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For Release September 2011
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Functionalab launches Biomimetic Cell System™
Functionalab is taking skincare and nutrition innovation to a new level by proudly introducing its new Biomimetic Cell System™ line of Advanced Cosmeceuticals. Functionalab has created an exclusive anti-aging line making visible age reversal a reality. The formulations are based on 5 years of research, the science behind 3 Nobel prizes (2 in medicine and 1 in chemistry) and 9 international patents. The Biomimetic Cell System™ line will be launched in the UK at Harrods October 2011.

Biomimicry (from Greek “bios= life” and mimesis = imitation) is a scientific approach that consists of taking nature as a model to solve human problems. Scientists have been inspired by nature’s unparalleled ability to regenerate, repair and extend the lifespan of cell DNA. Now Functionalab researchers have created three unique anti-ageing creams that bring these breakthroughs to advanced skincare.

The Biomimetic range formulations are based on optimal ratios of 4 key ingredients.
• SIRTUIN 1* Activator which promotes long-term skin benefits and protects the skin from environmental aggression.
• SIRTUIN 3* Activator which stimulates skin cell energy production, reducing damage and enhancing skin appearance.
• Ub-p Accelerator which helps to detoxify skin cells and extend their efficiency to defy the aging process.
• Chronogen c.l.o.c.k. Peptide which boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate and revitalize around the day-night cycle for a fresher, more youthful appearance eliminating the need for separate day and night creams.

The optimal combination and concentration of these key molecules have been adapted to the 3 most important skin states: First Signs, Fine Lines and Wrinkles and Mature Skin.

The major benefits of the ingredients are:
• Protection against premature wrinkles
• Reduced appearance of existing wrinkles
• Improved elasticity
• Improved hydration
• Improved skin radiance
• Improved skin condition

To test the effectiveness of the product concept an independent international clinical study was commissioned that used objective measurements as well as dermatological evaluation by dermatologists. A statistically relevant reduction in wrinkles and improvement of overall skin complexion was observed after 56 days of use of Biomimetic Anti-Aging Cream** by the majority of volunteers.

Self evaluation results:
My skin is softer 94%
My skin is firmer 91%
My skin is more supple 91%
My skin is moisturized 88%
My skin is smoother 84%
My skin appears younger 78%
My skin is more radiant 78%
Overall Evaluation 81%

Products are free of unnecessary ingredients (no parabens, no silicones, no colourants and no artificial fragrances) and are not tested on animals.

Price ranges from GBP 25-GBP 75. Products are available exclusivity at Harrods Beauty Apothecary for two weeks from October 2nd, 2011 and will then be available from Harvey Nichols and Fenwick's Bond Street.

*Sirtuins (SIRT) are proteins that penetrate skin cells, helping to prolong cell’s life and helping it to produce more collagen, elastin and other key proteins for skin health
**In-vivo study on 32 volunteers during 56 days - Patient and Dermatologist evaluations

About Functionalab
Functionalab is an innovative and premium brand of science-based supplement and cosmeceutical solutions, which work synergistically for a holistic “Deep Skin Nutrition” approach to health, beauty and nutrition. Developed in partnership with leading PhD Health Scientists, Dermatologists and internationally renowned laboratories, Functionalab’s products only feature the purest and highest-quality active ingredients supported by scientific research to maximize effectiveness. Functionalab has been recognized by many influencers, numerous health and beauty publications and received several prestigious awards, including the Discover Beauty Award at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2010 (voted Best Emerging Beauty Brand by the most influential retailers in the world), the Beauty Challenger Award at Cosmeeting, Beyond Beauty Paris 2010 (voted Best Emerging Brand by a jury of more than 50 influential retailers and distributors) and was acclaimed as a “Beauty Innovator” by Wallpaper* magazine and nominated for a Wallpaper* 2010 Annual Design Award.

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