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Find Telemarketing Companies

Telemarketing is proving more popular as a marketing service and many UK businesses are considering using it for their lead generation.

As the internet is becoming more and more popular for finding things, many businesses feel that a more proactive approach to marketing is needed in order to catch sales before they turn to a competitor on the search engines.

The problem is that many businesses do not understand how telemarketing prices work (say Marketing Quotes), most businesses do not understand how the pricing works and how most telemarketing companies charge for their services.

Are All Telemarketing Companies Charging The Same?

Marketing Quotes added 'there are over 600 telemarketing companies in the UK, varying from freelancers up to large call centers. Each one charges their own rates based on their overheads, profit margins and their experience. Generally the larger the telemarketing company, the more they charge (as they have higher overheads, more staff that need holiday's, houses etc.) rather than a freelancer working from home'.

Most telemarketing companies have a day rate that they will charge (which could range from around £150 plus VAT up to £600 plus VAT) however some do work to a monthly retainer (for a set number of days calling).

Marketing Quotes added 'it is wise for UK businesses to shop around and compare prices, finding a good telemarketing company that can produce results is important, but no-one likes overpaying and adding to someones holiday fund. Finding a telemarketing company that is experienced in your industry is always best and if you can meet them, you should have a better feel for if they can justify their rates'.

One important point that Marketing Quotes points out is that paying a high day rate is no guarantee of results; telemarketing is a skill (as any profession is) and finding a skilled telemarketer is something that needs research.

What About Free Trials Or Commission Only Telemarketing?

Rarely do telemarketing companies offer free trials or work on commission related projects, but it is not unreasonable to ask for some kind of target to be in place rather than just paying the agreed day rates and hoping.

Marketing Quotes commented 'many businesses feel that there is a high risk in using telemarketing and do ask for results based projects rather than paying high day rates, however very few telemarketing companies will entertain this model of working. There are a couple of telemarketing agencies that do consider commission only telemarketing and some freelancers that will do commission related work while that are waiting for something more steady, but on the whole it is rare to find someone good that will work in this way. If a telemarketing company is good and can produce results, it is only logical that they will charge a premium for their ability.'

Closing Thoughts

All telemarketing companies are different, all have different sales people with different abilities. When comparing costs, consideration needs to be given to the telemarketing companies profit margins (as they need to cover running cost, director costs, holidays, houses, cars, bonuses for staff etc.) as well as the costs of the campaign itself.

Shopping around is wise to avoid overpaying an agency, however care is needed to find a good telemarketing company that knows your industry and can produce consistent results.

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