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I believe that migraines are caused by a past-life trauma

'Can past-life regression cure migraines?' was the question posed by ITV Daybreak on Tuesday morning

ITV Daybreak presenters Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb were intrigued when past-life expert Nicolas Aujula popped in on the sofa with Regression patient Lisa Palmer with the claim that he has found an effective cure for migraines.

Having Regressed hundreds of people over the years, Nicolas has found some physical ailments are actually caused by past-life traumas. Through using past-life regression it is possible to now find long-term relief from migraines, a debilitating condition that affects one in seven people in the UK.

Nicolas who's appeared on the 'Our Psychic Family' TV-series offers his alternative theory “I believe that migraines are caused by a past-life trauma. The common thread that appears in most cases is that patients remember dyeing as a result of a head injury. In every case where a trauma is discovered, re-living the experience clears the migraines”.

Regression Therapy patient Lisa Palmer from Kent had suffered from migraines all her life. The 38-year-old found her migraines had completely disappeared after being regressed to a past-life where she discovered dyeing of a head-injury. Having been failed by conventional medicine since childhood where nothing worked, the cure has finally ended years of agony.

Lisa reflects “Having migraines is a huge limitation as some days I can't drive, socialise, go to work or even be there for my family. I just have to take to my bed for the day. Now they have completely gone it's changed my life. I wish I had done this 20 years ago”

Nicolas Aujula stresses this kind of therapy is most effective in cases where migraines originate from an early age. He boasts a string of clients who can testify to the benefits of Past-Life Regression as 80% of migraine cases respond to positive treatment.

Nicolas comments “At death we lose the physical body yet our energetic body survives. A traumatic death from a head-injury death will leave an imprint on this energetic body that passes onto the next body when we are born to manifest as a migraine in the present life”

Medical professionals are still baffled by what causes migraines in the first place often attributing them down to stress or even genetics. With tests and MRI scans usually coming back negative and medication only providing moderate relief, conventional treatment consists of lifestyle changes and pills yet many patients still struggle with the symptoms.

Not only are migraines extremely disabling to quality of life but they also contribute to the loss of economic productivity. The European Journal on Neurology states “Chronic migraine attacks are a significant source of both medical costs and lost productivity. It has been estimated to be the most costly neurological disorder in the EU, costing more than €27 billion per year”.

Past-Life expert Nicolas Aujula is available for media interviews - complimentary sessions with journalists - charity opportunities - research projects. Lisa Palmer is available as a case-study,.

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Nicolas Aujula is a leading Regression Therapist who specialises in curing physical health problems like migraines, asthma, aches & pains, allergies etc through exploring past lives. He has appeared on ITV Daybreak and the Biography Channel's 'Our Psychic Family' TV-series where he read for 80's icon Toyah Willcox and regressed psychic Jane Hamilton-Parker.

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