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This crowd funding opportunity is open to everyone. Become a share-holder with a minumum investment of 10GBP

Social Player - DJ1
Social Player With Instant Music Messaging

3D Solar Uk Ltd is offering a unique opportunity to participate in a start-up venture at the forefront of the multi-billion dollar music industry. With a proven technology perfected over 3 years, a proprietary algorithm and 45,000 enthusiastic users, 3D Solar Uk Ltd is seeking 250,000GBP in exchange for 10% of the capital of the company in order to expand.

DJ1 is a game-changing interactive social player that allows songs to be legally and instantly shared in Facebook and Twitter messaging systems, while building a unique emotional profile of each user that can be utilized for targeted advertising purposes. Perfected over a 3 year period by an extraordinary team of senior developers at 3D Solar UK Ltd, each possessing extensive backgrounds in artificial intelligence and signal processing fields, DJ1 was launched in 2011. Supported by highly innovative and cutting-edge technology, DJ1 has attracted over 45,000 passionate users just by word of mouth. This extraordinary and indisputable appeal has been stimulated through the undeniable bond DJ1 creates when users share their music tastes and preferences with matching profiles of other users. From this crucial stage of development, the creators of the DJ1 are now seeking to target an audience of over 700 million Facebook users. The additional funding will ensure the continued viability, growth potential, and ongoing success of the project on an enormous scale.

There is certainly no time like the present, which is why technology trends are constantly shifting and changing. Each day, the creation of continually enhanced products reinforces the significance we give to communication. This all-important desire to exchange thoughts and ideas became the fundamental motivation behind the concept of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which have become the most powerful social networking websites available on the market. However, what if you could share your music as fast as you share your thoughts? What if a single click would allow you to say a million words within a melody? Then Instant Music Messaging (IMM) is what you need. Instant Music Messaging is one of the newest and most innovative trends to come along in this century, and will revolutionize the way music is heard, shared, and even purchased!

How does IMM work? The process just couldn't be easier - just Drag and Drop! There is no complicated or lengthy process when using the new Instant Cloud Messaging technology. It was created with the sole intention of bringing people together and uniting those with common or shared interests. Implementing iCloud Messaging technology and some of the world’s most powerful and ever-growing social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) is a sure-fire method of fully integrating with two highly competitive and profitable industries. In addition, combining the IMM technology with the pioneering DJ1 music player, which includes all Facebook chat functionalities, will provide users with the most complete support system available for sharing their tracks. Once the track has been dropped into the instant message via Facebook, Twitter or other social networking chat embedded in the player, the DJ1 then translates the music to provide the users with information pertaining to the song being shared.

The full song will not be available when shared with the IMM technology. A lengthy portion, up to one full minute, will be available to preview as the music is shared. This keeps the sharing both fun and legal! IMM tracks in the DJ1 provide a link to the full version so you will be directed to a music service site such as iTunes, Amazon or Spotify to view and hopefully purchase the full track! This continuous sharing and stream of track choices will boost both the IMM technology as well as the sales throughout the music industry. No stone has been left unturned. Being able to share music using the DJ1 with friends and family over Facebook or Twitter will completely change the way music is viewed and listened to. It not only eliminates the need to search for songs on websites, but also the hassle of pasting links. Simply drag and drop the media file from your computer into the chat box. It’s that simple. The process of the drag and drop share system is endless. Once a track has been dropped into an IMM, it can be dropped by the receiver into a different IMM! Sharing is caring, and music is truly no exception to the rule.

From Facebook to Twitter, or even pdf to word documents, the power and versatility of IMM technology will soon sweep the world off its feet. This new and innovative creation is the next logical step in both advertisement and sales within the music industry. It is also transforming how social networking and advertising websites will work and interact. Labels and artists alike will embrace this free technology - a single IMM can be forwarded and played by millions within all social networks, significantly boosting the sales of that track. The IMM technology is truly a force to be reckoned with.

With the hundreds of thousands of coded lines built into the DJ1, what makes it so extraordinary? The key element to its fascinating capability is the proprietary patent- pending algorithm which enables the DJ1 to detect and decode the emotional patterns, or ‘blueprint’ of people, their mindsets, and ultimately their specific preferences based solely on the user’s playlist and media-based files. “The DJ1 is the only Facebook-integrated player backed by technology that is capable of matching human emotions through multi-media content,” says Patrick Levy Rosenthal, company founder. This process is known as synaesthesi. It is an algorithm that links the music, emotion, and colors to generate a wheel that is a “snapshot” of the user’s emotional profile. With this astonishing component intrinsically designed within the DJ1, users are able to match music preferences with their friends, family, and even celebrities.

“Remixing tracks is one of the most popular ways to interact with music today. There are over 6 million remixes shared on YouTube. By remixing music using DJ1, users are able to enjoy a deeply engaging and collaborative experience with their favorite artists,” says Patrick Levy Rosenthal. Users who wish to engage in the music on a deeper or more connected level will find the highly intuitive abilities of the DJ1 to be perfect. Utilizing these technologies, users can remix their favorite songs right from their computer or cell phone device. By combining the power of iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and even with a more precisely defined emotional interface, the DJ1 performs as a truly remarkable and state-of-the-art achievement.

To date, the business has been pushed forward by funds from the owners. In order to obtain the projected targets, 250,000GBP is necessary to effectively maintain the expansion required to reach the 1 million users and 10 million IMM’s exchanged via Facebook. This targeted level will increase significantly with tracks being maximized by the record labels and artist affiliation, which in turn will greatly accelerate the quantity and quality of revenue streams for the company. The funding received will also initiate the ‘clouding’ of the servers required to carry the increased traffic loads, as well as the continuous developmental progress of the algorithm, which will be progressively enhanced via Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Neural Pattern Recognition methodology.

M. patrick Levy Rosenthal went on to say "This crowd funding opportunity is open to everyone. Become a share-holder with a minumum investment of 10GBP." Crowd-funding is becoming increasingly popular with new legislation which entitles investors to discount 50% of their investment from taxes. Looking for more information? Please visit for further details.


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