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SmartWorks Pro

Colortrac, an important innovator in the field of wide format scanner technology have released an improved version of their SmartWorks Pro large format scanner software.

Commenting on the release of the new innovative software, Peter Brown – Colortrac Executive Director quoted “The SmartWorks Pro software is available in three different versions. In combination with any of the Colortrac SmartLF large format scanners this product provides key feature sets optimised to manage the scanning workflow and enhance productivity.”

• Scan – this feature set is chosen to optimise the volume scanning of wide format documents of varying image quality. It provides the user with the right tools to improve the scanned image and then save it to a recognised file format.

• Copier – key to this function is the speed and ease with which large images can be converted to accurate copies at the printer. Use any standard Windows™ printer driver or alternatively choose the SmartWorks Pro optimised internal driver for selected wide format printers. Internal drivers permit the user to create printer media profiles specifically suited to the chosen output media and also provide the user with greater control over copy size and paper economy. Copier has a Preview function but no file save.

• Scan and Copy – this feature set combines the functionality of both the Scan and Copier versions in a single versatile solution capable of handling any quality or quantity of scanned originals.

Superior Productivity with Scan-Once workflow:

The fundamental components driving the superior productivity of the SmartWorks Pro workflow are its ability to Scan-Once and then allow the user to apply any number of adjustments to the image quality in real-time and observe the changes before saving the file or sending it to be printed. This saves times compared to other systems which employ a pre-scan or preview stage and reduces the amount of time incurred storing, retrieving and re-displaying scan data. It also limits the opportunity for potential damage to the original document, especially if the document is fragile and/or valuable.

Automate using 10 Pre-set Filters:

Select or modify any one of the 10 Predefined Filters designed to help the unfamiliar scanner operator get the best result from many different types of
original documents. Presets can be used when scanning or copying.

Simplify and Manage Large Archive Jobs:

Use the NEW Multi-page Document Manager feature in SmartWorks Pro to combine large and differing scan file types into a single TIFF or PDF file. This
has several advantages:

• Allows operator freedom to edit and quality check each scan
• Works with large or small files without slowing down the scanning process
• Allows many jpeg, tiff, monochrome and color files, large or small to be built into a single file
• Allows very long pdf documents to be constructed
• Copes with an interrupted scan flow without affecting or corrupting the final file
• Does not require an especially powerful computer since multi-page document
creation takes place outside of the scanning workflow
• Add new images without rescanning all the internal documents again
• Accept JPEG and TIFF images from external sources

TIFF and JPEG can be selected and re-sequenced as necessary before saving to
a multi-page TIFF or PDF document. To view PDF multi-page documents you will
need Adobe Acrobat or similar. View TIFF multi-page documents in any suitable application which can open multiple page TIFF files.

Other SmartWorks Pro productivity features:

Auto Size - automatically sets the scan size to match the size of the
original document.
Auto Detect Document – starts the scan automatically, allowing the operator
to concentrate on the staging of the document and preparing subsequent
materials for feeding.
Auto Name - defines the basic file name to which SmartWorks Pro then appends
the relevant scan number for each document scanned.
Automatic Time Stamp - applies a precise date-based name to each file.

All these features help improve the operators’ productivity by reducing time spent managing the image files and ultimately reducing costs for large volume scanning jobs.

Improving Scan Quality:

The main issues relating to the quality of scan are directly related to the quality of the original document. If the original is perfect, then the scan or copy will also be good. Unfortunately many originals are not perfect and many have faint hand-written annotations or are just plain worn out. This is the point where SmartWorks Pro can really help.

For a pure monochrome scan file, the image needs to be small for storage, even when it has to come from a discoloured drawing, a blueprint or a damaged or badly stained original. Bi-tonal Thresholding provides the easiest means of achieving this and has internal options for simple or 2D adaptive thresholding. 2D Adaptive Thresholding can remove varying background coloration with ease whereas Simple Thresholding is more efficient at converting previously copied or cleaner originals. Scan-Once allows these methods to be applied and adjusted quickly and efficiently.

Color Management:

By integrating ICC Color Management into SmartWorks Pro viewer, Colortrac has been able to provide a very accurate representation of scanned and printed output. SmartWorks Pro can attach profile information to each scanned image file (selectable), ensuring accurate color reproduction when reloading into SmartWorks Pro or displaying using other color calibrated viewers. SmartWorks Pro can capture raw RGB, Profiled RGB or sRGB data from the scanner.

Hot Folder compatibility with large CAD drafting printers is provided using TIFF files. With this feature all scans are automatically detected and printed by the CAD printer without the use of printer drivers. (Note: CAD printer must support hot folder/RIP operation.)

Summarizing the capabilities of the new SmartWorks Pro software, Peter Brown
commented “…when combined with any SmartLF large format scanner, this is a powerful and complete professional solution for those customers needing to scan large quantities of wide format documents. It also reinforces Colortrac’s position as the leading innovator in the field of large format scanning technology.”

See: Colortrac website for more information.


For further information contact:
Rob van Brakel,
Marketing Manager,
Colortrac Limited.
Tel: +44 (0)1480 464618

About Colortrac ...

Founded in 1989 and based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK, a region of British excellence in science and technology, Colortrac Ltd is the leading innovator in professional wide format scanners and image acquisition software solutions. As the first manufacturer to recognize the individual merits of CIS and CCD image sensor technology, its fifth generation of SmartLF scanners and software are uniquely positioned to meet the demand for both price and performance across the full spectrum of scanning applications. These range from the demanding Graphics Arts market to practical, productive CAD, GIS, EDM and FM technical document scanning. Colortrac Ltd has offices in Beijing and Suzhou, P.R. China, in Chantilly, Virginia, USA and in Yokohama, Japan.

Colortrac is a fast growing company with many new technically innovative patents created by their Research and Development departments. It was the first wide format scanner manufacturer to use both Charge Coupled Display (CCD) and Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technologies in innovative ways, creating unique customer solutions to simplify their scanning problems.

Further information about Colortrac’s products can be found at:

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