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reliance upon passwords alone for data access is simply not secure enough

Conseal Security, specialists in securing data on the move, today launched the next major version of its multi-award winning Conseal USB, a solution that puts the security and control of mobile data back in the hands of the IT administrator. Conseal USB applies Conseal's unique Dual LocksTM cloud-based protection to any USB storage device — regardless of make or model — including USB sticks, memory cards and external hard drives. Key features include the ability to remotely destroy sensitive data if the device falls into the wrong hands and an audit trail of all access attempts — authorised or otherwise — which can be used to track down any malicious users.

Every day there are media headlines that underline the importance of maintaining strong protection of data on the move, from the HMRC losing personal and banking details for nearly half of the UK population, to the prison service losing personal medical details of inmates. The latter is of particular note because the device was strongly encrypted, yet the user had attached the password to it rendering the encryption meaningless.

"Stories like these just demonstrate that traditional methods of encryption - even when using strong algorithms such as 256 bit AES - will still fall to user negligence or apathy. Critically, any situation in which protection of data relies on users' co-operation will fail – reliance upon passwords alone for data access is simply not secure enough", said Tom Colvin, Conseal Security's CTO. "Conseal USB's unique Dual Locks technology goes beyond simply encrypting data and puts control back in the hands of the organisation's data administrator."

Recent research indicates that 41% of data breaches are caused by simple human negligence. Conseal USB addresses this by requiring authorisation from a central server in addition to password authentication, before any device can be unlocked. This allows administrators to automatically enforce corporate policy, for example by preventing devices from being used outside of a defined network or in unauthorised computers - removing any reliance on the user. This ensures that lost storage devices are no longer a threat.

Functionality for administrators and company data controllers:

- Remotely self-destruct devices which have been lost or stolen
- View a full audit log detailing where each device has been used, by whom and on what computer.
- Specify access rules to limit use of devices to pre-defined networks, domains, computers and even to specific times of the day
- Receive alerts warning of illegitimate access attempts to protected data

Control of the device is achieved through Conseal's unique cloud-based management console - and can be accomplished even when the device is no longer in the administrator's hands. Colvin adds, “Even if the user physically writes their password on the front of the device a malicious user would still fail to get access its contents thanks to Conseal USB 2.0’s unique Dual Locks capability.”

New features in Conseal USB 2.0 include:

- Any access to devices can be completely blocked on a temporary basis. Useful for when a device is feared to be lost but is then found again. It can be rendered safe, without permanently destroying the data.
- Temporarily nominate a ‘trusted computer’ which is able to unlock a specific device for a period of time without the requirement for live network access. This is particularly helpful for users who know that they will be without network access for a brief period - e.g. whilst travelling.

Pricing and availability:

Conseal USB 2.0 is available now from or via an authorised reseller, with prices from 50p per protected device per month.

Anyone interested in becoming an authorised Conseal Security reseller can visit to find out more about Conseal’s new partner programme.

About Conseal Security

Conseal Security is a UK-based provider of award-winning security solutions to consumer and enterprise IT users looking to secure data storage devices on the move. Its unique products allow users to protect their data wherever they are, ensuring uncompromised security at home, in the workplace and in the field.

Users can manage devices protected by Conseal’s solutions using a cloud-based management console; ensuring that data integrity is maintained at all times while allowing organisations to ensure compliance with industry and regulatory guidelines on data protection.

Conseal’s solutions deliver unrivalled protection for data stored on devices such as USB sticks, memory cards, external hard disks and optical media such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. It allows users to retain control and ownership of their private data, revoke access and render the device unreadable, even if the disk on which it’s stored is no longer in their possession.

Conseal is headquartered in London, with a research and development centre in Basingstoke, UK.

For more information please visit or contact Peter Airs via or on 0845 094 8483.

Journalist review products are also available please contact us for more details.

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