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The rising importance of the vagina in the 21st Century in a tell-all seminar on the Pelvic Floor, Saturday 19th March, NW1 by Jenni Russell.

London UK - 8th March 2011 - You can wax it, dye it, pierce it, and decorate it with crystals. You can make it smell great, look great and taste great. Heck, you can even go so far as to surgically enhance it. Yes ladies, the 21st century vagina is making waves in the beauty industry today. But it does not matter how pretty you make it. If you forget about exercising the pelvic floor, you lose out on the pleasure you can ultimately get out of it.

The growing market around vaginal enhancement has become a multi-million pound industry with more and more women choosing to opt for an unnecessary and sometimes dangerous cesarean birth in attempts to ‘preserve’ the condition of the vagina. Clearly, the 21st Century vagina is of paramount importance with more and more women taking excessive measures to optimize their gateway.

To Vaginal Rehabilitation Expert Jenni Russell, there is a glaringly obvious fact that remains unspoken: that fact is that it is really “what’s inside” that counts; and what is inside is the Pelvic Floor. Yet if you ask any woman what her pelvic floor is responsible for, you will be met with a stony silence. Jenni wants to change all that and is now holding a tell-all seminar, in which everything you ever wanted to know about your vagina will be revealed, without profanity, in a relaxed and inviting environment.

Jenni Russell, who operates from her Central London Clinic has been treating women with vaginal complaints for the last 20 years, and has noted a startling ignorance of essential facts which affect all women, everywhere.

Here is a short overview that every woman needs to know:

Essential fact number one:

The conditioned pelvic floor is responsible for the tightness of the vagina (grip) during intercourse and intensified orgasms.
A rising demand in vaginal surgery is just one indicator of what is going on with the 21st century vagina. We have seen a rise in sexual liberation at an earlier age (even below the age of consent) and all manner of freedom in how we deal with or regard this vitally important gateway. The results of these liberating activities are that more females are unintentionally “loosening” their vagina from a younger and younger age, without any realization, simply because they are unaware of the consequences of this new found freedom. This has created a growing market of services, products and surgeries, which claim to undo the damage, but still lack the education required to maintain, and protect the vagina from damage. Surgery is a short-term solution. Without the appropriate knowledge, the vagina will simply continue to loosen, even after surgery. If we armed our women with the correct information about pelvic floor and vaginal responsibility, the 21st century vagina would be honed, tight and orgasmic – no matter what the skills of the man are.

Essential fact number two:

It is essential to recondition the pelvic floor immediately after childbirth.

The 21st Century vagina does not want to give birth naturally. In spite of the massive health benefits that natural childbirth can give to a woman, she is opting for an unnecessary or sometimes dangerous c-section to avoid the trauma of natural childbirth on her pelvic floor. Incontinence and reduced sexual pleasure after a vaginal birth, which can affect the marital sexual relationship and intimacy, is only a problem for mothers who do not do their pelvic floor exercise, or choose not to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is an amazing conditioner of the pelvic floor. Couples with children often report feelings of “emptiness” in sex after children, which is damaging for the wife’s self esteem and sexual confidence. Whilst it is true that pregnancy and childbirth will severely relax the pelvic floor and stretch the vaginal canal, it is not true that cesarean births and surgery are the only solution to this problem.
There is a knowledge vacuum amongst women, which is filled with old wives tales that post-natal sex and incontinence is an inevitable part of childbirth: a consequence that must be avoided at all costs. This is simply not true. The intensity of the intimate pre-natal relationship can be harnessed through training the pelvic floor and pelvic floor exercise is the one set of exercises that you can begin IMMEDIATELY after labour. The best way to reawaken the sensory pathways after childbirth, is to start immediately and to begin “closing”, tightening and protecting this precious jewel from potential embarrassment.

Essential fact number three:

The pelvic floor is responsible for continence.

Continence pads have become an accepted offering on the shop shelf today, yet what many women are not recognizing is that those continence pads will become a part of the lives of one in four women. Incontinence is not just a postnatal or old age condition. Incontinence is affecting the lives of single, childless and young women all over the UK. Whilst there are a range of causes for incontinence amongst women, there are also preventative measures and even cures with the right pelvic floor conditioning programme.
Medical research has repeatedly proven that pelvic floor conditioning significantly reduces the sense of urgency in incontinence, and is able to prevent these conditions from occurring in the first place. In spite of this knowledge being available for decades, only a quarter of women will ever go and see their doctor about early signs of incontinence such as leaks that occur when you cough or sneeze, as they continue to remain ignorant of the role of the pelvic floor in organ support and suffer in silence.

Essential fact number four:

The pelvic floor is responsible for holding your womb, bladder and bowel in its rightful place.
Your bladder, vagina, bowel and uterus are all supported in place by your pelvic floor - they all have a home in your body and their foundation is your pelvic floor. A weak foundation can never be expected to support its building (organs). Neglect this area and it can lead to pelvic organ prolapse.

To book your (free) place, or for more information contact Jenni Russell 0203 111 9166

About Jenni Russell

Jenni Russell has been working as a holistic pelvic floor rehabilitation expert for the last 20 years. She has recently launched a clinic in Central London at the Albany Health Centre (opp. Gt Portland St Tube Station), where clients can see her privately. She is the founder of The Pelvic Floor Foundation to campaign for awareness of the importance of the Pelvic Floor, and is the author of the book “Can A Vagina Really Buy a Mercedes?” subtitled "What can your pelvic floor do for you?"

The Va Va Voom Your Vagina Launch Seminars are every hour, from 9.30am till 4pm, on Saturday 19th March 2011 at the Albany Health Centre.

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