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I have tried counselling, NLP, Avatar and the Lightening Process but I've never met anyone with the ability to help me the way Gita has




BEGINS - Gita Curniffe, from Quantum Change Consulting (QCC), is proud to announce 'Butterfly Effect' coaching. This process was born out of a desire to get her clients from where they are now, to where they want to be ‘Fast-track’ - allowing individuals to remove any emotional blocks holding them back, through this breakthrough programme that promises results. The process gets to the heart of any existing issues relating to stress, anxiety, fear and failure - basically any emotion that evokes a feeling of negativity or limiting belief within an individual. The 'Butterfly Effect' process even taps into the emotion behind various illnesses, like Chronic Fatigue and Endometriosis, and has produced amazing results for her clients. Gita has found that this process is especially utilised and embraced by her corporate clients and professionals for the removal of personal issues and gain a work life balance, with the strain of the current financial economy affecting life as it once was for many.

In addition, the 'Butterfly Effect' is used to deal with issues faced in the professional environment, such as handling anger, conflict, confidence, mental blocks and peak performance. This in turn, increases their achievements within their current roles or ventures, as well as providing personal wellbeing; the 'Caterpillar stage'. Gita Curniffe produces these results by then utilising her extensive experience and appropriate intervention tools and techniques, along with her passion for seeing her clients succeed and have control of their life; the 'Chrysalis stage'. Results can be measured using quantitative or qualitative metrics, as appropriate for each individual’s objectives and definition of success; its all about becoming your 'True Self'; the 'Butterfly Effect'.

Each approach to change and development is tailored to, and is as unique as the client. Just one thing remains the same - great results. What separates Gita Curniffe from other coaches is her results. The aim is not to make people feel better about their work, although this is a fantastic secondary benefit of what Gita does. However, the primary goal is always to generate positive improvements within an individual for their personal and professional life, which then ultimately has a positive effect on their productivity at work.

“If ‘I'm not good enough at…, or ‘I can't do this because…’ are familiar thoughts, or if you’ve ever felt apprehension around dealing with authority, conflict, presenting, delegation, or procrastination over a task, it’s time to start living beyond your fears, I can help you develop your inner resources, unlimited potential and allow you to begin a brighter future.” said Gita Curniffe, Director of Professional and Personal Development, QCC.

Gita offers one simple guarantee - if individuals want to change their lives, she will help them change it for the better. Gita firmly believes people only have one life to live so the time for change is now!.


Notes to Editors

Gita Curniffe is Quantum’s Director of Professional and Personal Development and her own corporate background means she has a unique insight and innate understanding of the high pressured corporate world.

Gita’s diverse interests and expertise in Results Coaching and Personal Development stem from her own commitment to excellence and personal development in the world of business. Gita became a master practitioner in the following areas, which led to her discovering her unique gift for helping others achieve their goals and ultimately establishing Quantum Change Consulting:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)
Matrix Re-Imprinting
Timeline Therapy TM / Creating Your Future TM
Hypnosis (Milton Eriksson)
NLP Coaching
Life Coaching

Journalists are welcome to speak to existing clients to discuss the positive results of Gita’s coaching.

For a short time, Gita is willing to demonstrate her amazing 'Butterfly Effect' coaching techniques for journalists (e.g. a before and after feature article). QCC or journalists can provide a candidate. Journalists are quite welcome to try the coaching themselves.

For further information about Quantum Change Consulting or to discuss this offer, please contact:

Name: Gita Curniffe
Organisation: Quantum Change Consulting Ltd /LLC
Office: Surrey, UK and Denver, US
Tel: 020 8401 6207 - US:1 303 800 4255
Mob: 07957 591 286

Some of our Client feedback

4 year rash on body cleared up after session.

“If you are considering coaching with Gita, then I would say go ahead and do it - you won't regret it. In the time I worked with Gita I can honestly say that she helped me get my life back on track. I was feeling very low, suffering from a nerve related rash, a real lack of confidence and self esteem and having given up what was a very successful career, was unable to see a future where I could be successful again. I constantly felt that I wasn't good enough and really had lost the ability to just enjoy life. No more! - thanks to Gita I can look back at my career with pride and am now looking forward to setting up my own business and know that I have the ability to be successful again. I am finally sticking to that diet, exercising and feeling excited about the future. Gita is such a positive influence that seeing her is always a real pleasure - I feel that I have got my life back on track and gained a great friend.”
S.B, Director, London

After 1 session - Endometriosis - 4 months on still no symptoms.

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing....I can only say how eternally grateful I am to have been sent Gita!!! After many years of different turmoil’s and events in my life which started from a very young age. The same reoccurring patterns kept rearing its ugly head and had finally mounted to a point that I could see no way out or even how to move forward with my life, business and relationships. I needed to finally take control of my life and me for a change. To be happy and get results. Well I thought this was going to take a little time after many years of suffering but NO with Gita it’s INSTANT. I am feeling amazing already and we have only just started. I would and am already telling everyone who has any suffering in their lives that it can change in ways that you could not imagine. But this change needs to come from within too. Yes there are many Life Coaches but then there is GITA, who is truly gifted in her field which no amount of training could give to other coaches. She is one unique Angel. Thank you so much".
L-A. R - Talent Director/Owner

“I visited Gita for therapy and coaching when I was suffering with quite a few problems including low self esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety issues and an eating disorder, I really felt that I was at an all time low and did not know how to make things better.
After visiting Gita, I can honestly say that my issues are resolved, I have confidence, high self esteem and I’m much less anxious.
Gita has really turned my life around and I will be eternally grateful for this. I would highly recommend Gita to anyone who has issues they would like to resolve so that they can get their life back as I have done.”

“Gita is an amazing person - she literally fizzes with positive energy. I have been seeing Gita for EFT with Executive Coaching and she has helped me so much. The sessions are an amazing experience and each time has been different Gita is a wonderful listener and she has helped me to identify some of the main issues holding me back. We have worked on different issues at each session and the results have been amazing. Sometimes I am exhausted at the end and sometimes I feel like I am in a dream. A few days later I will start to see small changes in my behaviour such as feeling more confident, less negative, more energetic, more focused and happier with life and work environment. My friends have commented that they have noticed a difference in me for the better!! I can not explain EFT or how it works but I just know that it does. Gita is so supportive through the process and always checks on me every day or so to see how I am, which is brilliant. I think Gita has a real gift for this and she deserves every success in life.
L. L, VP, Banking, London

Chronic Fatigue (M.E) for 25 Years.

I have tried counselling, NLP, Avatar and the Lightening Process but I've never met anyone with the ability to help me the way Gita has. The difference is, Gita really cares and getting you well is her mission. Not only does she have a range of skills at her finger tips, she has total empathy with you as well as a great insight. She is warm and caring and someone you feel you can really trust. Her own story is an inspiration. I am so thankful for the day I met her. She is a real treasure.
C.C, Surrey

Prior to sessions required a toilet break every 30 minutes, this has now gone down to every 3 hours.

I went to see Gita for life coaching, but she immediately identified that I had a phobia that I needed to get rid of before proceeding. All my life I have had a phobia of banging doors, park swings and other moving objects, to the extent that it sometimes stopped me carrying out daily activities. Within a few minutes, Gita put me at ease, got to the root of the problem and helped me rid myself of the phobia. Her use of EFT techniques is nothing short of remarkable. I believe that she is a natural healer and her holistic approach to life coaching can help anyone looking to better themselves.

Gita is such a nice person and genuinely wants to see her clients improve themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gita's therapy and coaching skills.

J.P, Surrey

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