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and so was born GoldenBoy’s Awards for 2012

London, UK: November 2012. At the prestigious industry awards for online gaming operators held in London, GoldenBoys Bet Limited was able to fend off competition from larger establish operators, 32 Red and William Hill, to take home the EGR Operators Award for the best Financial Gaming Product of 2012.

Martin Linham, CEO of GoldenBoysBet said, “We are very proud to have achieved this award in such a short time of operation. It is always good to receive recognition from your peers in the industry and this has rounded off a very successful year for GoldenBoysBet. We are now looking to build on the successes of 2012 that saw us launch our new Horse Racing game, Fast Buck, which is based on the financial markets as well as a full casino offering table games and bonus and progressive slots. This means that at GoldenBoysBet we now offer players the opportunity to win £1m each week with our Millionaires game and progressive slots jackpots exceeding £3m. We simply aim to make the scary world of online gaming available and easy for anyone to play and win.”

"We have an aggressive development schedule which will see us adding much more content to the site in the coming months and we will be going all out to retain the award in 2013". Mr. Linham continued “Having achieved a great deal during 2012 we decided that it was a good time to reflect on the year that was and the year that will be and so was born GoldenBoy’s Awards for 2012.”

1. Worst Investment of the Year – Having quickly risen to the dizzying heights of Facebook’s number one app developer and achieved a listing on the prestigious NASDAQ market in December 2011, March 2012 saw the acquisition of OMGPOP (formerly known as iminlikewithyou) for $210m by Zynga. At a time when expectations were high with shares reaching valuations of $15.91 each, the bubble burst spectacularly for Zynga in 2012. With current asset values being put at around $2.2bn and the shares around $2.50 each, this values the underlying value of the company effectively at zero. That spectacular performance is why GoldenBoys has awarded Zynga our ‘Worst Investment of the Year’ award for 2012. If you have found yourself with some Zynga stock in the back of your sock draw and find a way of monetizing it, perhaps you could let Zynga know how you did it – they surely will be interested!!

2. Worst Mistake of the Year – Many people had assumed that the end of the Mayan calendar clearly meant the End of the World. Thousands celebrated ‘The End’ and waited anxiously as 21-12-12 came and went with no end! Clearly the US Government had assumed that the end was indeed nigh so hadn’t bothered dealing with the issue of taxation and spending cuts leading them to the highly publicized Fiscal Cliff phenomenon. So GoldenBoys’ award for the ‘Worst Mistake of the Year’ has to go, not to the Mayan’s, but to the US Government for believing that the world was about to end and hence avoiding the tough decisions that have been necessary to resolve their own financial position!

3. Heist of the Year – Waiting until the last minute seems to be a theme for Apple press releases but this time it was the raiders that waited until the last minute for acquisition of the latest in Apple technology. As everyone went about their own preparations for the New Year, the Apple Store in Paris was broken into by four masked men at around 9pm who then proceeded to steal close to €1m in Apple merchandise. They may have been late entrants but they hit gold again as they scooped GoldenBoys’ ‘Heist of the Year’ award! Feel free to contact the police to collect your award gents!

4. Longshot of the Year – So not content with taking all of your information and sharing it with their business partners, friends and family, Google bosses together with other billionaire entrepreneurs have decided in a James Bond moment, that the World is not enough! In April, new venture Planetary Resources announced plans to mine and extract resources from asteroids so that they can refuel satellites or spacecraft or even ship it to the Earth! However, this is not going to be feasible for some time so for that Planetary Resources wins GoldenBoys’ ‘Longshot of the Year’ award.

5. Unluckiest Person of the Year – You might not have heard of Costis Mitsotakis but he is, without doubt, the winner of GoldenBoys Award for the ‘Unluckiest Person of the Year’. Every Christmas in Spain there is a lottery draw, so grand that it’s called El Gordo, or ‘the fat one’. Last Christmas the tiny village of Sodeto had some serious cause for celebration. Almost the whole village, 70 households, purchased tickets for the El Gordo draw through the homemakers’ association. The only household not to buy a ticket was that of Costis Mitsotakis. So while all of the other householders in the village celebrated winning a share of $950 million, Mr. Mitsotakis simply said that ‘it would have been nice to win but he’s happy for his neighbours’. Congratulations Mr. Mitsotakis, not only for the award for the ‘Unluckiest Person of the Year’ but also for the ‘Understatement of the Year’!

So the GoldenBoys’ awards for the year that has been, are done. What about the year that will be? It appears that GoldenBoys have been considering the year ahead and has issued its predictions for 2013.

1. Return of the Drachma – yes you may have heard it first here, but you probably expected it. GoldenBoys Analysts expect that the debt crisis will force Greece out of the EU and as a result the Drachma will make its long expected return during 2013; with its exchange rate linked to closely to that of the Zimbabwe Dollar. “We are already making plans to include the currency in our games linked to the financial markets! At last we can all use those Drachma that we’ve had stuffed at the back of the draw since we last went to Corfu!!” said CEO Mr. Linham.

2. Privatization of Spain – GoldenBoys Analysts have been looking at possibly scenarios to solve the ongoing debt crisis in Spain and predict that the Spanish Government will commence with a public offering in itself through the course of the year! Of course, Mark Z will be seeking to acquire a controlling interest so that he can use Spain as a sandbox environment for new Facebook apps but we think he will have strong competition from Virgin Supremo Richard B who will look to get controlling interest in the Costas to develop the first Virgin ‘Home-from-Home’ holiday resorts. Either way, expect major interest from others who will seek to control the Canaries and Balearics!! You never know, it may even see the return of the Peseta with a new face on the reverse!

3. Next Big Thing – (and No! not one of Simon Cowell’s latest street urchins that think they can sing or a dog that can supposedly dance!) So what is the next big thing and where, or more to the point, who will it come from? Well GoldenBoys’ Analysts have considered all of the possibilities and think that 2013 will be the year that the world speaks one language – it doesn’t matter which as Google will translate your telephone calls, emails and even your thoughts – and not after you have spoken or thought it; translation will be simultaneous and instant! Google will then try to sell you back your own free will and censured thought to boost it’s profits and if you don’t want it then expect to see all your most intimate thoughts for sale on EBay or updates posted on Facebook with instant videograms available on YouTube!

GoldenBoys also expect 2013 to be a big year for its own development. “We start the year with a bang and the introduction of two of the hottest games around, Batman Dark Knight and Battlestar Galactica offering players the chance to win huge jackpots on the spin of the reels.” Mr. Linham continues, “In addition we will be growing our own team bringing on additional talent to help us cope with the workloads and pressing development schedule and also the addition of two new financial games, Portfolios and Market Watch. Look out for the competitions that each of these games offer as there will be chances to win additional prizes while you play and try to get the high scores!! And that’s only Q1!! Q2 looks even more exciting with the addition of even more content and some surprises to boot!! Keep checking back on GoldenBoysBet for updates and news!”

So GoldenBoys have covered the year that was and the year that will be and finally, GoldenBoys give some thought to the dearly departed which we all came to love and will undoubtedly miss as we relentlessly march forward into the future, whatever it may hold.

1. Comet Group – demise of the electrical retailer was perhaps inevitable given the rise of online shopping giants. Still, GoldenBoy managed to get a cheap TV before they went!
2. Rangers FC – like a phoenix rising from the ashes the football club hopes that it’s rise will be meteoric from the depths of the third division to European football. It’s good to dream!
3. JJB Sports – in a year that boasted such great sporting successes from all corners of the UK you wouldn’t have expected a sportswear retailer to go under but obviously not even the sale of Olympic branded sportswear could help. The pressure was just too much and gone is choice on the high street.
4. Sea France – hit by the global economic downturn and an upturn in people holidaying at home, Sea France sailed it’s last cross channel route during 2012. The Eurotunnel and Stenna are the way to go now!
5. Gerry Anderson – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Gerry is Go! The much-loved creator of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Joe90 and Fireball XL5 went the way of his creations. Consigned to a box never to see the light of day again, unless it’s in a re-run!
6. Larry Hagman – with his third liver and ten-gallon hat, Larry said goodbye to Dallas and hello to Miss Ellie! Now no one really cares who shot JR but he will always be remembered for that cliffhanger…or was it Cliff Barnes!?
7. Jane Russell – who can possibly forget Jane Russell? Press attention to her physical attractions meant that her acting ability never received its due. However, wiser producers than Howard Hughes realised that fun could be had from her formidable sex appeal. GoldenBoys will remember her fondly for all the right reasons!

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