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Helping customers to avoid paying inflated prices or being taken the long way round by rogue drivers, the app pinpoints the nearest taxi companies

TaxiTastic a unique free app which enables users to hail private taxis anywhere in the UK from their smartphones whilst offering key safety and cost saving benefits, has been launched on to Apple and Android. Set to revolutionise the way people book taxis, the app calculates the journey distance and provides an accurate estimate of the fare based on data from over 10,000 taxi firms. Helping customers to avoid paying inflated prices or being taken the long way round by rogue drivers, the app pinpoints the nearest taxi companies, enabling easy booking and faster pick-up times.

Phase 1 of the app now available on both Apple and Android, uses GPS technology to show users their current location and destination onscreen – essential if they’re lost or in an unfamiliar area. Phase 2 is set to launch in December and will enable users to pay for their journey directly from their phone via credit card or PayPal. Offering clear safety benefits, students and people on nights out will no longer be stranded when short of their taxi fare, face difficulty booking taxis in noisy club environments or risk strangers overhearing their home address. Lone female taxi users are also reassured that the taxi firms listed are reputable and the journey is booked through a third party.

Fundamentally, the app provides a convenient way to ‘hail’ a taxi using handheld technology without having to rely on more expensive black cabs which can be flagged down from the roadside. The app displays the saving users make by booking with private hire firms (which can set their own rates) compared to black cab firms whose rates are governed by their local council. The Phase 2 version will also provide a history of favourite destinations saved for ease of use and logged with job numbers to help with business travel expenses.

Private hire taxi firms are also set to benefit from the Phase 2 app, which will boost custom, prove that black cabs are a more expensive option and provide the ability to accept cashless (credit card / paypal) fares which prevent ‘runaways’ and reduce security risks as there is less cash carried in the vehicle. The GPS technology also increases convenience and productivity for drivers by putting an end to incorrect pick up addresses as customers are tracked down via the phone location.

Creator, Chris Burton says: “I first got the idea when I was constantly getting overcharged on my travels abroad by taxi drivers who took advantage of my lack of local knowledge and took me the long way to my hotel or airport. I had the Eureka moment whilst ordering a pizza over the internet and thought why not apply similar technology with taxis? Mobile phones have GPS built in these days, so there's no confusion about where you are being picked up from and using online mapping I could quickly calculate routes and therefore quotes for cab rides and automatically pass the booking to the partner company covering that area.

“We first designed a mobile printer for taxi companies to put in their control rooms and then got to work building the massive database of 10,000+ taxi companies and local councils, along with the regulated rates for Black Cabs. TaxiTastic has advisors on board with over three decades of experience in the cab industry and a team of five website programmers. We're now building an online real-time booking system as an alternative option to the printers for taxi controls and have applied for a patent to protect the technology we've developed.”

Chris launched TaxiTastic following numerous successful ventures into the online gadget market and a career as a television cameraman working on shows as diverse as 'Mister Maker', 'Phoenix Nights' and 'League Of Gentlemen'. Starting in 1999, Chris opened an online store which began in a garage and grew to occupy two warehouses in Manchester and Brighton and reap a £1.8million turnover. Current ventures include Sky Orbs, a leading Chinese Lantern firm, for which he created and patented the world’s safest, biodegradable Chinese Lanterns and now supplies over 350,000 lanterns per year to over 150 stores in the UK. Sky Orbs is also the best-selling brand of Chinese Lanterns in Russia.

TaxiTastic is the second innovative app launched by Chris, who entered the mobile apps market earlier this year with the ‘Race It Home’ app which allows holidaymakers to send personalised postcards using uploaded holiday photos to friends and family in the UK from the comfort of their sun loungers.

Phase 1 of the TaxiTastic app is now live, with Phase 2 set to launch in December:


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