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Interestingly, 66% of men and 54% of women said they believed an affair could help save their marriage

Adult Dating site, the UK leader in the extra marital dating market surveys its members to understand which people in society are likely to have an affair.

Paul Graham, founder of takes his business and quotes “We all know affairs take place, but we want to understand whether some people are more at risk of having an affair than others, to cheat or to have an affair may be something that is in certain type of people, it may be genetic or it may be developed as a result of the environment we live in and the company we keep."

The results

The results of the survey shows that those looking for affairs are statistically most likely to be male, aged 46 to 50, living in the South East, educated to degree level, self-employed or with a job in computers or engineering, earning GBP 20,000 to GBP 30,000, married for up to seven years, with two children and looking for no-strings sex with lots of different people.

According to the survey, 73% of men and women said boredom and a lack of intimacy was their main motivation for cheating, while 8% said they chose to cheat for ‘the thrill’, 4% said it was because their partner was unable to have sexual relations due to illness, 3% wanted to experience sex with someone else, 2% cheated because their partner had cheated, while the remainder cheated out of ‘curiosity’ or because they had an open marriage.

Interestingly, 66% of men and 54% of women said they believed an affair could help save their marriage.

Paul Graham, founder of, said: “Most men we surveyed said they believed an affair could save their marriage. They’re looking for sexual satisfaction so if they get that outside of their marriage, they feel they are able to fulfill their other roles as a father, a husband, a breadwinner, etc.”

“Conversely, women who joined the site would normally be lonely and looking for companionship.”
The survey revealed of those actively looking for affairs, 33% live in the South East, 16% in the Midlands, 11% in the North West, 12% in the South West, 10% in the North East, 8% in Scotland, 4% in Wales, 3% in Ireland, and 3% elsewhere.

The professions with the most cheating partners were revealed as computing/engineering and self-employed, followed by executive/management roles, sales/marketing, and those who were retired.
Paul added: “It’s interesting to note that people who cheat are often self-employed or retired, situations where there’s more of an opportunity to actively search for people to engage in affairs with. We’ve also seen an increase in people signing up to the website during the recession - as the number of job cuts rises people are left with more time on their hands.”

He added that people who had been married for seven years or under were most likely to cheat. “Traditionally we’ve had the ‘seven year itch’ but now it seems that this has shortened and those married for a short amount of time are most at risk of being cheated on.”

Survey results
Of the 778 men and women surveyed, 29% are educated to degree level, 27% to GCSE level, 22% to A-level standard or equivalent, 12% to post-graduate degree level and 10% other.

Twenty-eight per cent of those surveyed earn GBP 20k to GBP 30k, 25% earn below GBP 20k, 20% earn GBP 30k to GBP 40k, 11% earn GBP 40k to GBP 50k, 11% earn more than GBP 60k and 5% earn GBP 50k to GBP 60k.

Thirty-one percent of those surveyed have been married 0 to seven years, 20% have been married eight to 14 years, 19% have been married 15 to 21 years, and 30% have been married for 21 years or more.

Thirty per cent of men and women had no children, 13% had one child, 35% had two children, 15% had three children, and 37% had four or more children.

Of those surveyed, 68% of men and 62% of women said they had cheated before using the website. Twenty-eight percent of men and 34% of women said their partner had cheated before.
Sixty-six percent of men and 54% of women said they believed having an affair could save their marriage.

Reasons for joining the website:
“Boredom and leading separate lives and needing to feel close to someone”
“Loss of wife’s libido, no matter how hard I tried to boost her self-image she was not interested”
“Wife became less attractive as she put on weight”
“Wife has long term disability. No intention of leaving but no intention of becoming celibate. Looking for people in similar situations”
“Only ever slept with wife and fancied a change”
“I have permission to have sex with another woman”
“Because I am a bit of a bugger I suppose”
•The reasons for women joining included:
“Total lack of attention, affection and love at home”
“For additional friendship and sex with someone else”
“Husband works a lot of hours, I’m left alone. I need the company and passion”
“Husband’s total lack of sex drive – no sex for three years”
“Constantly being put down, the need to feel desirable again”
“My cheating partner - if you can’t beat them, join them!”

Notes to Editors: delivers a UK dating arena for those looking for adult dating and extramarital relations.
It was launched in 2006 and now has over 500,000 members which is growing by 500 a people a day.
The ratio of men to women at present is 6 to 4.

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