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Ankit Love

The unabridged innocence and optimism of Forever will undoubtedly endear Ankit Love to spiritually-minded music fans worldwide

Album "Forever" Review

During the course of Ankit Love’s debut album Forever, listeners are treated to flamboyant dance music and lyrics that somehow coexist with moments of genuine songwriting skill and an oddly endearing optimism. For the Indian-born, globally educated Love, neat rhymes and comfortable lyrical phrasing don’t seem to be much of a concern compared with his role as emcee, hype man, and principal performer. Love seems to be only marginally influenced by his homeland, and on Forever he favors the slick style of funk, rock, and dance artists.

There are plenty of hippie-like, schoolboy poetry moments on Forever, but Love is so earnest and sincere, it’s hardly a vast offense. Forever is whatever the listener wants it to be, and that may have been the target that Love was aiming for all along. The music will appeal not only to listeners who find the sound pleasing, but those in search of oddity. In this modern world of clicks and views and listens, it doesn’t matter who is listening or why, just that they are listening. Those who do encounter this album aren’t likely to forget it soon after, no matter the reason, and Love seems like the kind of guy who would be totally cool with whatever you want to do anyway.

The often unrefined lyrics and singing are offset by a surprising amount of instrumental ingenuity and production talent. Coupled with the celebratory nature of the material, Love’s heartfelt proclamations take on a life of their own. The opening track, “People Are My Favorite Thing,” stands as a fine representation of Love’s overall sound and outlook. A full-band funk groove brings the sassy rock magic of Prince to mind, while a smooth touch of soul and affability may remind the listener of Jamiroquai. Love’s existential point of view and fun-forward mindset trump any notions of pretentiousness or self-awareness. There’s nothing original about the sample-based track “Beethoven Burst,” which lifts the dramatic core of Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5” a la the classic disco hit “A Fifth of Beethoven,” and includes slapping bass, grinding guitar licks, and pulsating drums. The remix, which is included as a bonus track, adds even more energy to the song.

After the glitter-bomb opening combo, the album explores some different timbres and techniques. “Spill the Milky Way” is a dramatic pop tune with a heaving chorus and a shimmering pop structure. It’s highly hummable, and Love rightly thinks enough of the song to include an acoustic version as a bonus track. “Unite + Funk” cribs searing synths from Parliament Funkadelic, “It Is What It Is” blends the icy vocals and synths of new wave with the upbeat pulse of urban soul, and “Seven Shades” folds mystical eastern music into the mix. The title track is one of the album’s most organic, and Love is especially clear there in his message for everyone to “live forever, love forever.” The unabridged innocence and optimism of Forever will undoubtedly endear Ankit Love to spiritually-minded music fans worldwide.

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