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Intellicig electronic cigarettes

For anyone considering the move from smoking tobacco to ‘vaping’, Intellicig electronic cigarettes deliver impressive benefits for the user. E-cigarettes do not have anything like the number of chemicals and carcinogens contained in tobacco cigarettes so they are considerably safer. Intellicig is a 3-section device that vaporises a tiny amount of liquid and replicates the sensation of smoking with impressive accuracy. Choice: you select the cartridge that delivers your desired dose of nicotine – from 15mg, 10mg or 5 mg -right down to zero if required.

As well as being a cleaner, less harmful alternative to inhaling burning tobacco, Intellicig also delivers great taste, with a range of flavours and the ‘throat hit’ sensation appreciated by smokers everywhere.

It also delivers a big financial saving over traditional cigarettes. Each refill is approximately equal to six cigarettes worth of smoking, although most people find that increases in time, as they tend to take just a few draws on their Intellicig and are satisfied. Because there is nothing burning, users do not feel obliged to “smoke it to the death”, they can just put it down when they have satisfied their craving. Using the Intellicig brings the equivalent cost of twenty cigarettes down to less than £2 – Even the cheap brands now cost well over £6! The average UK price is £6.63 for a pack of twenty with £5.08 of that being taken by the Government in tax.

Intellicig Refills can be used again by refilling them yourself with our ECOpure e-liquid, bringing the price down even further, as low as 3 pence per cigarette, that’s 60 pence for a pack of twenty!

The product is fire safe as there is nothing burning. No need for lighters, matches or ashtrays. No butts to dispose of. No more burn holes in your carpet, clothes, furniture or car interior. More socially acceptable: When you use an Intellicig electronic cigarette you breathe out an odourless water and vegetable glycerol based vapour – meaning no more clothes and hair smelling of smoke. This is making vaping increasingly socially acceptable – even in the homes of many non-smokers. Crucially, the vapour exhaled is harmless to those around the user, so no passive smoke issues.

Greater productivity: Many employers are recognising the benefits of staff vaping in their workplace rather than taking time consuming ‘smoking breaks’ outside working areas. Could vapers have better career prospects than traditional tobacco smokers?

Greater Freedom! One of the most attractive benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes is being able to smoke virtually wherever you want. Since electronic cigarettes aren’t regulated like tobacco products in the UK, they are not restricted in the same way for most pubs, clubs or restaurants.

Greater Quality, Greater Peace of Mind: In a market of questionable quality, with many products coming in from outside the EU which barely meet minimum UK Trading Standards requirements, Intellicig is the first e-cig manufactured to the same exacting standard as a pharmaceutical product with its proprietary ECOpure liquid manufactured to audited cGMP standard.

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