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In order to keep ourselves happy and healthy, both in mind and body, there are several steps that you need to take. Many of us know the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet and making time to exercise and get our cardio levels up, but some people do not consider the importance of sleep in maintaining the body and keeping you in tip-top condition. Getting enough sleep is incredibly important and can make a huge difference to the quality of your life and your productivity levels throughout the day. The minimum amount of sleep that is recommended per night is eight hours; anything under this may leave you tired and sluggish the following day. The most important factor that can help you achieve a great night’s sleep is the kind of bed you sleep on; everyone has their preference, but most people prefer sleeping on double beds than on smaller single-sized beds. Double beds give you the space you need to move about in your sleep without being disturbed and can often be far more comfortable.

Setting the scene

The quest for a good night’s sleep should begin long before you actually put your head upon your pillow; there are several things you should be doing throughout the evening to ensure you are in the optimum condition for sleep. The first tip is one that many people are aware of and that is to not consume any caffeinated products before going to bed; this does not just include coffee but also many soft drinks that can contain high levels of caffeine. The next tip is to consciously take steps to unwind your mind throughout the evening; listening to music or watching a film before bed can often make it harder to drop off as your brain is continually being stimulated by noises and images. Many people find that reading a book can help them become sleepy and spending half and hour reading in bed before turning out the lights is enough for them to drift off.

Other tips to consider

Many people find that they often wake during the night as they are too warm or too cold and this disturbs them from their sleeping pattern; regulating your body temperature throughout the night will help you to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep and wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. You can achieve the perfect temperature to sleep in by having a warm duvet over you and keeping a window open slightly to let in a slight breeze; this should help you moderate your body temperature and not be woken by feeling either too warm or cold. It can also be advisable to wake a warm bath shortly before going to bed as this can help relax you and out you in a peaceful state before attempting sleep. It seems the more relaxed you are prior to going to bed the more fulfilling your sleep will be.

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