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Talking or texting at the dinner table appeared in 25% of women’s responses and 22% of men’s.

You love them, but you hate some of the things they do. Sound familiar? Couples can think of an average 12 annoying habits about each other, according to a new survey.

Leaving the toilet in an unsavory state was the most recurring thing that women complained about when asked what irritates them most about their man. For men, it was wearing shoes too high to walk in. “It’s us who pay for the taxis for their bad choice of footwear.” Said one disgruntled husband.

Researchers for, which matches men and women for discrete flings, affairs and no-strings encounters, asked its members to list as many minor niggles as they could off the top of their head. Most wrote at least five things. One woman listed 37!

Women clearly hate sleep disturbance with 42% including snoring on their hate list. This was beaten only by bad toilet habits (either leaving the lid up or leaving it splashed). Using excessive pots and pans when cooking was the next common complaint about modern men, often accompanied by further dismay at how long it takes for them to cook because they ‘start something else half-way through.’ Zoning out while watching TV or reading was the fourth most common scruple from women.

Men are easily exasperated by women’s grooming habits, with make-up residue on towels, pillows or smudged on walls being the second most common complaint (36% brought it up).

Bulging, messy handbags or over-sized luggage for holidays was the next most frequent faux pas. A third of guys made a reference to women’s baggage handling routines, with many pointing out that they get tasked with carrying them. A choking mix of toiletry fragrances lingering in the bathroom was the fourth most common no-no, followed by long hair getting trapped in the plughole or found floating around the house.

Not all were gender-specific. Talking or texting at the dinner table appeared in 25% of women’s responses and 22% of men’s. Both men and women commonly listed their partner’s driving as cause for concern and as many men as women (11%) wished their partner wouldn’t show lack of personal confidence in public.

Unconscious noises such as sniffing, throat clearing or excessive sighing were also mentioned by both sexes and believe it or not, breaking wind was mentioned by both men and women. Burping appeared a few times too but it seems it only offends when not accompanied by an ‘excuse me.’

When it came to eating habits, women shared an affinity for glasses with 7% saying they hated their bloke drinking from a bottle. Men however, commonly commented on their wife or girlfriend’s ‘fussy eating’ or ‘fad diets’. At least two gave examples of their other half embarrassing them in restaurants for asking for something special to suit dietary needs.

The research revealed just how conflicting our personal views on perfection are. As many members complained their partner ate too slowly as they did too quickly! Likewise, some complained their partner likes the house too warm and others too cold. And while several men said they can’t stand ladies’ tights, a notable number of women said they found odd socks a turn off. Clearly, you can’t please all of your partners all of the time.

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