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Sleep Talk Lullaby

re educate the brain into a routine of good sleep patterns

Brand New Release CD format 15th April 2011 or Download now

Sleep Talk Lullaby

Julie Langton Smith MSc and Des’ree

Lack of sleep has a huge impact on the body’s natural healing system causing dis-ease and a breakdown in the ability to overcome any type of stress on the BodyMind.

This brand new Sleep Talk Lullaby has been written and created by Julie as a lullaby. It is a wonderful and immensely successful combination to produce deep and peaceful sleep. Listened to regularly it is designed to re educate the brain into a routine of good sleep patterns, the result is then to bring on better health in both Body and Mind.

It is a combination of the spoken word by Julie and Des’ree sings in ‘Sleep Talk Lullaby’ and brings a wonderful array of harmonies, deep warmth and a wonderfully soothing voice.

“A couple of passions in my life are music and natural remedies. I was delighted to be asked by Julie Langton Smith to sing on her CD, Sleep Talk Lullaby”, Des’ree.

“When the body sleeps it shuts down, the natural regeneration of cell renewal takes place, the body begins to literally heal and repair”, says Julie “ I have seen people who have gained weight due to lack of sleep, the body decides that it is constantly hungry and needs more fuel and therefore food becomes the source of energy. Less sleep more food required, simple. Lack of sleep can be addictive, once the brain thinks it’s not going to sleep it doesn’t, that is why it is important to retrain the brain into proper sleep”. Julie Langton Smith MSc, Transpersonal Psychology and a Naturopath has worked for many years in natural healthcare specialising in body and mind therapies both in research and treating patients in her clinics.

Sleep deprivation and insomnia are becoming more common these days with estimates suggesting that around 5–20% of the adult population suffers from some form of insomnia or long-term sleeping problems. Lack of sleep has it links to depression and mood swings, anxiety, weakened immune systems, weight gain and eating disorders, memory and concentration difficulties and physical illness.

With such an increase of people suffering from this condition and not wanting to turn to medication like sleeping pills, alternative sleep aids such as hypnosis, herbal remedies, meditation or exercise are fast becoming the most popular way to tackle the problem. In fact hypnosis for sleep is currently one of the highest searched for videos on ‘You Tube’

Available as CD from 15th April 2011 or download now
Contact by telephone 01903 830646

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