances in Herr Benny at The Liverpool Empire, Her television and film credits include No Marks on Channel 4, Dave Dot, Demo Man on BBC, Dead Drunk short film, One Fine Sunday short film.

Suzanne Collins (Sarah) Since leaving Brookside, she has done various programmes including BBC's Doctors and ITV's The Bill. She has recently appeared in the film Fifteen Minuets That Shook The World and just finished filming a new comedy series for BBC3.
Dave Spikey (Priest) Multi award-winning Dave Spikey is one of the most sought-after comedy talents in the UK today. With a career spanning two decades, he has numerous TV appearances to his name as a stand-up comedian, presenter and actor - and behind the screens, as an acclaimed comedy writer. Dave also co-wrote and stared in Phoenix Nights.

Justin Moorhouse (Elvis) One of the nation’s favourite and comedians, Justin is a well-known face to all Phoenix Nights fans as Young Kenny the hapless handyman who spent most of the second series with a tiger painted on his face! In addition to Phoenix Nights Justin has appeared in Shameless, No Angels, Being Sold, he played Spleen in Ken Loache’s feature Looking For Eric (2009) and was program associate for the recent series John Bishop’s Britain.

Ewen Macintosh (Julian) is best known for the role of Keith the accountant in The Office. He has also appeared in Little Britain, Lead Balloon and the Channel 4 series California Dreaming. Ewen made a cameo appearance in the video for Girls Aloud and Sugababes' cover of "Walk This Way" for Comic Relief. In 2007, he appeared in the film Clubbing to Death.

Connor McIntyre (Ernie Parr) Connor’s performances have stud out in all his projects, which include Casualty, Wire in the blood and the fantastic Drop Dead Gorgeous were he played tormented father Terry Webb. He has also appeared recently in the film The Be All and End All.

Ian McCulloch (Uncle Dennis) The legendary front man from “Echo and the Bunnymen” make his film debut as uncle Dennis.

Paul McGrattan (Carl) Charlie Noades R.I.P is Paul’s Debut performance and has since appeared in two other film projects due for release late in 2011.


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