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Report Reveals Safest Vehicles and Time of Day for Driving

London – March 27, 2012 — GreenRoad, the leader in driver performance and safety management, today released details about UK fleet driving behaviour revealing that the most common risky manoeuvre is harsh braking; January is the most dangerous month and 11 pm is the most dangerous time to drive.

By analysing driver performance data GreenRoad discovered that HGV truck drivers are the safest followed by cars, vans and buses. By contrast, in North American fleets, cars are operated more safely than trucks.

The first annual GreenRoad Worldwide Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report has aggregated data representing the driving behaviour of 85,000 fleet drivers who logged over 7.4 billion miles in 2011 across North America and UK.

The report analysis reveals that:

• Harsh braking is the most common risky behaviour at 43%
• Sharp cornering is a close second at 39%
• Lane handling is at 8%
• Harsh acceleration is at 8%
• Speeding is just 2%.

By contrast in North America speeding is the most dominant unsafe driving behaviour.

The report also shows that in the UK, December is the safest fleet driving month, and January the riskiest month, while in North America, there is little variation from month to month. Other insights revealed in the report include safest time of day to drive in both UK and North America is from 2 to 5 am. In the UK, 11pm to midnight is the riskiest time on the road while in North America it is 11pm to 1am.

Overall, in 2011, drivers continued to improve their driving performance with the GreenRoad worldwide average Safety Score dropped by 24%. North American fleet drivers tend to be safer than their UK counterparts. This is in part due to the different make up of fleets. In addition, UK fleet routes are predominately urban environments with roundabouts and other road features that require precise cornering ability. In North American fleets tend to drive in a more mixed environment with more highways and freeways resulting in a tendency for fleet drivers to speed in the U.S.

The GreenRoad Safety Score is automatically calculated by sophisticated in-vehicle technology that captures and tabulates risky or fuel inefficient driving events; the lower the Safety Score, the safer the driver. Driving is measured across five major categories: braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding.

“Through this data we begin to more clearly understand the factors impacting fleet safety,” commented Jim Heeger, chief executive of GreenRoad. “This is critical to reach the goal that we all share: delivering the best drivers on the road—safe, fuel-efficient and green. Our data will become richer as we continue to expand the report parameters and geographies.”

In 2011, the GreenRoad worldwide average Safety Score dropped to 22 from 29; a 24% drop. The Safety Score averages were calculated across those drivers who had more than 500 driving hours with GreenRoad in 2011.

The 2011 GreenRoad Benchmark data shows important geographic differences between North American and UK Safety Scores. In North America, speeding is the most dominate safety event making up 40% of the average Safety Score’s risky manoeuvres. Sharp cornering is next at 26%, with harsh braking following at 16%, lane handling 10% and rapid acceleration at 8%.

About the GreenRoad 2011 Worldwide Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report

The first annual GreenRoad Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report was completed analysing GreenRoad-proprietary data. The GreenRoad Safety Score 2011 versus 2010 comparison was completed by analysing only those drivers who logged more than 500 driving hours with GreenRoad in both 2010 and 2011.

The Driver Safety Score analysis was completed to exhibit how GreenRoad impacts driver Safety Scores over time. The sample included 1,000 drivers who have accumulated the most driving hours on the GreenRoad service from companies with fleets that represent the general market.

For the full report, please go here

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad is the leader in driver performance and safety management for fleets. The unique GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop™ uses technology-based, personalised driver self-improvement to immediately transform driving culture and deliver the best drivers on the road. Proven across 85,000 drivers worldwide, representing innovative fleets from all industry segments, GreenRoad dramatically reduces crashes and fuel consumption so customers realise positive ROI within months. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with offices throughout the U.S., the UK, and Israel. For more information, visit

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