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speed the time from Big Data access to operationalised insights that can improve the bottom line in any organisation

NoSQL Now! Conference, San Jose, Calif., – August 22nd , 2012 – Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company™ – delivering more insights to more people than all BI companies combined; and VoltDB, the leading provider of ultra-high-throughput relational database systems (RDBMSs); today announced an alliance that will enable VoltDB and ActuateOne® customers to more quickly and effectively process their Big Data and operationalise the resulting insights.

VoltDB is a NewSQL database system designed for organisations that have reached the price/performance limitations of SQL databases. Processing at speeds from 45 to 100 times faster than traditional databases, VoltDB excels at handling high-speed data applications. It can augment Big Data storage by helping to make inexpensive virtualised computing infrastructures – including Cloud service platforms – work better for companies handling high velocity transactional data feeds, including log/event data, market data feeds, and social media feeds.

ActuateOne – a suite of interactive applications and a development and deployment platform built on BIRT – gives enterprises the tools they need to create and deploy custom business intelligence and information applications that users want, with the intuitive, interactive experience that they expect. The operational dashboard and analytics features of ActuateOne are especially appealing to customers using VoltDB, because they combine real-time data feeds with historical data, allowing clients to see the aggregation of trends, track data and demonstrate emerging themes that erupt in real time.

“Together, VoltDB offers lightning-speed transaction processing and ActuateOne enables real-time analysis and visualisation without the need for pre-processing. The combination can dramatically speed the time from Big Data access to operationalised insights that can improve the bottom line in any organisation,” said Sam Berg, VP of Field Operations for VoltDB.

“The ability to effectively tap Big Data’s potential starts with choosing the right tools for the entire process, from organising to visualising to operationalising Big Data," said Nobby Akiha, Vice President of Marketing for Actuate. "By reducing the processing time through use of a VoltDB database management system, ActuateOne can deliver customised visualisations and game-changing insights much faster."

Organisations across a wide range of industries – including finance, digital advertising, mobile/telecom and online gaming – that have extreme needs for fast, real-time data processing will benefit from being able to quickly analyse data that is processed in milliseconds. Specialty applications for the combined solutions include fraud detection, high-velocity trade order processing, digital ad exchanges and micro-transaction systems.

Benefits of the Combined Solution
• Low latency, guaranteed accuracy and write throughput
• Ability to scale reads and writes of large active datasets, while maintaining a relational model and SQL semantics
• Operational and analytic dashboards allow collaborators to utilise native analytic capabilities to refine their data visualisations, providing visibility through the transactional, operational and analytical phases of their data.
• Ability to combine both real-time and historical data sources to provide the context necessary for organisations to analyse ever-evolving information.

Learn More about the Actuate and VoltDB Alliance
In person: Visit the VoltDB Booth #115 at the NoSQL Now! Conference in San Jose, August 21-23, 2012.

About NoSQL Now! Conference

NoSQL Now! is a conference covering the dynamic field of NoSQL technologies (Not Only SQL). The goal of the educational conference is to describe the diversity of NoSQL technologies available to all organizations to address their business needs, and to offer objective evaluation processes to match the right NoSQL solutions with the right business challenge. Visit VoltDB at booth 115.

About VoltDB

VoltDB was created to address the ever-increasing need of innovative companies to make faster decisions and gain real-time insights into high velocity data. Big Data applications abound, but they all share the same characteristic of being fed by increasing amounts of high velocity data. VoltDB, a NewSQL database, is an in-memory, relational SQL database that enables fast decision making and real-time analytics for a new breed of disruptive applications that are seeking to unlock the business impact and value that real-time data delivers.

About Actuate – The BIRT Company™

Actuate founded and co-leads the BIRT open source project, which is used by over 1.5 million developers around the globe and serves as the foundation of the ActuateOne® platform. Applications built on ActuateOne deliver more business and consumer insights to more people than all BI companies combined - ensuring organisations are ready for the exponential growth of Big Data and the proliferation of touch devices.
The ActuateOne platform empowers developers to rapidly develop custom, BIRT-based business analytics and customer communications applications. ActuateOne applications built with one BIRT design can access and integrate any data, including unstructured sources. They provide one user experience regardless of skill level and are supported by one platform for any cloud, hybrid, on-premise, web or touch device deployment.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Actuate has over 5,000 customers globally in a diverse range of business areas including financial services, technology and the public sector. Actuate is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol BIRT. For more information, visit or engage with the BIRT community at

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PR for Actuate UK
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