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Bracknell, U.K. – Shopper research, market measurement and innovative solutions consultancy SymphonyIRI Group has delivered an in-store On-shelf Availability Monitoring Solution to the well known gum, mints and candy confectioner Wrigley. Their entire field sales team in the UK now have instant access within the Grocery channel to a customised analysis of Wrigley sales by store, on shelf availability, lost sales opportunities and display compliance, all accessible from a state of the art tablet device.

Wrigley Field Sales Operations can also now identify priority stores for visits where either display locations or Wrigley sales have fallen below expectation and actively target these stores through the field sales team using the very latest data available. Previously it could take up to several weeks for field sales teams to collect and analyse data but now issues can be identified and resolved within days.

Keeping products ‘on-shelf’ remains a costly challenge for both retailers and manufacturers despite the billions that are invested in state of the art distribution centres and the ability to track stock by the second and minute until it reaches its final destination. A recent report from SymphonyIRI Group highlighted that out-of-stock levels for FMCG products across Europe average at 8.3 percent and cost the industry at least 4 billion Euros every year.

Jofi Alexander, UK Sales Director at SymphonyIRI Group explains: “Measuring on-shelf availability tends to happen at the point of distribution or store warehouse, which does not provide sufficient information on what the consumer is seeing on the shelf. Leading brands like Wrigley want to ensure that they are always available to consumers at the point of purchase, particularly since consumers are more willing these days to switch to a competitor brand when their first brand choice is not available. The brand loses more than a single purchase, it risks eroding longer-term customer loyalty.”

Wrigley’s multi-location strategy for products in store makes the task of keeping priority shelf space stocked even more challenging. James Kennedy, Field Sales Operations Manager at Wrigley explains, “Ultimately retailers are responsible for replacing shelf stocks and although we have ‘service level agreements’ in place, the threat to consumer loyalty and short as well as long term sales makes this issue something we are keen to support our customers with at store level . Providing our field sales team with the ability to view up-to-date sales, stock and store data from a single screen enables them to prioritise in store activity and ensure that our gum and sugar confectionery are always available for purchase by people at the moment when they most desire.”

Intelligence helps store negotiations
Wrigley’s sales team has had positive feedback from store managers who appreciate the top-level analysis that the SymphonyIRI Group solution provides. “Store managers can see very clearly the level of sales that our confectionary ranges provide their store compared to other stores in the country. In addition they can see the opportunity to increase sales through better availability and increased display space. This gives us an edge in shelf space location and promotional strategies,” adds Kennedy at Wrigley. “We expect our investment in this smart technology solution to pay for itself in no time in increased sales.”

SymphonyIRI Group, in association with ECR Europe, the membership organisation for European FMCG manufacturers and retailers, has developed an On Shelf Availability Assessment Tool to help retailers and manufacturers address the challenges of optimising On-Shelf Availability. The tool provides them with an instant analysis of their situation along with best practice guidelines (based on the experiences of other FMCG organisations) to move them closer to improving the situation. The tool is available free to ECR Members from


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