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AlcoDigital 3000 & UK Police 6510

the 3000 is built for AlcoDigital by the manufacturer of an actual UK Police Breathalyzer – the Draeger 6510


The AlcoDigital3000 gives exactly the same pin-point accurate results as the Police would get – time after time, year after year. Unlike every other personal breathalyzer sold in the UK, the 3000 is built for AlcoDigital by the manufacturer of an actual UK Police Breathalyzer – the Draeger 6510 , giving it more than twelve times the accuracy of other personal breathalysers

At a fraction of the price of the Police 6510, the 3000 eliminates the nagging doubts inherent in all other personal breathalysers: can I trust the results and would the Police get the same result?

At a glance
• Exactly the same results as Police breathalysers
• Exactly the same fuel cell sensor as Police units
• More than 12 times more accurate than cheaper semi-conductor breathalysers
• Built for AlcoDigital by Dräeger, the manufacturer of Police breathalysers
• Can be used as a company screening device
• One button - simplicity to use
• Dependable, reliable, and proven technology
• Tough housing and protective case
• Buy now or pay later options
• Two year guarantee

Of all personal breathalysers on sale, only the AlcoDigital 3000 uses exactly the same fuel cell technology as the Dräeger 6510; in use by over 65% of UK Police forces.

The rugged 3000 is near-identical in appearance to the Police unit, and both share a green, amber and red LED warning light, in addition to a crystal-clear LCD digital readout. Starting out as a 6510, all the accuracy, technology and longevity of the Police unit have been retained, but complex functions that the Police need (but personal users don’t) have been left out. This allows AlcoDigital to keep the same extraordinary accuracy of +/- 1.85%, but at a fraction of the GBP800 needed to buy the Police unit.

A typical semi-conductor device costs less than 8% of the Police unit - about GBP60. Slick advertsing and celebrity endorsements can make some appear to be accurate enough, but making something this cheap means that in fact they can only claim an accuracy of +/- 25% at the UK limit - and at lower levels, they’re even worse.

Even though the 3000 costs more than lesser breathalysers, it is better value for money for two reasons. Most importantly it does what other cheaper devices can’t - it removes every shred of doubt, but it also lasts a LOT longer. Typically a breathalyzer bought for under GBP100 will only last a couple of years, even with regular calibration. But the Police-derived heritage of the 3000 gives it a life expectancy of at least six or seven years – more than three times that of the lower cost devices. In fact it even comes as standard with a full Two Years’ no-quibble warranty, the only breathalyzer in the UK to do so.

The costs of inadvertently driving under the influence put the price into perspective too. Courts can impose fines of up to GBP5000, but the real impact is on livelihoods and lives after a driving ban, especially anyone whose car is an integral part of their business. The companion for any driver, but even more so for professional drivers and commuters who know that driving safely and within the law is essential to protect their income, and there’s no better protection than the AlcoDigital 3000.

The Police Heritage and accuracy of the 3000 means it can also be used as a company screening device. Regular screening brings a host of benefits such as improved driver professionalism, less insurance claims, less downtime, and a better, more reliable service for clients.

Purchase Costs
GBP249.95 (ex VAT) / GBP299.95 (inc VAT) or :-

“Buy Now, Pay Later” - GBP99 deposit followed by six monthly installments of GBP28 (ex VAT).

AlcoDigital Limited
Running both the UKBreathalysers (Alcohol/Drug Testing) and Drivealyzer (Vehicle Interlocks) websites, AlcoDigital are the UK’s largest breathalyser retailer and have been supplying individual, commercial, clinical and Police use devices for over 10 years. With their own maintenance facilities and major clients such as BP, Wincanton, Ocado (to name just a few) AlcoDigital are fully authorised to calibrate and repair devices for many of the Worlds’ major manufacturers and are a UK Draeger Main Dealer for all their commercial and certified products.

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