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It’s easy to understand why the vagina is not the first thing a woman thinks about in terms of her health, tucked away as it is
But when there’s something wrong it sure knows how to let her know about it!

Vaginal health is dependent on keeping the fine balance of different bacteria which normally live in the vagina. When this balance is disturbed the vagina becomes less acidic and problems can occur. The most common of these is Bacterial Vaginosis or BV for short. Unlike thrush, which it’s often misdiagnosed as being, BV causes a clear, fishy smelling discharge. Although it is caused by bacteria, it is not a sexually transmitted infection. It’s causes are unknown but have been attributed to a variety of possible reasons such as shower gel, douching, a new sexual partner etc. In the UK it is thought to effect 8 million women of all ages so it’s a very common problem.

Until now BV treatment has relied mainly on antibiotics and gels, but a new product, LadyBalance (, may just offer women the effective treatment they need -- in a recent survey of 728 women who evaluated LadyBalance 90% of those with BV symptoms reported and improvement after one week.

What makes LadyBalance different is that it contains lactose as a natural vaginal prebiotic and is administered in a vaginal tablet form. It can also be used by all women including those that are pregnant or breastfeeding.

To use LadyBalance insert one tablet in the vagina daily until symptoms improve which is usually within a week. The lactose formulation naturally encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria to restore the vagina back to its normal healthy balanced state. There’s no messy gels to deal with -- it’s simple and effective.

LadyBalance is sold either on-line from or through retail pharmacies in a neat, discreet pack of 12 tablets at a recommended price of £12.99

Finally in the words of international model Nerissa Ingram, “if your vagina is not healthy your body isn’t healthy” and that just about says it all!


*LadyBalance can be used by women who are lactose intolerant. People who have lactose intolerance are unable to digest and absorb lactose from the gut.The lactose contained in LadyBalance does not go through the digestive process and can be used normally by those who are lactose intolerant. However, women who have a true allergy to milk (which is uncommon in adults) should not use LadyBalance as it may contain very small quantities of milk protein which could lead to an allergic reaction.

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