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Pioneer DJ announce 3 new products to be announced at The BPM Show (U.K)

(1/3) - Introducing a new compact controller with form: the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V for Virtual DJ.

Pioneer DJ today announces a new addition to its DJ controller range, the DDJ-ERGO-V. This unique, design-led controller places emphasis on the DJing experience, combined with instinctive operability of the included Virtual DJ Limited Edition software from Atomix Productions.

The DDJ-ERGO-V brings simplicity into both setup and performance, without compromising sound quality or features. Portable dimensions and sharp styling are complemented by a single bus powered cable connection to your laptop.

All major controls and effects are intuitively positioned and ready on the first press of a button. Quick access features include four-deck control, filters, FX, Hot Cues and sample banks with loop sampling too. Features you may not expect at this price point, such as high quality audio circuitry from the Pioneer professional mixer range and dual positioning options, mean the DDJ-ERGO-V will have wide appeal.

The DDJ-ERGO-V comes bundled with Atomix Productions Virtual DJ Limited Edition, which is ready to use straight from the box. Packed with features that even top of the range software can't boast, Virtual DJ LE lets DJs scratch, mix and add modern remix effects to your music and video sets without paying for an upgrade. On top of the four decks with autosync, you get instant access to eight samples, smart loops and much more. Automatic beatgrids, high-detail waveforms and a software interface that matches the controller will make it easy to keep track of the mix.

A new approach to the DDJ-ERGO-V adds a visual dimension to DJing. Pulse Control uses lights to highlight what features are in play, how accurate your beat matching is and which track is loaded.

Redefining standards at a very accessible price point for DJs who like to party. The DDJ-ERGO-V suggested retail price is 499 euros / £429 inclusive of VAT. Release date TBC.

The DDJ-ERGO-V. Play Out More.


- Bundled with Virtual DJ LE for DJing right out of the box
The DDJ-ERGO comes packaged with Atomix Productions’ Virtual DJ Limited Edition with a Pioneer original GUI and a broad range of performance functions straight from the controller.

The DDJ-ERGO boasts plentiful dedicated knobs and buttons for all your favourite functions, including four-deck mixing, filters, sample decks and loop recording. This makes it possible to access all the most important controls instantly without pressing the Shift button, which is only required for DJs looking for even more advanced performance features and settings. .

Plus the MIDI output makes the DDJ-ERGO compatible with most other DJ software on the market, Traktor users can apply the included TSI settings file to control their favourite software.

- NEW! Pulse control adds a visual dimension for precision performance

The newly developed Pulse Control uses light to give a visual representation of pitch, beat, effects and which decks are in use. Built-in LEDs enhance your missing precision and add a new dimension to the art of DJing. The main features of Pulse Control include:

Mix Pulse:A blue LED on the jog wheel shows how close the phase of the mix is during a mix. The bigger the difference in pitch, the weaker the light. The closer the match, the more intense the light shines.

Beat Pulse:LEDs in the channel faders match the beat of the track in play. Plus the strength of the light reflects output levels, so you always know if a track is still in the mix.

Launch Pulse:A red light travels from the Load button towards the Jog Wheel to indicate when a track has been loaded.

FX Pulse:Various light patterns on the Jog Wheel clearly show which FX DJs have applied.

- Boasts features from Pioneer’s pro range for top quality sound and ease of operability
The DDJ-ERGO boasts many features that are unusual at this price point, including the 115mm Jog Wheel from the Pioneer pro-DJ range. The controller has also inherited the same layout as the popular DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1 controllers. Plus the controller employs the same audio circuitry as Pioneer’s professional mixers for the master out terminal, ensuring a clear, powerful reproduction with no sound degradation.

- Innovative laptop integration keeps screen in DJs’ line of sight at all times
Pioneer’s laptop dock design enabled DJs to place laptop keyboards underneath the controller to use as little space as possible and keep the screen in view while using the controls. The DDJ-ERGO can also be adapted to sitting or standing positions; simply set the controller flat on any surface by unscrewing the removable legs.

- Completely USB-powered for an even easier set up
The DDJ-ERGO is fully operational from a USB bus through your computer, eliminating the need for an external power supply. There LEDs shine bright and the audio output levels are powerful and loud with no compromise.

- Unique “Delight” design concept suits every environment
The controller’s eye-catching design features a black top panel and black and silver half-tone Jog Wheel. With it’s rounded edges and white side panel. The DDJ-ERGO looks good in the studio, the booth or the bedroom.


- Line in and MIC input
The industry’s first lock mechanism, “P-LOCK Fader Cap”, is equipped on the cross-fader and each channel fader to prevent fader caps from slipping during performance.
Built-in audio interface.
For full specifications please visit

(2/3) Pioneer S-DJ05-W active reference speakers, with external controller, for DJs and producers to be available in stylish glossy white

Pioneer’s S-DJ05-W active reference speakers and desktop controller packagefor today’s DJ-come-producers have been given a funky new update. Already popular in sleek black and gunmetal, they will soon be available in a glossy white and cool silver finish.

The S-DJ05-Ws deliver accurate, neutral sound reproduction, while their innovative features make them adaptable for all studio roles, whether DJing, producing or just listening to music.
Plus these are the first speakers[1] to allow you to change settings from one place using the included desktop controller for adjusting volume and switching inputs, mute and EQ, described by internationally renowned DJ John 00 Fleming as a “Godsend”.

The built-in linear EQ means that frequency characteristics can be easily fine-tuned for different activities, and a unique input switching function gives the flexibility to change between sources without the need to re-wire.

The innovative waveguide shaped tweeter and independently driven woofer deliver a wide, deep sweet spot – so you can rely on perfect sound clarity whether you are standing to DJ or sitting to produce music.

Super compact and incredibly stylish, the S-DJ05-Ws offer the ultimate in flexibility, quality, clarity and style. Now available in white, they are the perfect addition for any home studio, whatever your tastes. Due for release mid-November, the suggested retail price is 599 euros / £499 inclusive of VAT


- Perfect sound reproduction
The speakers are equipped with a 10cm high-force magnet and low-resonance chimney-style heat sink for the accurate reproduction of the original source and robust low frequency sound.

- Built-in linear EQ takes away the hassle of a sub-mixer
The speakers’ built-in linear equaliser adjusts the frequency characteristics in the low and high bands from -6 dB to +6dB. Whether you are DJing, creating, or listening to music, the S-DJs let you fine-tune the sound to suit your needs.

- Deep, wide sweet spot
The waveguide shape of the tweeter give a wider than normal sweet spot to cover the width of your studio set-up; and the independently driven woofer increases the vertical range to ensure no loss of clarity whether standing or sitting.

- Effortless switch between four inputs
The S-DJs are the only speakers1 to enable switching between four audio terminals: XLR, TRS ¼ inch PHONE and RCA x 2. So you can switch between four sources without needing to fiddle with wires.

- One external controller for multiple settings
DJ/producers can control all of their favourite features through one external controller: adjust the volume, mute the speakers, switch audio inputs and turn the EQ on/off without ever having to move.

- Total mute function
Total mute allows DJs/producers to mute the sound without adjusting the volume, to preserve your frame of reference.

For full specifications please visit:

1 Pioneer research, 1 October 2010

(3/3) Pioneer closes the loop on high quality audio with the release of three reference grade cables for pro-DJs and producers

Pioneer is continuing its commitment to unbeatable quality audio playback with the release of three high durability reference grade cables for the booth or studio.

Building on Pioneer’s legacy of industry-standard pro-DJ equipment, the cables’ innovative construction eliminates interference and enables the fast low-frequency response needed by dance music DJs and producers. The rugged build and tight connections makes these cables durable enough to handle the demands of the busy DJ booth.

“Without high quality cables to connect devices, playback from pro-DJ equipment can be compromised by interference, low responsiveness or loose connections. The Pioneer DAS range of cable closes the loop on high quality audio – they’re the icing on the cake,” says Paul Beardsall, Project Manager, Pioneer Professional Sound & Video.

Available from mid November, the range includes:
DAS-RCA020R: RCA analogue cable
DAS-DGC020R: RCA digital (coaxial) cable
DAS-XLR030R: XLR cable

Innovative cable construction for noiseless reproduction of sound
The Braided Shield suppresses interference from nearby electrical equipment, while the cable net decreases noise caused by adjacent cables. The result is a high sound-noise ratio and clear, high response playback from low-range to mid and high-range frequencies.

RCA analogue cable: Audio signal transmission resistance is reduced by the 6N-Cu (99.9%) conductor.

RCA analogue cable: The use of neoprene rubber for the outer sheath further helps to suppress noise caused by static electricity and nearby equipment.

XLR cable: Uses four-core twisted wire to supress noise for long length balanced transmission.

- Superior plug construction and cable durability
The Pioneer DAS range is designed with the rigours of professional use in mind. A highly pliable cable construction reduces stress of the connections and adds flexibility for the user, while the cable net protects against damage to the outer insulator. All plugs are nickel plated for high rigidity and damage-resistance.

RCA cables use Collet chuck (screw type) plugs for tight and secure connection; limiting vibration, reducing loss of signal and reducing the chances of cable disconnection.

XLR cables use ultra-robust Neutrik(*1) XLR plugs for unbeatable durability.

(*1) Neutrikis a registered trademark of NEUTRIK A.G.

For full specifications please visit:

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