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A simple change of duvet to one with a Tog that suits the season and a filling and fill power to suit you, could be all it takes to make the difference between waking up feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep or dreading the day ahead

A new survey has revealed that despite 41 percent of respondents waking at least once a week feeling too hot and 23 percent feeling too cold, only half of the respondents changed their duvets to a Tog that would help them cope with seasonal temperature changes.

The survey conducted by UK bedding manufacturers, The Fine Bedding Company also found that duvet tug of wars left people too hot or too cold resulting in further loss of sleep. Nearly three quarters of the survey respondents are woken by their partner taking more than their fair share of the duvet with 16 percent being woken at least once a week. Whilst 50% said they subtly tug the duvet back, 1 in 5 feel cross and snatch the duvet back immediately. Worse still, once woken during the night nearly 75% of the respondents took up to an hour to fall asleep.

Why do we need sleep? During sleep our bodies rest and relax physically and mentally. Sleep allows the restoration of tissue damage, and the excretion of toxic substances from our body such as lactic acid. In our sleep, we consolidate memory and learning from that day and recuperate from illness and the effects of exercise. A lack of sleep immediately lowers overall quality of life and leaves the individual at increased risk of accident and physical illness such as anxiety and depression.

Professional sleep coach, Nick Littlehales says: “Sleep deprivation is on the increase because of the demands of modern day life and our occupational and personal expectations. As a result, most people identify with some form of insomnia and experience regular daytime sleepiness. Mood and motivation is one of the most common side affects of sleep deprivation resulting in a reduced desire to achieve, change habits and manage personal relationships. As the season changes from lighter and warmer to darker and colder these symptoms can have a real negative effect on us resulting in a disorder commonly know as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

“On top of these common factors that influence our sleep, this survey shows that people are waking needlessly through temperature changes that are within their control through a simple change in the warmth and type of bedding used to maintain correct body temperature, avoids the duvet being stolen, and a better night’s sleep as a result.”

Kristian Johnson, Marketing Manager of The Fine Bedding Company says: “Duvets are available in different measures of warmth, or ‘Tog’. Ranging from 3.0 to 13.5 Tog, the higher the tog rating the warmer the duvet. A simple change of duvet to one with a Tog that suits the season and a filling and fill power to suit you, could be all it takes to make the difference between waking up feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep or dreading the day ahead.

“In the UK where seasonal temperatures can be unpredictable swinging from one extreme to the other, we would recommend investing in a four seasons duvet; separate all year round 9.0 tog and a summer 4.5 tog which are very versatile as the duvets can be used together to make a winter 13.5 tog for increased warmth. If you still find it hard to control your body temperature, consider changing your duvet for one with a different type of filling such as our own Perfect Balance™, an innovative range of bedding that is breathable to help reduce the build up of excessive body heat and perspiration.”

Perfect Balance™ uses clever Lysoft® advanced fibre blends made from natural raw materials and light man-made fibres to cover and fill its pillows and duvets. The bedding has the remarkable ability to absorb and disperse excess humidity ensuring you don’t get too hot or too cold during the night.

Perfect Balance™ duvets (RRP from £60) are superbly light and luxuriously soft down-like duvets with outstanding breathability to help regulate body temperature throughout the night. Covered with Lysoft® cotton jacquard and filled with Lysoft® microfibre filling it is non-allergenic and can be washed at 40C.

Perfect Balance™ down-like pillows (RRP £30.00) offer medium support and are non-allergenic. The sumptuous pillows are covered with cotton jacquard and filled with Lysoft® microfibre filling and can also be washed at 40C.

For a revolutionary way to regulate body temperature, try Perfect Balance™. Visit Retail stockists include: House of Fraser (selected stores), Clery & Co., Fenwicks, Bentalls, Oldrids & WJ Daniels. Online stockists include:,,,,

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Notes to Editors

For a copy of Nick Littlehales sleep routine guidelines including advice on diet and lifestyle changes, contact Minx PR.

About The Fine Bedding Company
The Fine Bedding Company brand is owned by Trendsetter Limited, a family owned business that has produced filled duvets and pillows for four generations. The Fine Bedding Company brand is known and trusted nationally by retailers. Now ten years old, shoppers associate The Fine Bedding Company with product excellence and its brand recognition is continuing to grow as it expands its national in-store presence. Its ranges include Perfect Balance, Spundown and Anti-Allergy and includes pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and protectors.

About Nick Littlehales
Nick Littlehales is a professional sleep coach, product design specialist and expert in his field with over 25 years international experience. A unique title for a unique coach who advises leading organisations, teams, sports science professionals and athletes in world sport. A former PGA professional golfer at the world famous Little Aston GC, International Sales & Marketing Director of the Slumberland Group & Chairman of the UK Sleep Council. In 1998 after a lifetime of studying sleep and sleeping habits, Nick developed his own techniques and established his first two clients, Manchester United FC, The FA and England Squads. Since then he has remained passionate and dedicated to unlocking higher levels of mental and physical performance by developing new sleeping recovery techniques and products for the modern day athlete. His clients include: Manchester United FC – Arsenal FC – Unilever PLC – British Cycling – Sky Pro Cycling Team – The FA & England Squads -The Forte Hotel Collection – Whitbread PLC – Chelsea FC – The UK Sleep Council – Notts CCC – Warrington Wolves RLC. Visit for further information.

The Survey was conducted using Survey Monkey. The total number of respondents was 172 all of whom were recruited using social media tools with a prize draw incentive offered to complete the survey.

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