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Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo

Constipation affects 14 million people in the UK on a regular basis; that’s 14 million people bloated, uncomfortable and spending many an unhappy hour on the loo trying to find relief. Now, there’s a new solution on the market.

After causing a stir in the USA SquattyPotty has arrived in the UK to revolutionise our toilet habits and give our guts a good clear out. UK supplier StressNoMore is shouting from the rooftops about how squatting is the new sitting when it comes to doing our business.

Our modern toilets may seem dignified but what they do to our bowels is brutal. Sitting down to poo doesn’t allow our rectum to fully relax and empty the bowel completely, and the consequence is a build-up of waste until our bowels are completely clogged.

Squatting is the natural position that our bodies are designed to be in when doing a number 2. It relaxes the puborectalis muscle to release the rectum. This prevents excessive straining and ensures that all faecal matter is completely emptied from the bowel, rather than sitting there, hardening and causing constipation.

Constipation is one of those embarrassing ailments that people don’t like to talk about, even to their GP, but the effects of constipation can really affect a person’s happiness. Constipation can cause severe discomfort, lethargy and loss of sex-drive, and can make someone irritable and emotional as they struggle to get on with day to day activities whilst feeling so lousy. Plus, if left untreated constipation can cause haemorrhoids as a result of excessive straining and can even lead to faecal incontinence as the muscles around the rectum become weak and cannot prevent liquid stools from leaking.

So it’s really important to try to prevent constipation for the sake of your long-term health, which isn’t always easy. Some people are simply more susceptible to it than others as a result of their diet, lifestyle or medication they’re taking such as iron supplements or codeine, both of which have a nasty reputation for clogging you up. SquattyPotty is a simple but very effective solution.

SquattyPotty helps you to achieve the optimal squatting position without sacrificing the comfort of the sit-down loo. It raises the feet so your knees are positioned above your hips which takes your body into elimination mode and relaxes the rectal muscles to let things move naturally, without painful straining, and without leaving any waste behind. Plus, it’s cleverly designed to be stored neatly and conveniently beneath the toilet bowl so that the whole family - and visitors too - can enjoy fulfilling and healthy poops and keep constipation at bay.

So there’s no need to be embarrassed about constipation anymore; if SquattyPotty takes off in the UK like it has done in America we’ll be seeing one in every bathroom up and down the country and we’ll all be bragging about how clean, clear and healthy our bowels are!

SquattyPotty Ecco is on sale for £27.00 and its stylish counterpart SquattyPotty Tao Bamboo is £52.00, both available at and

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