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[London, November 29th 2011] Skin expert Salcura announces the launch of Zeoderm, a sensitively formulated skin repair moisturiser containing ZeomaZ, a new active super-antioxidant for advanced skin relief leading to the regeneration of healthy skin cells.

ZeomaZ is a sensitively processed form of Zeolite, a naturally occurring micro-particle used as a purifying agent in drinking water and medicinal processes. Zeolites have many applications and are unique in the natural world by their ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals through a process of ionic-exchange.

ZeomaZ delivers intense detoxification by hunting down nasty toxins, free radicals and other impurities in the skin, binding and eliminating them from the dermis1. Reducing these impurities soothes, rebalances and gently calms the skin2/3. Removing the nasties enables the skin to provide a more controlled immune response to a skin problem like eczema, therefore avoiding excessive itching and skin aggravation. In the case of psoriasis, ZeomaZ reduces the increased skin cell production by correcting the skin’s faulty immune signaling which causes the excess skin cells.

Zeoderm is perfect for anyone living in the city and exposed to pollution or chemicals, or for those with skin affected with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or itchy inflammation wanting more active relief for their symptoms.

Complementing the active antioxidant affect of ZeomaZ, Salcura ZeodermTM contains a gentle yet effective blend of all natural ingredients such as urea, borage, geranium and rose oil which help to soften skin (see ‘Data sheet’ below for list of other ingredients and their benefits).

Zeoderm is totally free from any steroids, cortisones, parabens, alcohol and other nasties. Not tested on animals. Priced £8.99 for 50ml and available from Boots, leading pharmacies and via


Media enquiries:

Heather Mullins – heather / 020 8995 5832


Data Sheet: Salcura ZeodermTM ingredients

1. Borage Oil (Borago Officinalis):
Emollient, anti-inflammatory, omega rich, aids skin repair.

2. Linseed Oil (Linum Usitatissimum):
Skin soothing, emollient, anti-inflammatory, omega rich, aids skin recovery.

3. Castor Oil (Palma Christii):
Calms sore irritated inflamed skin, strengthens skin immunity, helps with resilience and defence of negative influences, aids skin healing.

4. Urea:
Organice compound with promotes re-hydration of the skin and helps to store moisture in the skin. Also aids skins flexibility and softness.

5. Veg. Glycerine:
Moisturiser, skin softner, lubricant.

6. Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis):
Lubricant, balancing skin’s sebum content, moisturizer.

7. Olive Oil (Olea Europaea):
Moisturiser, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

8. Geranium Oil/Rose Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens/Rosa Damascena):

ZeomaZ benefits


Free radicals are the main factors of many pathological changes in organisms including the skin. It is found that 90% of various diseases are the result of disturbances in cell function or cell damage caused directly by the activities of free radicals. The body’s defence mechanism against free radicals are antioxidants.


The body (including the skin) tends to collect toxins such as heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic) which if allowed to build up and stored will create cellular and tissue damage affecting negatively the body’s organs including the skin. ZeomaZ will attract i.e. bind them and collect these toxins/heavy metals and eliminate them by flushing them out of the system.

Balances the immune system (in the skin)

ZeomaZ activates the skins immune response and when needed acts as a autoimmune regulator. ZeomaZ affects positively the skins immunity and can modify faulty signals and return the skin to a normal state and also calm inflammation and itching. Therefore ZeomaZ aids and accelerates healing of damaged skin and helps to increase skin repair/renewal and strengthens skin immunity.

Balances skins ph

The bodies skin ph should not be acidic (only the digestive system is acidic) A low ph of the body’s cells (and skin cells) can even lead to tumours. ZeomaZ helps to have a healthy skin ph (7.3 - 7.5).


Salcura is a company dedicated to finding natural solutions for skin conditions. Founded by bio-scientist Dr Martin Schiele, Salcura manufacturers a range of skincare products based on natural and novel ingredients. Over a decade later of research and improvement, Dr Martin Schiele has blend some unique ingredients into Salcura’s range of products, offering relief for those wanting an effective, natural alternative to chemical based products.



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