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You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser. is an invite only service that helps you discuss the UK equity markets and FX, in real time, with other market professionals.

Professional traders working for large banks and hedge funds rely on services such as Bloomberg Chat and Reuters Messenger to communicate, discuss and understand what is happening in the financial world. These are sophisticated and mature products that satisfy a clear sector.

Yet for traders that are not at these institutions or cannot afford the enterprise levels costs, there are few options.

Microblogging networks such as Twitter or StockTwits can be very useful, particularly for the wider community, but it is difficult to maintain an extended conversation in real time.

Forums have been another popular choice over the years, but they are predominately web focused, are not easily available on mobile and are a clear example that ‘on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog’. is a best of breed service that combines aspects from traditional chat, micro-blogging applications, forums and IRC.

It is customised for traders discussing trading – specifically, for active traders of UK equities or Foreign Exchange (FX) markets who are looking to understand intraday market movement.

Transform how you trade by registering at

Its unique features include:

1) Registration
All users must log on to the service using their credentials. This is a secure process (as recommended by LinkedIn) and ensures that users can:
• Review the professional profile of all users on the service so they know exactly who they are talking to
• Be held accountable for the messages that are written.

2) Automatic tagging/room allocation – a chat ‘room’ exists for each of the companies that is in the FTSE100, each FX pair and also for each sector and asset class. When messages are posted, they are automatically added to the correct ‘rooms’, based on the tickers. A message about Barclays will appear in the Barclays, Banks Sector, UK Equities and All Messages, ensuring that you never miss a message.

3) Desktop notifications – If you use a modern browser such as Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari, you can receive notifications of new messages, even if you are not on the site.

Invite Only

Any professionals with an interest in the financial markets will always be welcomed to The invite only registration process is in place to ensure that the service remains niche and that the conversation will be of high quality. is actively seeking registrations to expand its current user base and range for securities covered. Please register at

Mobile is currently designed for web and tablet use. IOS and Android applications will be released shortly.

Brokers/Third Party Applications is being embedded into retail brokerage trading applications to help their users share their thoughts and to increase trading volume. Contact us if this is of interest.


Should your organisation’s Compliance department require access, please contact us.

For further details, please contact:

Cynan Rhodes
+44 7801 551 698

Clive Shirley
+44 7736 800 728

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