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A cutting edge new report aims to destroy many of the myths surrounding fat loss and muscle gain.

The report, Ripped To Shreds, has been co-authored by Liverpool duo Shaun Petafi and Dean Connor and has brought fitness and nutrition in to a whole new era, using the latest scientific literature behind rapid body transformation.

Shaun Petafi believes people looking to improve their physique through diet and exercise are frequently accessing useless and obsolete information.

“In my opinion 95% of the downloadable information available on the internet is just junk. There is so much conflicting advice, and in seven years of researching what’s out there, I believe I have put together a genuinely useful document which will only be of benefit to people intent on radically improving their physique.”

Dean Connor is one of the UK’s top male fitness models and he has earned a reputation as one of the most sought after personal trainers in the country. His knowledge, theories and techniques have pushed the boundaries of conventional training to its absolute limits. His view on the Ripped To Shreds report’s contents is: `Anybody that goes to the gym must read this report. Once you have you will be armed with the best available information out there to help you achieve a jaw dropping physique.’
The report includes a number of controversial key elements designed to help people achieve their goals.

These include:

• Forget about breakfast - The new law on fat loss
• The amazing benefits of fasting
• Why only fools spend longer than 3 hours a week in the gym
• How to put your fat burning on autopilot 24/7

“We have been lied to by the food industry in order to line their pockets,” say the authors. They promote snack bars to get you through to your next meal, but why not just eat a meal large enough so you don’t get hungry?

“People have also been brainwashed to eat first thing in the morning, then every couple of hours to ‘stoke their metabolism’ and keep burning fat throughout the day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Eating first thing, especially the usual grains ‘’healthy’’ breakfast, will certainly put your fat burning efforts on hold for a few hours. This coupled with breakfast bars for your elevenses, before your typical lunch all causing critical rising and falling levels of insulin. Instead give your body a break, allow it to process the food from the day before. Waiting say for example 14-16 hours after your last meal the night before will allow your body to become a master of controlling insulin (the key to fat loss), reset the hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone) and manipulate the mother of all fat burning hormones leptin (the carbohydrate sensitive hormone). You will now become a fat incinerating machine when you do eat.

“There is no evidence in any scientific literature to support 6 meals a days over 2 or 3. The confusion results from the thermogenic effect of feeding (TEF) where your body increases energy output when it has to process food. The truth; whether it has to process 2 meals of 900 calories or 6 small meals of 300 calories, the end effect is identical. So eat when you’re hungry and not when your food alarm goes off.”

The pair believe that everyone has the time to exercise – and that even the time taken to boil an egg is enough time for a hugely beneficial fat torching workout.

“The jury is out on low intensity steady state cardio (LISS). Training for long durations or ‘endurance exercise’ could actually encourage your body to store more fat from your diet. We believe this approach to be ineffective and inefficient”
“The answer is anabolic cardio, Ripped to Shreds readers have been told to switch their cardio methods and use this revolutionary anaerobic style training protocol, that lasts only 6 minutes. This time saving routine re-programmes how the body uses fat for energy. After performing an AC session your metabolism is literally left raging for up to 36 hours after, giving you maximum fat burning effect around the clock, even whilst you’re sitting at your desk at work.

The Ripped to Shreds report is available to download from and costs £9.99.


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