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chocolate swirl in a red rim

Cocoa Flavanols are the major antioxidants in chocolate which have been associated with multiple health benefits reported by the media from different laboratories and clinics. The main drawback of most of these studies, however, was the fact that to achieve these benefits it was required to ingest a significant amount of chocolate of 30, 50 or even 100 g per day.
This fact is maybe encouraging for “chocoholics” but, surprisingly not everybody “loves” chocolate to that degree to consume it on a daily basis. Moreover, even for those who are prepared to eat it regularly to this level, an unwanted “price tag” may accompany it – excessive calories.

To solve this problem the main-stream chocolate industry has undertaken extensive projects to breed cocoa beans which would contain increased level s of Flavanols. If they succeed this may result in the appearance on the market of a chocolate which can deliver more of these molecules. We don’t know when this may happen or how much the price of the new cocoa will be.
Meanwhile, there is good news from Cambridge, UK for chocolate lovers, where a biotech company, Lycotec, has just completed its third clinical trial on new chocolate technology, called Coco-LycosomeTM, which offers an alternative solution. This technology can protect Cocoa Flavanols in the digestive tract, and therefore increase the absorption and efficacy of these molecules from the consumed chocolate.

The increase in absorption was observed to reach 10 to 20 times more. As result of this the new chocolate was much more effective than the unmodified one in improving not only traditional metabolic and vascular parameters, but also skin and muscle oxygenation which is an essential process in controlling ageing and their performance.

The technology has no impact on the taste and texture of the chocolate, the ingredients used are safe and accepted by the food industry and it is ready for the market.
According to the company founder, Dr. Ivan Petyaev, all consumers, those who love chocolate and those who don’t, have the opportunity now to benefit from the intrinsic values of Cocoa Flavanols without compromising their health and habits.

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