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in 2007 34.2% of US’s internet connected computers were affected by malware.

Microsoft admits malware has been planted on computers before they are even shipped from Chinese factories to consumers, technology blog reveals.

According to the article the original source of these concerns were taken from Microsoft’s own data. Microsoft’s Windows operating system is attacked by malware creators more than any other computer operating system. This is because it is the operating system most connected to the internet. Because of this Microsoft dedicates a lot of time to tackling malware, leading to them finding this scheme.

Malware has been a serious issue for computer users globally for many years, in 2007 34.2% of US’s internet connected computers were affected by malware. However traditional wisdom was that only the computer illiterate were seriously affected. It was an avoidable problem because most malware programs were distributed on untrusted sites or through email.

“We know how important email security is to our customers, we work very hard to make sure the emails we produce can be trusted” - E-Shot

Previously internet criminals would only try to attack computers already in use, often by email links, but now they are trying to get into the computer at day one. The malware on the computers is only detectable by software designed specifically to find it. They run without even the slightest hint to the average user that anything is wrong.
52% of malware infections go unprevented even with anti-virus software installed according to data from Kaspersky Labs.

The malware found embedded in Windows, ‘Nitol’, is designed to connect machines into ‘botnets’ that can perform distributed denial-of-service attacks. It can also download malicious code to perform any tasks the bot commander orders.
Other malware can be used to spy on users, and report the information back to the original creators of the malware. Data such as your bank account details or your passwords are usual targets.

We might see that change if current trends continue, in the month of April this year alone 280 million malicious programs were detected.
Software designed to secure your data is a must for all computers connected to the internet says a leading data management company:

“Our business is all about data, through that work we have developed a great appreciation for how important protecting yourself from malware is.” - DQ Global

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